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    Burnout Paradise is the fifth game in the main Burnout racing video game series and seventh overall. Gameplay is set in the fictional “Paradise City”, an open world in […]

    • Burnout Paradise is very cool racing video game,it has interesting gameplay and good graphic,I suggest it everybody to try,because I enjoyed playing it

    • Burnout Paradise is an racing game with very good gameplay and good graphic.Great game for playing when you get bored by other games.I recommend this game to everyone,try it.I’ll give 10/10 to this game .

    • Solid racing game, I’ve enjoyed some other games a bit more, but this one is no that bad overall 7/10 from NeSsQQuiCk

    • It looks like every other racing game,but at least graphic is good and gameplay is solid.
      So i would recommend people to try it, maybe they will like it more than i do.

    • Quite good racing game,has some unique parts,graphic is nice,try it out

    • Nice Racing game!!! welp.. i havent play it … but it really looks cool based on its graphics lel… 😛

    • Personally I wasn’t a fan of the Burnout series but if you enjoy racing games definitely give it a try. The graphics for this game are pretty good for its time.

    • I enjoy other racing games much better than this. But maybe because of the memories associated with those games. Tho this game is good but it lacks character in me. Would give 3/5

    • Great racing game the graphics are awesome the controls are easy but you can find tons of games like this it would be cool if they have some features that other racing games dont 4/5

    • I for one love racing games and this one is no exception. Pared with great graphics and wonderful entertaining game play this game really sells itself to me. It is fun and easy to play and I would suggest it to anyone else who is a fan of racing games. I’ll give it a 5/5 rating.

    • Burnout Paradise is a racing game. It has a open world to ride around with races compete in and cops and robbers game mode. You can also drive motorcycles if you are more into them. The game looks very nice and it has nice controls! I will give it 4 stars!

  • I like this kind of game. You need to combine 3 or more animals to destroy them, also there are many different combos which allows you to destroy row, all animals around you or even 1 type of animals and many other things. Also when u destroy something and in same move more things get destroyed u will get bonus points. Goal is simple, score more…[Read more]

  • I like this comparative game, you need 2 players fro this one, and your job is to finish level by preventing other player to do the same. U can use lever to block his path after you pass, or to lead him on wrong direction, u can also win by activating traps, which can be big balls or darts, if your opponent get hit by trap you win. To score points…[Read more]

  • It works now, game is rly bad, i know its pinball but it has way to much randomness them it should be, so many times when i launched ball, it went behind paddles without me having chance to do something to prevent it, also screen should follow ball, like this u can lost track of ball if u dont use mouse to always scroll up and down, so many bad…[Read more]

  • Rly awesome arcade game, you are in control of little dude who is shooting on enemies u can move forward, backward and jump, shooting is automatically. Try to kill as much enemies as u can and collect coins, u can get awesome powerups that are amazing. From fast shooting to huge jump and speed, but keep in mind that those powerups expire after…[Read more]

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    AdVenture Capitalist is a invesmets game, starting with some clicking and quickly advancing to mostly just checking in every once in a while to buy more things. It has a few […]

    • AdVenture Capitalist is an decent invesmets video game,It has simple and interesting gameplay,I enjoyed playing it.I suggest it everybody

    • Adventure Capitalist is a game which money only matters.Solid game but a little bit boring to play.If you like these kind of games then you should try it.I think game is worth a try.

    • I don’t really like this game, it just doesn’t seem fun and entertaining to me 🙁

    • It’s boring game for me, its all about money, but i don’t find it interesting.
      I don’t recommend it.

    • Hahahaa!! this game sounds funny lel… But i like the twist… 😛

    • Adventure Capitalist is a neat investment game, sort of like Cookie Clicker except the objective is money instead of cookies. It is fun to play, and there are various unlocks and upgrades. Overall, I would rate this game a 3.4/5.

