The GameOgre staff have been curious about what’s happening behind the scenes at Asura Force so we reached out to representatives of Mira Game to ask about the game. As a game, AF has gotten Online Game of the Week and receives a wide variety of reviews from the ogres as well as interested players.

As a free-to-play MMORPG, Asura Force presents a vivid 3D world filled with interesting creatures, strange characters, and a fantasy setting with strong Asian influence. Players can quickly progress from the spawn area into the wild lands and further to visit a multitude of maps and even engage in PvP. The community of AF is split across two tribes (Chos and Cosmos) that Mira Game uses to help separate factions for PvP that can expand into huge battles or small skirmishes.

As a result, it’s obvious that Asura Force has a lot to offer players.

Let’s see what our interview with Mira Game revealed about this free-to-play MMORPG.


What sort of a community were you looking to encourage in Asura Force and what did you write into the game to promote that?

There are 2 tribes in Asura Force Online–Chaos VS Cosmos. Players of opposite tribes can PK each other in “wild zone.” The winner will get Honor and rewards without punishment.

Guild is another system that can enhance community. Guild members are able to enjoy special guild events and benefits.

A lot of thought has been put into PvP including zones, PK benefits and punishments, how does PvP integrate into gameplay for the ordinary player?

In wild zone, players of opposite tribes can PK each other. No punishment for the loser; honors for the winner. PK player of the same tribe will have PK value as punishment.

We encourage the battles between tribes. PVP events are always held in game.  Event “Asura Force Championship”, “Tribe War” and some others are popular. Fun and rewards for participants.

Asura Force provides pets to pretty much every player in the form of force sprites (not to mention small pets) since other MMOs treat pets as tools of particular classes, however this changes with this family of game. What do you think about this feature?

Force Sprite is a unique setting in this game. With a cool appearance, it can enhance player’s attributes and even fight with enemy in battle. After player get Force Sprite. It will be displayer around player’s body as company.

Force Sprite grows with player. When it reaches certain level, Runes Slate will be activated.   Runes Slate can be used to inlay Rune to greatly improve player’s ability.

What are some of the interesting things that plyers can do in Asura Force?

Shapeshift System:  players can turn themselves into NPC, monster or BOSS to fight!  Fight like a BOSS!

Auto-fight:  can be used for 2 hours per day.

Instance Team:  press “P” to open Instance team up box to find partners.

What kind of events does Asura Force offer to players and how are they incorporated into the game environment?

There are kinds of events – Instance event, competition event and PVP event, etc. Each event can bring players rewards.

We’d like to mention the daily “Money Tree” event. Players can harvest amount of gold from this event.

Can you give us an idea of where you intend to go with Asura Force in the future?

Asura Force Online is updated frequently. Each update can bring new gameplay or new elements. Bug-fix speed is also rapid.

In future, we will make big changes on Force Sprite for players to experience more benefits from it.

To make more fun in game, other systems are also on our schedule. They include: Wedding System and Happy Big Wheel.