Play 20,000 Feet And Falling

Use arrow keys to control skydiver and space for boost. Goal is to complete pattern that is shown on map.


  1. You control skydiver with arrows and u need to attach yourself to wanted pattern, u can use nitro boost for help.
    U start form 20k meter high and start falling down, longer u fall, more altitude u will lose and less points u will get. Nitro will refill itself when you are not using it, wind makes huge problems so be careful

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  2. It’s simple to start with, but it gets harder after you pass few levels. I passed all levels, and I had more problems with 9th than 10th level 😛 so if you do play it 🙂 don’t pull your hair over 9th level, stay calm 😛

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  3. Simple game that requires patience. You control the skydiver and you have to perform different formations for all 10 levels. It kind of reminds me of driving and plane school in GTA

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  4. 20,000 Feet And Falling is a nice GameOgre arcade game requiring a lot of patience and control movement. The score is a timer that decreases the longer the player takes to grab on to the skydivers. I enjoy the concept of the game because the player needs to be quick, but also patient as it may be difficult to align and connect in formation to the skydivers. Although the concept of the game is nice, the controls are very finicky and the player have to be very precise, and sometimes the skydivers move around a bit, so the player have to readjust his or her position. The nitro is not the greatest feature, but can be helpful for distancing the character far enough for a good turn radius. I do like that the lower-right interface displays the formation needed to complete the level. Overall, this game is fun to play and I would rate this game a 3/5.

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  5. It’s pretty simple, goofy, and fun. The goal is to complete whatever stunt is needed or shown or requested. I find it fun as i love skydiving. A thrilling activity that is offered through a game. It can be somewhat repetitive through time but still. Its worth playing.

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