Play 2 Deep v2
Use left and right arrow key to control ship and space to fire, earn as much points u can

2 Deep v2
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  1. Its simple shooting game, use arrow keys to move, space to shoot. Killing grey balls and sharks will give you points, u start with 100 hp and lose HP when ever u get hit by one of those. U can collect one of power-ups to restore HP or get boost to your power. Movement is so weird when you are on top of window so that is place where i took most of dmg.

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  2. Shooting game where you need to kill sharks as a submarine and you need to shoot even grey balls…..You can move to dodge sharks which is good for mechanics, overall game is not that bad

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  3. Arcade shooting underwater game with simple controls.You use left and right arrow to move (you can make a whole circle movement) and space to shoot.

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  4. Very simple arcade game.Your goal is to kill sharks and grey balls as much as you can.You are moving by using arrows and space to fire.There are some kind of boosters which will you help to reach your goal.
    I am really satisfied with this game.

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  5. SImple arcade game where you need to kill sharks and grey balls and dodge them too.You can fire by press button space and you can move on arrows that is all you need to do,and you can add your energy by collecting multicolor balls.It is simple you Get bigger score when you killing sharks and grey balls but you lose points when sharks bite you or when grey balls explode near you,Very simple game 😀

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  6. Simple game, you gotta use your left and right arrows on your keyboard to move the ship in the direction you want it to go and hit space to fire at incoming sharks and grey moving objects.

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  7. 2 Deep v2 is a fun and simple arcade game that can be played on the GameOgre forums. What I like about this game is that the player has to attack sharks and gray bullets while avoiding getting hit. I also like that this game has different stages, ways to recover energy, and power-ups for the player’s bullets. My least favorite thing about this game is that holding down space does not continue shooting bullets; I do wish that this game had some auto-fire. Also I did have an issue with severe lag in the third stage where there were too many sharks. Overall, it was a nice game to play, and I would rate this game a 3.5/5.

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  8. Its a time waster cute and fun game that lets you shoot sharkies and bubbles..? Underwater.

    The game can get pretty boring the higher the points you get and the longer you plaay the game.

    Anyways. Thumb Uppy~

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  9. Simple game but fun i tried playing this game and ended up with a score of 3.8k all you have to do is fire using spacebar and move using the arrow keys although i wish i could really move forward but yea thats what only the game is but still it was fun. 3.5/5.0 rate for me!

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