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Guild Wars is a online RPG bought via retail with completely free online play. Instead of interacting with other players constantly, think of Guild Wars as one big instance dungeon for you and your group. In a way, the towns in Guild Wars act like the lobbies on for Diablo 1 and 2. This is separation is the reason why Guild Wars is somewhat of a hybrid online RPG/MMORPG instead of being a full-fledged MMORPG. 

Looking for PvP and don't want to role-play to get to it? Guild Wars lets you jump in to the PvP fray immediately with a high level character (level 20) whether you have played the game before or not. You can customize this high level character all the way down to armor and weapons. This PvP system helps to complement the instanced RPG aspect by offering intense action within minutes instead of grinding. 

Guild Wars' very active community should also be noted. One guild is featured every week and the game holds various contests such as the Guild Wars World Championship for $100,000 real money and Design-A Weapon contest. In addition, the top guilds are consistently tracked via the Guild Wars Ladder. Guild Wars recently had a contest targeted exclusively to the top 20 guilds to bolster the prestige of having your guild high in the rankings.    

Select User Reviews (Edited for Presentation)

Author: gencbiba
Rating: 10
Comment: Hmm, this game owns. The incredible value for 50 bucks exceeds every other game. Graphics are the best and the battle system is cool. However, certain stuff is kind of bad. (I hate Charr!) If you play the game you know what I'm talking about. Anyways, you can reach lvl 20 after 6 days, then what happens next? This game however, has a lot of potential. This game can compete with WoW if you increase the level cap to at least 50, add new storyline, and add more towns.

Author: Bob Frank
Rating: 1
Comment: I bought this game because the graphics are great and there are no monthly fees.
- Graphics are great.
- Combat is smooth but does not require any real skill as FPS games do.
- Small world.
- No exploration.
- Completely linear.
- The world outside towns and cities is more of an RPG; just you and your party exist within it.
- Terrain is completely pathed.
- There is no 1-on-1 PvP.
- There are only about 10 different sets of armor in the whole game.
- Armor and weapons are completely class specific.
- Max level in 2 weeks, then what?

Rating: 10
Author: LODOSE
Comment: I'm an ex-EQ junkie and I love MMORPGs. This game ,however, takes the genre to a new level. If you like hanging with your online pals and leveling, this game is great for that. If you enjoy PvP, this game is more or less designed for that. On the other hand, if you want to solo this game is great because you can get henchmen who are NPCs in the game to join your group to complete quests and help you level. When you want to interact with other players, just go to cities and towns to chat and trade items.

The main reason I enjoy the game is the fact that when you leave a city, the game world is your own private area. That means no waiting for others to kill an enemy for a quest then waiting around for the enemy to respawn so your group can kill it. There is no fighting back and forth over which group got to an area first to farm for anything. Its your very own area. I enjoy this game and I think that whether you love MMORPGs or just RPGs, you will enjoy this game as well.

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Pricing Model

The only cost in playing Guild Wars is when you buy it a retail store. You play the game online for as long as you want without any monthly fees. There is supposed to be booster packs or content expansions for extra money via retail, but none have materialized as of yet.  

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