Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft developed by Blizzard Entertainment is a free to play collectible card game. Players can choose among nine different Warcraft heroes to play as and then take to using their customizable deck to the best of their ability. With spells waiting to be cast, heroic weapons ready for use, and even powerful characters fit to be summoned.

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Post Date: 09:45 16-06-2015
Rating: 9
Author: dragosbuzz
Comment: Well i never played any card games before. i don’t really like them, but man this game is addictive. i have spent so many hours. As for the the pay to win thing some people say, yeah sure more money = better cards. but i haven’t spent any and still doing good. almost got legend too. you must have patience. The one thing i’d like to mention though is how difficult the game has become for newcomers since the release of Naxx and GVG. I think blizzard should do something about this. Besides that, hearthstone is a great game
Post Date: 22:37 12-04-2015
Rating: 9
Author: LosmiK
Comment: For starters do not listen to the people who say that this game is pay to win. Players have reached the top of the rankings in the game without paying a penny and indeed some have reached very high just using the basic decks given to the player at the start of the game. This game can feel unfair sometimes and i believe that is what these players are feeling. However this is due to the random nature of some of the cards and the very real aspect of luck involved in drafting the right cards for the right situation. Although this leads to some seemingly unfair games it does tend to balance itself out the more games you play. Anyway now the good and the bad. (Also please remember that this game is free and every card in the game can be earned without paying a penny!)
Hearthstone is a wonderful game. Nostalgic, simple and best of all: fun. This is the best online collectible card game you can play. Just be careful how much you spend in it.Good:
Brilliant and addictive card game. The sounds and animations are both extremely satisfying and the graphics are very reminiscent of WoW which gives it a nostalgic feel. As mentioned above the payment method is rather moot depending on how you wish to play the game. If you want to jump into the game and be able to play every deck then and there you will have to sink in some money to buy packs of cards. However this is not how the game is meant to be played and is much more suited to a slow progression doing quests and arena runs (its the journey people). Not to mention skilled players have reached the top of the rankings just days after starting a new free account.

So far everything has been quite positive but like every game it is not perfect (which is not what a 10 indicates fyi). The game does still even after release suffer from some annoying card swapping and overlapping bugs, these can be a real pain and even cost you games. The game is also very lacking in playing modes. Only two currently exist at launch, constructed and arena. This problem is likely to be addressed in later expansion packs or DLC but for the moment the area is lacking.
Certain cards in the game are just simply stronger versions of others and are almost a 100% pick every time in a deck, this can make match ups very repetitive as you are bound to see these certain cards in every game. Unfortunately most of these cards are legendary (which are very rare) which often leads people to believe the game is pay to win (even though these cards are fully achievable through free means)