    • its an investment game that uses resources and corporate world as its setting. manpower and being smart is the key for investments to grow. its a good game to open the gamers knowledge about the capitalist world which is a great learning experience. thumbs uppy~

    • Id rate this 3/5 since it can be a platform for learning. Younger players can enjoy while having to experience planning and budgeting resources. Might not be the out there but Adventure Capitalist sure delivers its intended use.

    • The game is meh for me not really a fun of these games, really boring no exceptional features the repeatetiveness of the game ruins it but if youre a fun of these game then tryit 3/5

    • Adventure Capitalist is a investment game, this is a decent game especially for educational uses. It’s not a game I’d play but i think more games like this would be a good idea.

    • Seems more like an educational game to me but it still looks entertaining for what it puts on the table. At first glance when I see it I think of Monopoly for some reason. The game itself is fairly boring but I don’t think it’s supposed to be really fun. It has good educational values which I think is good enough for me. I rate it 4/5.

    • Adventure Capitalist is an investment game. It’s pretty much like a clicker game but with less clicking. There are many things to invest a lot of money to gain. The style of this game is very neat which makes this game pleasant. 4 stars!

  • Average game to me, you control some guy, you are placed on map and your goal is to kill skeletons and any other creatures that attack you, game movement is a bit weird, need to go close to attack to with sword or to click form distance to use with bow, its bad because you use only mouse left button for everything. Also be careful for spider lairs…[Read more]

  • Bubble shooting game with fruit theme, goal is simple, use canon to match fruits that are falling down, match 3 or more and destroy them, more fruits u combine more points will you get, dont let them fall near you, or you will lose.

  • Game is similar to old SEGA game, tank 1990, you alone or with your friend are in control of bug, and u need to shoot down other bugs to prevent them to eat your apple, u have powerus for faster and better shooting. I enjoyed tank game a lot, this one bring me good memories

  • Another good solitaire game, in this game you need to arrange cards from A to K on top 4 places, u can arrange them one on another but they need to be 1 value lower and different sign, this game is harder then some other similar type because it has 4 sighs, which makes game rly hard. Game is fun to play

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    BioShock 2 is set in the fictional city of Rapture, hidden from the rest of the world underwater, who was built to escape the tyranny of governments. BioShock 2 is p […]

    • BioShock is cool adventure shooter first person video game set in secret city of Rapture underwater,As every previous Bioshock it has interesting story and cool gameplay.I suggest this game everybody

    • BioShock 2 is an really interesting first-person shooter game with really good gameplay and solid graphic.Story is also interesting.I recommend this game to lovers of shooter games.I’ll give 9/10 to this game

    • It’s good 1st person shooter game, gameplay is pretty good.
      I have played previous part of this game and it was awesome.
      I would recommend everyone to try this game out.

    • Really interesting with a Good Graphics,,, Like it! Must try… 🙂

    • Definitely a 5/5! I love the story, gameplay and graphics of this game. A must try game for FPS players.

    • Very good FPS game I highly recommend this to every FPS gamers in the world, the graphics, the storyline, almost everything is cool 5/5

    • The game looks cool, but i’m not really big fan of it so i’m giving it 4/5.

    • Now this game is a sick FPS. Has very nice game play and very smooth looking graphics. The story line sets it apart from most games of similar genre which is very good. It’s a very entertaining game and you can play it awhile without getting super bored. I rate it 4.5 I would suggest anyone to check it out if they haven’t already.

    • Bioshock 2 is a story driven FPS game that continues the events of the first Bioshock. You have many different powers to use and guns to shoot with. The game looks gorgeous and plays very well! It will get solid 4 stars!

  • Remake of one of the most popular arcade game ever asteroids, you are wandering trough the space in your ship, and your goal is to destroy asteroids, its same as old game, but with much better graphic

  • In this game you control cannon that fire balls, balls are moving on curtain path and you can allow them to go in tunnel, your goal is to destroy all balls by making them 3 or more in a row, u also have bonus points field and one that deflect ball. Not rly good game for me, it has lack of challenge.

