Cobalt is a platforming game with a little of everything.



Game Description:

Cobalt is an action platformer published by Mojang, the makers of Minecraft. Cobalt packs a lot of “bang for the buck” in a small looking package. The game has both a single player and multiplayer mode, but the real value comes in with the editor and community-created content. Some very interesting levels can be sceen and added through the Steam Workshop such as Super Cobalt Bros.

Game Trailer:

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  1. Cobalt is very decent action platformer video game which is published by Mojang,popular group which made minecraft.Gameplay is good and graphic is solid too.

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  2. Great game, made by company that is responsible for one of the best Sandbox games ever made (minecraft)
    I like this game, but it could be improved a bit, nevertheless, highly recommendes!

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  3. Cobalt is an a sand-box game which is worth to spend some time on it.It’s a good game for players who like sand-box type of games.I would recommend it to everybody,game is worth a try.

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  4. The game looked so interesting in the game trailer I’ve played games with the same gameplay and I find most of them fun the graphics was fine the art as well:).

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  5. I’d have to say this game is pretty interesting for a 2D game. The single player mode is pretty neat, especially with the challenging obstacles in ones path. However, to really get a kick out of this game, you’d have to play the PVP mode. It’s fun and exciting going against others, which also can be time wasting. Overall, I’d rate this game a 5/5.

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  6. Cobalt is an impressive action platformer. I like the shooting and platforming that this game offers, and the fact that this game was published by Mojang makes it seem even more tempting to play. The levels look fun, and the multiplayer mode seems like it would be very enjoyable. Overall, I would rate this game a 4.5/5.

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  7. What I like most about this game is the unique combat system and the characters in this game which are very mysterious and strange. If you like 2D sidescrolling games then this is one of the best out there.

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  8. 5/5 Man this game is really epic the graphics is well lit for a 2D game the combat style reminds me of terraria. Most of the features are cool elevators, spaceships and the cute spacehamster :3. Multiplayer is also awesome which is fun playing with friends. I highly recommend this to all players.

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  9. I have a mix feeling about this game. I don’t like how it looks but I like the overall gamplay. You can even play with other people. For players who are into 2D this would be great for you. Wont like to say this but a surprising 4/5 for this one.

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  10. This game is really good. My only complaint is that more people dont play it, it would be awesome to see like a 1,000+ multiplayer sessions to join, however the game isnt popular enough yet SO BUY IT!!!

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