Post Date: 12:57 27-02-2015
Rating: 10
Author: Xicor97
Comment: Game is develop by Blizzard and cards are based from the heroes of WoW … Game is really interesting to play and fun i like to play this game so i give it 10/10
Post Date: 13:29 02-02-2015
Rating: 3
Author: Rimbast
Comment: Never liked it….
Post Date: 08:16 30-01-2015
Rating: 9
Author: Croco12
Comment: Another awesome game created by Blizzard. Its based on Warcraft which makes it more attractive for Warcraft fans, including me. Its pretty great card game where you battle your opponent 1v1. I didn’t had chance to play it yet, but I hope I will.
Its game easy to play, but hard to master.
It is a card strategy.
I was given advice: “You shall play this game. It is relaxing. You just lay back and have fun.”
Every card has a different effect or power and you must learn how to use it properly and outsmart the opponent.
9/10 because nothing is perfect and everything can be better!Also, did I mentioned it is free to play?
Post Date: 10:23 02-12-2014
Rating: 5
Author: Sle91
Hearthstone is a free to play online card battle. It allows players to build their own decks and compete. It was made by Blizzard and draws its roots from Warcraft. Cards are divided into tiers (common, rare, epic and legendary). There are 9 classes of heroes to play with – Mage, Hunter, Priest, Shaman, Warrior, Paladin, Rogue, Warlock and Druid. Every class has its strengths and weaknesses.
There’s casual mode for when u just wanna chill out and play and there is ranked mode where u can get up to 25 ranks total and after that the LEGENDARY rank.
Also there’s an Arena mode, where u get to pick between three classes randomly offered and build a deck of random 30 cards. First card and every 10th card will be rare or higher tier. There’s a possibility to get 12 wins max. U will play until u get 12 wins or until u get 3 defeats. U can also retire whenever u want but don’t do that. ?The rewards can be dust or gold + an expert pack. Getting a pack is always guaranteed. Arena buy-in costs 150 gold or 0.99 USD.
Packs always consist of 5 cards. One of them is always gonna be rare or higher tier but there’s also a chance to get more than one higher tier card. If u can’t get the card u wish, there’s also a possibility of crafting it yourself. Crafting mode allows u to make cards for dust. U can disenchant the cards u don’t need and craft the ones u want. Soul-bound cards (cards that every hero class has) can’t be disenchanted.
Hearthstone just introduced us with Naxxrammas dungeons a couple of months ago. It’s consisted of 6 dungeons where u get to play against bosses. Beating every dungeon allows u to get Naxxrammas cards. This new Solo adventure will allow players to change the game even more introducing these new cards in their decks. First dungeon is free and every next step will cost u 700 gold or 4.99 USD to get in the dungeon. Whether it is worth it or not is up for players to decide.
Every day u come back to Hearthstone u will get a daily task. Daily task are divided by difficulty and can be worth 40 gold, 60 gold or 100 gold. If u don’t like the quest u got u can change it for another one. One change per day is allowed. When u get three tasks total u won’t get new tasks until u finish at least one of them. So u can’t have more than three tasks max.
Hearthstone also allows u to add friends to your list. U can chat with them or challenge them to a friendly match so u finally see who has the best deck.
Whether u like card collectible games or not I think Hearthstone won’t leave u neutral. Think u just have to try it and see for yourself. The possibility of changing your deck constantly, trying out new stuff and competing against other people has to have some dose of adrenaline affecting u. Good luck friends, and see you in ranked or Arena. ?
Post Date: 23:09 18-11-2014
Rating: 10
Author: paksupro4
Comment: Hearthstone : Heroes of Warcraft is online card battle game based on Warcraft universe and developer of the game is Blizzard. In other words, this is card game for two players , which are fighting one against other by randomly pulling attack, defense, magic or minion cards. The point of each game is destroying the opponent’s life points. Each turn, you can throw the cards worth as much as you currently have mana, which starts from one and go to ten to the end of game. Each card costs a certain amount of mana (which is renewed every next moves) and that is only limitation you have in game. There are currently 412 collectible cards in the game and the first adventure mode, Curse of Naxxramas, added 30 cards in total.Creating Decks is one of the most important thing in game. Every deck can have 30 cards, which you choes before starting each game. Every class have their uniqe cards which you can combine to create best deck for fighting your opponent . You can create several deck and save them so you can pick them when you think you need some specific deck.

There is several playable modes : Practice mode, Play mode matches, Arena mode, Duels and Adventure mode.

The key thing for the placement of cards topping between the effects that bring cards, magic and other factors in game, and bigist part of individual skills stems from its ability to figure out what direction the opponent without knowing him their cards. In the game there are nine different classes, namely 9 different heroes –Druid , Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest , Rogue, Shaman, Warlock and Warrior .Every class have unique hero and their hero power :
Druid – Malfurion Stormrage , Hero power- Shapeshift: +1 Attack this turn. +1 Armor
Hunter – Rexxar , Hero power – Steady Shot: Deal 2 damage to the enemy hero
Mage – Jaina Proudmoore , Hero power – Fireblast: Deal 1 damage
Paladin – Uther the Lightbringer , Hero power – Reinforce: Summon a 1/1 Silver Hand Recruit.
Priest – Anduin Wrynn , Hero power – Lesser Heal: Restore 2 Health
Rogue – Valeera Sanguinar , Hero power – Dagger Mastery: Equip a 1/2 Dagger
Shaman – Thrall , Hero power – Totemic Call: Summon a random Totem
Warlock – Gul’dan , Hero power – Life Tap: Draw a card and take 2 damage.
Warrior – Garrosh Hellscream , Hero power – Armor Up!: Gain 2 Armor.