  • Rly good game, its almost like every single bubble shooting game, but with one big difference, bubbles dont come to you they just spin around and also u have to clear them all to get golden item, after every 3 bubbles few more show on pile. I played game a lot, and i rly enjoyed it

  • In this game you control eye and you are attacked by ghosts, only way to destroy ghosts are to see them. You can adjust sight further and narrower or closer and wider, u can also “see” big black dot which destroy all ghosts on screen, game is quite fun but so hard later

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    The Long Dark is FPS survival game where player assumes the role of a crash-landed pilot who must survive the frigid Canadian wilderness after a global disaster. There are […]

    • The Long Dark is an solid survival game.You are an pilot who crashed into land in wild nature.You need to kill wild creatures,try to find food,weapons (to kill those creatures) and you also need to survive as long as you can.Solid game but it’s worth to try.I recommend this game to everybody.

    • The Long Dark is very decent FPS survival video game.In game you are a pilot which crashed and must survive in wild world of Canada after global catastrophe.For me it has interesting story and interesting gameplay,graphic is kinda weird but after some time it is ok.I would suggest this game everybody

    • I like this game alot, it’s really awesome

    • Decent survival game with FPS elements,so cool game,solid graphic,try it out

    • I like survival games like a lot, i have played Ark and some other not that famous survival games.
      In this game hunting is involved which i like.
      I would recommend everyone to check this game out.

    • i easily get curious with survivaal games cos i find them fun and interesting. and i liked this one because of the story. its amazing. as a pilot of a crashed plane after a catasthrope that occured. the elements that affect you , the environment, the wilds.. its great. the feel of playing the game gives you thrilling excitement and heightens up your gaming instincts

      thumbs uppy~ 4/5

    • Decent sandbox survival game, it’s single player only which kinda stinks. Game has a interesting story plot and it’s even split into five episodes

    • I love survival games so this one sure fits it. A 4/5 in my rating scale. Tho not a big fan of almost ppt show and storyline.

    • The Long Dark is an amazing first-person survival game. The graphics stand out nicely and are especially eye-catching capturing the elements of survival, and the game is very open world. The gameplay is interesting, especially story mode which is organized in episodes. The game is as “survival” as it can get, as the player has to satisfy his/her needs in order to survive and not reach a condition of 0% which means death. The game does cost a lot at around $35, and is single player only, which is the only downside to this game. Overall, I would rate this game a 4/5.

    • Very simple survival game but the story is really interesting it make you curious on what’s happening, Incrediably atmospheric; its the sort of game that draws you into it’s world and keeps you there for hours at a time! Art design is also incrediable, as the game looks like a series of moving paintings. very good it was a long time for the story but it was worth it even without the story mode it was very good if your looking for something like this game pick this game up.

    • Pretty good FPS game the graphics are little bit off tho but im loving the concept XD especially games like this It kinda reminds me of Far Cry Primal haha! The story is also great must try 4/5

    • Very solid and interesting survival game. The story line is quite unique which gives it a nice boost in performance. The graphics are good enough but not great. The game is fun and has good game play. If you like survival games you should check this out. I’m going to rate it 4/5.

    • Long Dark is a survival FPS game. You play as a pilot who crash landed Canadian wilderness after a global disaster and now you need to survive out there. The gameplay is what out would expect: gather supplies, fend off threats and keep yourself alive. There also a sandbox to play around with too! This game is going to get 4 stars!

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    Pokemon Go is a free-to-play, location-based augmented reality game, main goal is catch and capture all Pokemons. Players use a mobile device’s GPS capability to locate, […]

    • I like the game, I wish it didn’t drain battery as much but they might fix that in the future! 😀

    • Pokemon Go is very popular game lately it is free to play, augmented reality video game.As NeSs said it drains battery really fast,but there is one more problem it is not available in my country (Serbia) probably because we are not it EU.But there is APK. version for us Balkans,and most of this version of the game has viruses,which is sad.

    • Pokemon Go is an free to play game which becomed popular in really short time.You need to try to catch pokemons while you are outside and you need to go on certain locations to,of course,catch them.This game is really interesting and good.Too bad I don’t have real version of game (I cannot have it cause I’m from Bosnia/Balkan),but as RedLight said there is APK version for all of us on Balkan so we can play it.I recommend this game to anyone,try it .

    • Interesting mobile game,it is only trend game in my opinion,but okay,it can be interesting

    • It was just a trend game, at this point i don’t know if someone is still playing it in my region.
      But i tried it and i would say it’s interesting game, it make you go out of the house.

    • i like this game because it pretty unique because you are the one who will move and it can exercise your body but the sad thing is , it was easy to get boring lel.. 😛

    • The concept on this mobile game is excellent! It is the modern version of the famous Pokemon Series. Time to go back and review your PokeDex. You’d have to exercise and travel to push through. Certain pokemons only appear at specified places around the world. Just watch out for you battery as this game needs GPS. Definitely a 4.5/5.

    • This game is good but kind of a pain in the ass saw a group walking while using
      they’re phone and​ saw them playing this they were walking in the​ middle of the road you know what I’m talking about:P well other than those problems the game is fine.

    • Pretty unique game it was one of the biggest trends in gaming for a while. Only thing is you have to walk a lot, which isn’t bad if you have a dog or live in a area with a bicycle path.

    • Pokemon GO developed by Niantic. It’s a augmented virtual reality game as a fan of Pokemon, I was one of the beta players here before this game was released it was my lucky day when I got selected for me the game is really realistic and unique you need to walk enable to encounter some pokemons and catch it via Pokeballs, there are also gyms that you need to capture if it’s not occupied you can just placed your pokemon there, but if someone occupied the gym you need to battle them to get the gym. There are 3 teams on game which the Team Mystic , Team Valor and Team Instinct. I was on Team Instinct. Overall the game is really epic I rate this 5/5

    • Very awesome reality game it encourage players to go outside and play not just sit and play you also socialized and you’ll meet tons of new people I also enjoyed it playing with friends we did some raids, but the hackers are destroying the game so sad 5/5

    • Well i used to play it, by the time it gets really boring. I even think that right now they lost 90% of the players.
      Since i liked the game in first month i would rate it 8/10.

    • POKEMON GO is the revolutionary mobile game that made all the world get out of the house to hunt pokemons everywhere 3D based. The environment interaction here is awesome and playing with friends is amazing. They are everywhere, at home, at the college, on grandpa’s house, even in the bathroom lol. It’s an online game you can play using your startphone or emulating it on PC if you prefer. The game is simple, you only need to focus the cellphone screen on the pokemon and grab it with your pokeball. If you have good mechanics, you can grab them. There are a lot of spots you can get items to improve your hunt. You can find stadiums on your way too, they are located where people are used to group. If want to dominate them, you have to battle all the pokemon masters to reach the top and obtain that stadium. One time dominated, you can leave a pokemon there to defend your team and other players that are the same team of yours can put their pokemons there too to help you to defend it. The game is cool but there are some bad points here, not about the game exactly but about the players and the community. There are a lot of programs that can change your IP so you can travel everywhere without getting out of home and thats not the game purpose. Alse another problem is the amount of hacks and bots that helps the players farm without being online. This way they can capture all the pokemons they want. The pokemons locations are based on their rarity. If a pokemon is rare, he hardly will appear where all the people are grouped. He will spawn far from the crowd points. Also you can find timers through the internet that helps you find the cool digimons that will spawn near your location. If you are looking for an adventure outside house , this game is for you. Grab some friends and start the hunt. Be sure to play on the day and not on the night because it can be a little dangerous. When you play on he day time, everybody is on the street and you can find players to play together. By the night there’s no one in the street so someone could steal your cellphone from you so stay safe. Sadly the community is not that huge like before when they released the game. Maybe because of the danger or maybe the other pokemon games (like sun and moon) has become more popular before this one. It would be amazing a 2.0 version of the game but I think the devs are looking for improvements for this game. The experience is so different and awesome but I think they need a new feature to make the community come back to the game. For those who only live inside the house and play games 24h per dar, pokemon go is something you should try.

    • