It’s that time again where GameOgre.com members vote on each other to determine the Member of the Month on the forum. This poll has been held monthly for years. It has been going on for so long that we even keep a running archive of all the MotM winners. For three of the past four polls, Aaddron has won. He is one of our top moderators and the longest term community member after myself.

Many others have won the award though. About 15 members have won the title at least twice. There have also been quite a number of ties including the most towards the start of this monthly feature. The most recent tie was between Branko and Aaddron. The winner each month gets a medal by their name on the forum. If a tie occurs and both people try to share the prize, the system continually tried to give both members that title.

The winner should helpful to everybody as much as possible. Post below on the members you find the most helpful.

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  1. Aaddron and pureevil4. When ever i needed help they step up and did their best to help me, and am sure that is same with other members who needed help. Also they are following and update all forum events and doing rly good job as moderators, and that is not easy thing to do, as many ppl think.

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