Success depends on the proper use of class skills and detailed knowledge of the class that game opponent.

Next amazing thing becides mechanics of the game is that the game is completely free, with the option of micro transactions that amount to purchase booster packs. Stronger cards you get by buying boosters, which can be carried out in 2 ways: by investing real money or spending the currency that you will receive after finishing quest (every day automatically receive an quest). These tasks are basic (,, defeating three opponents, “,, killed 40 minion” and the like). Another method for obtaining the cards that you are missing is crafting: unwanted and unneeded cards can be decomposed as unnecessary loot after which you remain Arcana dust, resource with what you can create cards that your want.

Blizzard drawn graphically beautiful gives game phenomenal visual identity while managing to be easy hardware. The design of maps, drawings minion / magic or action man did them absolutely fantastic.

the game is soo addictive and i rate it with 10/10

Post Date: 17:18 02-10-2014
Rating: 10
Author: Garagos
Comment: After Yu-Gi-Oh game I was said, I will never find better game card than that one. Hearthstone make me to change my opinion. This game I was just downloaded before a few days. I playing this for not a long period, though I rersearch almost all parts from the game. Also I have some friends on GameOgre forums which are teach me and help me a lot of beginnner steps.
Ok, let’s show you what I was learn for now. At beginning of the game you made registration, you must download game (I was though that is Browser game, but I was wrong) and then fantasy world starts. When you enter the game, there will be shown an turtorial. You must finish that stage of game, he has 6 parts and you must win all leaders with which you playing. For me, first 5 was really easy, but from 6 leader I was lost one game, secund game I won. It’s very well way to learn almost all about that game, from that turtorial I have teached 90% game, only I few things after that I was not know. Each games starts with choosing your cards at the beginning of game, there are shown 3 or 4 cards (depends of that do you playing 1 or 2), which you getting on start of the game, you can remove some of them and then you will get other cards. There you have mana, each your move you getting one more mana to use, that means for first your turn you have 1 mana, for secund 2 mana, for 5 move you have 5 mana. Almost all macthes (duels) I was finished before 10 mana.
Each deck in this game have about 20 cards, deck which you can choose are mage, hunter, paladin, warrior, druid, warlock, shaman, priest and rogue. I don’t know did you can get at start other deck than Mage, I get that one deck. So I am no 100% sure, does on the start you getting mage deck or you can get some other deck. The most of cards are some monsters which has atack and defence points. Here you can atack with your monsters directly to enemey, even if he has some monsters on field. Only you can’t atack him directly if he has tount monster, then you must kill him first and then you can strike enemy. Weaker monsters has low mana 1,2,3 but stronger monsters has 5,6,7 mana. However, there are also some cards which are not moknsters, that card are something like ,,spell” cards in Yu-Gi-Oh, or magic cards. For example, they giving your monsters atack ower, defence power, atacking enemy directly, giving you life points and a lot of other thing.
I can write you a lot of more things, but I assume I said enough informations that can ,,wake up” your wish to play. I recommend this game like the best card game I have ever found. Effect and graphic are something what is awesome here and really impressive. Download game and play it. You will have a lot of fun 🙂
Post Date: 10:29 30-09-2014
Rating: 9
Author: arZ
Comment: Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft, the developer of this game is Blizzard. The real developer for this game is Team 5. They are a small group that work for Blizzard. This team has only fifteen members. Hearthstone was released in open beta in January 2013. From September 2014, they reached over twenty million players. Hearthstone is a card game. Its a battle between two players or versus Bots. Every player has one hero, and there is nine heroes: Mage (Jaina Proudmoore), Priest (Anduin Wrynn), Warlock (Gul’dan), Paladin (Uther the Lightbringer), Warrior (Garrosh Hellscream), Druid (Malfurion Stormrage), Hunter (Rexxar), Rogue (Valeera Sanguinar), and Shaman (Thrall). Every game your hero has thirty health. For each game you play you are rewarded with experience and every third won game you get ten gold. Every day you get a quest. If you complete a quest you are rewarded with gold. Every hero has a Hero Power and Basic cards.There is twenty basic cards. You can get all of them by reaching level ten. The maximum level in this game is sixty. After level ten for each five or three levels you get a golden card. You can also get cards by opening packs. The cards by their rarity and power are devided in four groups and every group has a specific gem: White is Common, Blue is Rare, Epic is Purple and Legendary are the most powerful and they are Orange, and there is four hundred twelve cards. The cards can be Disenchanted, witch means you destroy them and you get Arcane Dust. You cant disenchant basic cards but you can other ones. The higher the rarity of the card is (Common-Legendary) the more dust you get. Golden cards are highly rare and they disenchant for a lot of Arcane Dust. With arcane dust you can craft other cards. You can get different card back for example getting rank twenty+ in ranked.-There are several types of minions:
Minions, Beasts, Demons, Totems, Pirates, Murlocs, Dragons, Ninjas

