Bake cookies by clicking on a giant cookie. Use the cookies you make to buy upgrades.


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Post Date: 11:42 13-08-2015
Rating: 8
Author: SulzYee
Comment: Really funny clicking game, as much as you click you gain your cookies. And with cookies you buy upgrades etc. 8/10


  1. You just click cookies , you have somekind of upgrades(you get upgrades the more you click on cookies).So boring game defiantly cant recommend it.

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  2. I dont see what interesting is here, click like 10k times on giant cookie, purchase some upgrade thingy, then click 20k times more, i guess that after playing this game for a while, u rly need new mouse.
    No action or puzzle to makes me inserting, for me so bad game

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  3. Clicking game where you have to just click on cookie,it is interesting on start but after a while it is very boring

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  4. This really not a good game. It’s too simple and I think this game is best played with young ones who enjoy simple games.

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  5. Cookie Clicker is a fun and simple idle browser game created by Orteil, a game that encompasses a main objective of collecting as many cookies as possible, an endless goal as the player collects cookies incrementally and indefinitely. This genre is quite unique as very few idle games ever rise in popularity, but Cookie Clicker had become one of the most successful idle games to have risen, even becoming one of the most popular browser games of 2013. This game is perfect for just about any audience, especially to those who prefer to be away from the keyboard or away from the game for long periods of time and want to have some progress. This game requires almost no effort or skill at all, but is a great pastime, even for those who have very little time to play skillful games.

    Starting off with the graphics and interface of this game, the art is nicely made and the interface is fairly arranged. The giant cookie that the user clicks on along with the interface’s background has a lot of great details and texture, while the artwork is simple and pixelated. The options menu allows the user to set their save settings and other settings like volume and graphics which is nice to have and the stats menu displays various statistics and achievements which is very convenient for those who want to check their progress. On the right-hand side of the game is the store where the player can buy upgrades and buildings which are useful for speeding up the process of collecting cookies. What I dislike about the game’s interface is how the achievement box keeps popping up and the player must manually close each box.

    On to the gameplay of this game, the player will need to use his or her mouse when starting off as cookies do not generate automatically until a Cursor is bought. The game will feel very slow and boring at first, but this game will speed up after a certain number of upgrades and buildings have been purchased, and will continue to speed up incrementally with more upgrades and buildings bought. As the number of cookies increases, there is a feeling of progress, which feels rewarding. I find it best to continuously click on the giant cookie and purchase a ton of Cursors, Grandmas, and Farms along with purchasing some upgrades before starting to truly idle; once the player makes enough cookies per second, the player does not need to click on the giant cookie anymore and the game becomes very simple from there. The goal for the number of cookies can be whatever the user wants as the number of cookies to farm is infinite, but there are various achievements to collect, and there are upgrades to collect in the game’s ascension screen, which includes a challenge mode for harder achievements. One thing I find interesting about this game when wanting a faster gameplay is that the player can use the browser’s console to alter the number of cookies, which is great for players who want quick progress without the immediate boredom of the game.

    My favorite feature of this game is collecting as many achievements as possible, though it is extremely hard to collect them all, especially without the use of the browser’s console, and even one of the achievements require using the browser’s console, an achievement called Cheated Cookies Taste Awful. In my experience of the game, my goal was to reach 1 billion cookies and collect 100 achievements which took an incredible amount of time; fortunately, the game saves automatically, so I do not have to collect all the cookies in one sitting.

    Overall, this game is a fun and simple idle game, but has its pros and cons. There are other idle games created by Orteil comparable to Cookie Clicker such as AdventureQuest Dragons, a game collaborated with Artix Entertainment, and NeverEnding Legacy, both of which I would recommend checking out for those who enjoy playing Cookie Clicker. In short, what I think about this game is:
    (+) Can AFK in the game and still make progress
    (+) Various achievements to collect and hard challenges
    (-) Can feel boring, repetitive, and grindy as the player is farming cookies
    (-) Lacks actual gameplay as the game only requires clicking and idling

    While there is not a lot to do in this simple game, I would rate this game a solid 4/5 for being very addicting and leisurely, especially during the times when I cannot play certain video games and must focus on work.

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  6. Wow… A game about cookies.. This is heaven for me!!
    – that was my first impression

    Anyways, it is a FUN and mouth watering ^~^ repetitive game. It’s just a simple game but i consider it the best simple game out there!!
    I completely approve and recommend it!

    Thumbs Uppy~

    Infinity/5 — thats the rate x)

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  7. It’s a pretty easy game to play. It’s not really fun nor addicting since the player just has to click cookies to unlock stuff. It’s pretty boring after the first ten mins. It’s too repetitive, yet the graphics are pretty decent. Therefore, I’d have to rate this game a 2/5.

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