Bluebear is a player from World of Warcraft who situates herself on the Oceanic realms (as she’s from Australia.) In this interview she shows off her night-elf hunter and talks about her experience playing the game. Like many WoW players, Bluebear looks to the game for a sense of socialization and seeks to spend time chatting with and playing with her friends.

She also likes to collect in game virtual items such as minipets, Hunter pets–classicly tied to the hunter class, and that somtimes getting these adds extra challenge to the game.

via MMO Anthropology and available on YouTube.


  1. that’s great. 😀 she expresses herself about what she feels in a world of warcraft character. Cool.

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    • It was a pretty interesting interview, be sure to check out her YouTube channel. She posts a lot of videos detailing things she’s done in WoW — especially endearing to hunters who might be interested in particular pets.

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  2. Nice interview, and her pets are really nice. Also that outfit is really really wierd :p

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