-A lot of cards have their speical abilities that make them specific:
Taunt- Enemies must attack minions that have Taunt
Deathrattle- Does something when it dies
Battlecry- Does something when you play it from your hand
Secret- Hidden until a specific action occurs on your opponents turn
Charge- Can attack immediately
Freeze- Frozen characters lose their next attack
Divine Shield- The first time a Shielded minion takes damage, ignores it
Silence- Removes all card text and enchantments
Stealth- Cant be targeted or attacked until it deals damage
Windfury- Can attack twice each turn
Overload- You have X less mana next turn
Enrage- While damaged this minion has a new power
Spell damage- Your spell cards deal X extra damage

Every game you get thirty cards randomly picked for you (if you dont have a deck) or you can make your own custom made deck. You can only have nine decks. There is two modes is this game. First one is Casual play mode. You can play a normal practice game. You can also invite your friend and play. And you can play a competitive Ranked game. Ranked game is a twenty six – tier rank system the best rank in this system is Legend The Second one is The Arena. You have to pay 1,79€ or 150 Gold. Arena is a mode where you get each turn three random cards and you are allowed to pick one card, after thirty picked cards. You are allowed do lose 3 times and maximum wins you can get is twelve. The more wins you have the better the price.

Hearthstone is also available on the iPad, and its completely free. Hearthstone is one the most popular card game at the moment. I rate this game with a 9/10.

Post Date: 16:36 30-08-2014
Rating: 9
Author: KnightStrikerD
Comment: This game has so much possible combinations to make with the cards,it even has 3 diferent play modes,Arena,Normal/Ranked,and the Solo Adventure,you get to play 9 diferent heroes with diferent hero abilities,there is only one problem with this game,and that is the huge amounts of gold required to finish the whole solo adventure(Curse of Naxxramas).
Post Date: 13:01 12-08-2014
Rating: 10
Author: Aki013
Comment: Great card game,9 heroes a lot of abilities i will write more about this game :).10/10
Post Date: 14:49 10-08-2014
Rating: 9
Author: Frozen
Comment: Hearthstone is good online card game developed by Blizzard Entertainment and it’s free to play. You have different classes: Druid,Hunter,Mage,paladin,pries,rogue,shaman,warlock and warrior :). You can also attack directly but if your enemy have taunt card first you need to destroy it. Max level is 80 and when you get it you will unlock all type of card for this class you leveled.
Post Date: 22:05 04-08-2014
Rating: 6
Author: Natdanai
Comment: I play this game and it was fun I need to think alot and becarefully before I do something but sad things is the ” luck” you need 🙁
Post Date: 19:49 31-07-2014
Rating: 4
Author: FrendlyLeBlanc
Comment: Huh i dont love this game… All play her but i dont see hwat is funny in cards? 4
Post Date: 17:22 31-07-2014
Rating: 9
Author: Ckalja99
Comment: This is good game . I played it few times and i can say that this game is really good. Graphics aren’t good enough but everything is ok. It isn’t to easy to collect cards but if you put a lot of effort you can collect nice cards. From me a nice 9 🙂
Post Date: 08:09 28-07-2014
Rating: 10
Author: ivekvv256
Comment: Hearthstone is an amazing card game, I’ve started recently and I already am addicted about this game. You got many characters to choose from and each has got their special ability, and each has got different cards. My favourite characters are Shaman and Mage. They both have strong cards. You have different cards, such as taunt, which makes enemy minions must attack that card, and they can’t attack anything else except that taunt minion. And there are normal minions which attack enemies, but some need 1 turn to be able to attack while others have got charge abillity which allows them to attack immediatly. Some minions also have got special powers with which they can do stuff like heal other minions, heal your character, give you extra damage… There are also special cards which can be used once, and they can give you lot of advantage against enemies. I highly reccomend this game! 10/10
Post Date: 16:43 22-07-2014
Rating: 10
Author: Aki013
Comment: I started to play Hearthstone 10 days ago,its really great game as i can see ,my ten days playing i really enjoyed a lot.So i will start my review:
Hearthstone-short HS is card game developed by my favorite company Blizzard.When people see this game first time they say its like Yu-Gi-Oh! but no,its not same at all.There is a lot of cards. Magic cards-this cards have special effects (deal to enemy hero damage,destroy enemy minion,freeze enemy minion,heal your minion,heal enemy minion and draw a card,destroy enemy weapon,deal AoE damage,overload…).Minions-there are normal minions with health and attack damage,and there is minions with effects(some minions have effect to draw card,deal damage,destroy enemy minon…).There are also minions with taunt,if is this minions summoned you need to attack them first than you can attack enemy hero direct.I like this minions because they often bring me win or advantage.Cards are scaled by mana. First turn you have 1 mana. Second you have 2 mana. Third turn 3 mana… and you can have up to 10 mana. Now cards with mana,there are cards who cost 1 mana but there is also cards who cost 10 mana. Cards who cost 10 mana are often really strong cards.
My favorite cards: my favorite cards are:
Stormwind Champion- he cost 7 mana, and he give 1/1 (1 health and 1 attack damage) to other your minions on field.
Lord of Arena- he got taunt and his attack damage/health are 6/5.
Murlocs- murlocs are really great monsters ,they cost low mana 1/2/3 and some murlocks have effect to summuon murlock some have charge(this is when you summon monster you can attack this turn) and some have to give frendly murlocks 1 for attack.
Theese cards are really great,i have them in my priest custom deck.Custom decks are decks you made yourself,you have cards you unlocked and you can make decks with them.There is special card for classes,but there is neutral cards for all classes.Heroes: heroes or how i call them classes:
Shaman- this is my main hero for now,he is really good ,he have great special cards,and his special ability(all heroes have their own special ability) is to summon random totem.Totem can be fir he got 1/1 ,taunt totem ,he got 0/2 and have taunt, totem for spell damage he got 0/2 and give 1+ spell damage,and healing totem he have 0/2 and heal friendly minions +1 at the end of each your turn.
Priest- my second main hero,he is really great,he have great special ability ,he can heal himself or his minions +2. His special cards are awesome ,mostly healing cards or damage dealing cards. I base my Priest deck on healing deck.
Warrior- he have good special ability -armor up to 2 , i don’t play warrior a lot but i will try to play him,seems really good.
Druid- my opinion for Druid he is really great hero,his special ability is to get 1 armor and 1 attack damage for this turn.Druid have healing cards and damage dealing cards,but i think Priest is stronger healer.
Rogue- its good class , his ability is to pick daggers and he go 1 for attack ,rogue cards are mostly for damage or destroy minions.
Warlock- i don’t like this class, this is the only class i don’t like, his special ability is to deal 2 damage to himself and draw a card.Maybie i will like him more in future.
Mage- not bad hero,his special ability is to deal 1 damage with his fireball.Mage have good cards,and he got good burst (can deal a lot of damage instant).
Hunter- he is really good and really annoying for me,my friend Frozen play as hunter and he often beat me,because hunter special ability, to deal 2 damage to enemy hero instant…hunter deck are beast deck.
Paladin-good class ,his special ability is to summon 1/1 silver recruit.

Okay,i write something about Hearthstone,this game is really great for me ,one of the best games i ever played,so my grade is 10/10 :).

Post Date: 22:00 14-06-2014
Rating: 10
Author: Frozen
Comment: Very good game,its very interesting,i like druid the most.10/10
Post Date: 23:40 27-05-2014
Rating: 10
Author: Mordekaiser
Comment: The best TGC out there atm in my opinion but i could be wrong it has nice graphics cool effects and tons of cards
Post Date: 15:56 26-05-2014
Rating: 9
Author: Extreme9898
Comment: One of the best or maybe best card game ever.Game have lots of fun,strategy and inovation in cards game word.Sorry for bad english. 😀
Post Date: 12:44 22-05-2014
Rating: 10
Author: 420Hairlyman
Comment: This game is so awesome. Since its publishing in March 2014, its popularity has rised among gamers. Everything that Blizzard publishes must be good. This is probably the best card game there is currently on the market. I’ll rate it 10 out of 10 because I cant keep myself away from this game. Daily quests are forcing you everyday to struggle to get the best card packs.
Post Date: 17:40 16-05-2014
Rating: 10
Author: doca8
Comment: Really nice game, enjoy to play it every time 🙂
rating 10+
Post Date: 19:41 06-05-2014
Rating: 8
Author: NeSsQQuiCk
Comment: Blizzards card game best part of it is the Arena in which you choose a random class and build a deck of random cards and try to win 12 games in a row if you manage to win it is called the dream. In game there are 9 classes (Mage, Paladin, Warrior, Shaman, Hunter, Warlock, Priest, Druid and Rogue)I personally like Priest the most and play it mostly but before Priest I played only Paladin from beggining and it is not a good idea to play only one clas because you don’t know opponent’s strength’s and weekneses
Post Date: 18:34 06-05-2014
Rating: 7
Author: usbjaj
Comment: Its been released this years.Game is based on card/gaemplay system (something like yu-gi-oh).Graphic for this kind of game is great.This is game that any player that likes cards/collecting shoud play.In game you have alot unique cards some taken from World of Warcraft like Lich king…Thats it from me 7
Post Date: 10:11 06-05-2014
Rating: 8
Author: savicaa
Comment: Here we have one of the most popular card game . Naimly this game was published as i can remember 6 months to 1 year ago..
For this game you need to be really good to win , you need to think what you will do next , what card you need to put and where. That’s not easy at all.
Graphics are good so 7/10 , i don’t like sound so 5/10 , gameplay is good for players who like card games so 7/10 . For all game i will give 8/10.
I would reccomend this game to all who likes card games and to people who has really good nerves cause they will need it !:)
Post Date: 22:30 05-05-2014
Rating: 10
Author: BaNaNiCa
Comment: Awesome and fun game! I would recommend it to all people at all ages! 🙂 10/10
Post Date: 17:44 01-05-2014
Rating: 9
Author: NiDzHo
Comment: Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a card game developed by Blizzard. In this game you have to build a unique card deck by using the cards that you get out of packs or buying, and use that deck to climb the ladder. This is a very addicting game thanks to “the Arena” in which you choose a random class and build a deck of random cards, and try to win 12 games in a row which is called “the dream”
Post Date: 16:42 23-04-2014
Rating: 10
Author: Aki013
Comment: Rly great game,i watched streamers and i like it..i want to play it may i download it 😀 10/10
Post Date: 18:08 16-04-2014
Rating: 10
Author: Aneman
Comment: this game is just amazing, what i like in this game is that you have “ranked ” and you can buy/craft new cards, you have “Level” of champions… .just amazing every1 should try it 10/10
Post Date: 15:20 11-04-2014
Rating: 5
Author: Nemanja023
Comment: its really good game
Post Date: 18:55 09-04-2014
Rating: 10
Author: BratDzoni
Comment: Heartstone is best card game (my opinion) , preety interesting, i like it. 🙂
Post Date: 12:44 08-04-2014
Rating: 10
Author: molnyi
Comment: Hearstone is Blizzard’s card based game. People who played yugioh saga should definitely find this internesting. In game there are 9 classes (Mage, Paladin, Warrior, Shaman, Hunter, Warlock, Priest, Druid and Rogue), all have specific cards for each class and specific hero power that they can use. Cards have attack and defens and cost mana – player gets mana each turn – 10 mana is max. If players starts second he gets extra card + mana coin that can be used to make plays. In start you need to unlock all heroes by defeting them – u start with mage. While beating the heroes u lvl-up your hero which gets you deck based cards. Each day new quest comes out and you can earn gold – gold is used to buy card packs or enter the arena. Arena has sistem – if u lose 3 you are out – but more you win, better the prizes will be. Max. amount of wins is 12. This game is really funny, interesting – makes u to think about your next move. I suggest it to anyone who wants to try fast paced card game.
Post Date: 09:16 03-04-2014
Rating: 10
Author: Jezic
Comment: Heartstone is a good game,one of the best card game. 🙂
Post Date: 13:31 01-04-2014
Rating: 10
Author: axwellshm
Comment: Kinda tough but it’s a good game, just need to find a way and it’s perfect!
Post Date: 19:53 31-03-2014
Rating: 10
Author: GoGlEfIrEiCeMaN
Comment: Hearthstone is a great game.You can collect cards adn keeep the one you like you can also make them with arcane dust.Anyone who didnt play it try 🙂
Post Date: 09:43 30-03-2014
Rating: 9
Author: HoP7
Comment: The best of cardgames 😀
Post Date: 19:53 27-03-2014
Rating: 9
Author: tothadrian94
Comment: u just started to play this game yesterday and i love it its a great game but so hard i played about 20 games and got 2 wins 🙂 there is also a ranked mode i didnt played it yet and an arena mode there u need to pay golds but you can earn nice rewards more golds and packs i need to learn a lot 🙂
Post Date: 06:46 23-03-2014
Rating: 8
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: Card games has never been a genre that I’ve been a fan of. Certainly it has happened that we have gathered around the table to pick up a set of cards whose rules we all need to be reminded of, but the temptation has never been in any excessive enthusiasm about the card game as such – but rather in the semi-ambitious attempts to reunite a group of friends from school time for an evening.We live in a new time, namely, I think. I think that the card game has bent down for unprecedented Minecraft servers, long-term dependencies of World of Warcraft and hectic multiplayer matches in League of Legends. I think that the requirement of the consumer’s imagination has been reduced to a minimum in line with the graphical development and card games in the long run has lost its function.

I’m obviously wrong because Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft has moved into the market, swept both the hardcore enthusiast and the casual player with it on the fly and become one of the largest acts in the e-sports scene. This, it appears, without further effort. Maybe I should not really be surprised. Blizzard, in my world, have always been a studio that can understand a concept, shape it into something of their own and hone it to – not necessarily perfection, but – something that everyone can find a personal value in. We have seen it in the Warcraft, StarCraft, World of Warcraft and Diablo, and we see it again with Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

For starters, there’s no horrible learning curve to relate to, but it’s both easy and pleasant to get started. The first thing that greets you when you start the game for the first time is an enthusiastic restaurateurs, nylon guitar and the notes of a flute when a game plan is unfolded and the rules are explained. After a process of more than ten minutes, you’ve got to learn that you have 30 health points, a mana-meter that increases by one point for each round and a set of cards to make use of, you are ready to start playing. All other information that you need is namely found on the cards, which you don’t need to memorize.

This means that as a new player can take on opponents whose cards you do not know and still have a chance to win. You see what the opponent puts and therefore can counter with the appropriate strategy. This way of play is of course not as effective as actually knowing what cards your opponent might have in his deck, combined with plenty of memory and a properly planned strategy. Fortunately, Blizzard has realized that everyone is a beginner initially and you will therefore meet the players at the same experience level as yourself, while short and strategies imperceptibly slips into your consciousness.

The choice of the class and choosing the 30 cards in your deck plays a large role in determining what tactics you want to use. They have taken advantage of the already familiar classes from the Warcraft universe and captured their characteristic features, although I don’t want to get caught up in this. There’s a risk that it becomes too complicated for the new player. It suffices instead to note that there are almost endless opportunities to develop both mentally as a player and more directly in the form of new cards and decks.

You can also pay a small amount of money to play in the arena, a game mode where you get to choose randomly generated cards, face human opponents who have done the same and then rewarded according to how well you did. If you’re lucky, a game session might end up with a new great card being rewarded. At the same time, you can also get a card that you will never use. What should be emphasized is that you can win enough gold in the arena to continue playing another game, which means that with plenty of skills to continue your slaughter, you can continue in eternity without spending a dime.

The really bloody battles are played out in the ranked matches. It separates the wheat from the chaff, the boys from the men, and the casual players from the hardcore elite. It pits you against players whose ranking matches your own to either climb or fall on the scale, and in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft the ranking is about the same as bragging benefits.

It’s not just the gameplay that deserves commendation. The design and the sounds has been been treated with the reverence and respect that the fans demand and deserve – which in practical terms means that all cards are stunning with its unique sound effects of Warcraft heritage. Moreover, it constantly feels faithful to what we already know about Warcraft since before. A murloc is easy to kill, but a small army can suddenly become too much to handle. They have been clever in this way, all the way.

The pace also feels perfect. I can pop in at lunch to play a match in just a few minutes, or I could devote an entire night to hone my mage-play together with friends. The music is just right anonymous for me not to get tired, the matches take just long enough for me to feel involved but never bored, and I see all the time how my decks expands as I increase in level and rankings.

Unfortunately, everythins isn’t perfect. I can certainly convert the card to currency and thus building new, but I really miss a position to simply swap cards, as you would have been able to do if this was reality. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft does an incredibly good job at simulating and improving how it would be to play with physical cards, but this particular piece is omitted entirely, and it’s a shame.

My biggest disappointment is however, that there’s no tournament mode. Ideally I had wanted to be able to join tournaments every weekend and taken on full of gigantic pyramids of matches where a player will finally stand on top as the winner, but I had also been thrilled with the opportunity to customize my own tournament with friends. At its present state it’s only possible to play two together.

Though, in the end, I can not expect that Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft will be completely tailored after what me and my friends would like to see. And you definitely should not let such a thing stop you, because Hearthstone is definitely a fun game, even for those who usually doesn’t play card games.

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  1. Hearthstone is casual at first glance but I am unsurprisingly terrible at it, as it has depth that isn’t that noticeable at first. It is extremely fun though, even losing is enjoyable to me and I can’t wait for Blizzard to start expanding upon the game.

    For what it is now, I give it a 10/10 for being a well balanced and extremely fun game with enough depth to last for quite a while.

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  2. Hearthstone is one of the best trading card games…..Best thing is that you can craft your own special cards compete with players around world and gameplay is very funny….Rounds are quick so you can play alot of them in a day….Game is very good and probably most of people heard about it….Recommend it to all people who didnt see it :3

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  3. A classic card game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. If your a card player who doesn’t want to collect physical cards, doesnt want to pay for those cards, and likes the strategy involved in the ever changing meta of card games then this is a game for you. It has unique cards which mostly came from World of Warcraft. The flow of the game good and game play was well developed. The graphics and effects is also great! If you are a serious gamer, this is a card game you have to try.

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  4. Now this is a quality card game I’ve been playing on mobile for a long time. The game is so strategic and the game is very addictive. Just by the cards and the connection between it and Warcraft makes this game 10x better. Overall I’d have to give this game a 5/5

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  5. Hearthstone is an amazing online card game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. For those who enjoy playing collectible card games, Hearthstone has to be the perfect online game to play.. What I like about Hearthstone is that I can play the game on my PC or play it on my Apple device, and the game has single player and multiplayer mode. Personally, I prefer playing multiplayer mode on PC and single player mode on mobile. The game is easy to understand, and will offer hours of fun. I would rate this game a 4.75/5.

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