Clash of Clans is a strategy MMO game designed for smartphones by a company named Supercell.


Game Description:

Clash of Clans is one of, if not the, most popular mobile games the last few years. This game is successful for many different reasons and there are hundreds of copycat games you can find which is a great indicator of a successful game. This game is very straightforward when you start playing it which makes it easily accessible (age and previous gaming experience are irrelevant). Your goal in this game is to build a village as tough as possible so your enemies have hard time breaking into it and stealing your resources while at the same time building and upgrading your army to attack other players and steal valuable loot from their villages.

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  1. Clash of Clans is my best mobile game but after Clash Royale,clash of clans is vvery cool strategy video game where you develope and build your city and upgrade troops.And then you can raid opponents and loot their elixirs and gold,I recommend this game everybody

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  2. This game is pretty good when u start playing it,after some time you get bored by it.That happened in my case but maybe it won’t in your so I think everybody should try this game. 4/5

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  3. Not a Bad Game, But another sad thing is, it got boring after a couple of months or even weeks ( it depends if you reached high TH level fast)… The higher the Th level the more Loots you need, and it really not good coz you will only get about 300k loots every time you attack…

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  4. Definitely a good game. But like similar time based games, it wont be as much fun if you want to start now. Many people are way ahead, even tho they arent allowed to attack small players, the possibility of being at the top spot is getting slimmer by the moment. On the other side, a lot of videos are available about COC and can be very helpful to new players. The game is also updated and new things arrive here and now. Id rate this game 3 out of 5 as the game is old but still fun to play.

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  5. One of the greatest MMO games out there. With 100 million downloads and one of the top grossing games in Playstore, you have to wonder how could this one game achieve such numbers. From the very “friendly” graphics which attracts a lot of gamers and the in-depth and vast possibility of gameplay can catch any wandering strategists in the gamer world. The game can be a great time killer and playing will always feel rewarding ( and sometimes worth avenging) as you wont waste a single second while playing it. The troops are very well-balanced and the difficulty of approaching that “max town hall set-up” has persuaded many gamers to continue the clashing. The shear difficulty and intricate gameplay has its fair share of stories in making this game one of the best in the strategy category.

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  6. One of the most popular strategy games the game is interesting and fun I played it myself and at I had a lot of fun time the best part for me was the clan wars but as time flies I got bored to it I see the same thing over and over if only the background would change or something but the only thing I see is a good base or a bad base ehich usually gets rekt it wasn’t that fun anymore.

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  7. Clash of Clans is a strategy game that many players play. It is a hit game.

    My friends introduced me this game. I got curious so I tried playing it. And surprisingly enough, it was cute and attractive. The barbarians, the goofy skeleteons etc etc.
    It was fun so i continued playing.

    FIRST hours of playing.
    They had like a tutorial for new players. How to make soldiers, create barracks, how to create archers, getting builders etc etc.
    They lay out enemies that seem like bot accounts made exactly just for new players to massacre and feel good about.
    I felt glorious plundering the loots, the elixirs. I was happy (until i learnt that those low level ones are bots designed to get beat up by you).

    Well moving on, we have THE ELIXIR.
    Elixirs are need ed for the creating, crafting, baking? ,, the soldiers and any other fighters, creatures, etc to be at your command to slaughter and plunder thy enemy or to defend against enemy attacks.
    You can even create DRAGONS with these elixir points :O (omg who doesnt love dragons?)

    Leeeets talk about GOLD (I prefer calling them ka-ching$)
    So gold on the other hand can be looted to by attacking other camps/bases or doing story campaigns (the goblin ones)
    gold is used primarily for building structures- be it towers, barracks, gold storage, elixir storage, etc etc. These structures can also be upgraded to higher levels using gold! Gold is life! Gold is love! :p

    So after you reach a certain level, ypu wilprompted to create / build a clan barracks (i forgot what its called) you can get to join some clans if yoi finish creating this structure. Join the promising clans. The active ones. The best ones. Its fun! And amazing!

    Moving on to CLANS!
    After you get acknowledged to a clan of your choice, you will then be able to join CLAN WARS.
    Clan wars are the main fearure of the game in my opinion. These wars consist of 2 opposing parties. Your clan, and the enemy clan.
    There will be players fighting based on levels BUT! you can also battle the top tier players on their list. (Depending on your strategy of course)
    You will then have a preparation day ( cooking troops, fortifying ypur Camp Set up etc etc)
    If you feel like you are weak enough, dont give up! Your clan mates can DONATE troops that are allowed on your current level. It helps! They can donate a valkyrie which can obliterate huge armies with its powerful swings. Youll be good to go. It all depends on strategies. Ask your team mates what strategies would be best on both attacks and defense as well.

    The TROPHY system.
    The trophy system is like a ranking system worldwide. (Like a bragging right of some sort)
    Trophies usually depict how high the tier of that player. Well town halls are more necessary. But you can be surprised to see low level town halls get ting to high trophy counts.

    Over all, the game is fun and addicting.
    Great job :p

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  8. Clash of Clans is a popular mobile strategy game for Android and iOS, and has one of the most compelling and simple gameplay as the player builds a village and defends his or her village. The game is fun to play on single player, but is also enjoyable to play on multiplayer. The various resources obtained in the game such as gold, elixir, and dark elixir are useful for defense, troops, and spell. The game’s graphics is alright with a lot of texture focused on the overworld, but the designs for the characters and interface stand out a lot more as they have smooth details. The drawback to this game is that it relies a lot on its freemium model for gems, which are used for resources, constructions, and upgrades, which kills the fun in gathering resources normally. Overall, I would rate this game a 3/5.

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  9. Hit game of 2016 best game I have every played with friends online so far I love almost all of its features especially clans and clan wars, strategy game online that only consumes small amount of data per hours I would rate it 5/5

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  10. One of the best mobile games, if mobile becomes more popular for gaming this game will go down in history as one of cornerstones. The freedom of what you can do is what makes it stand out, you can either build your own village or attack people or even start/join a clan.

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  11. Clash of Clans is a mobile strategy game. It plays like RTS game but it’s technically not one. Build up your village, raid other villages and join a clan! There are many defensive structures to build and troops to use! It looks good for a mobile game and plays nicely. I give it 4 stars!

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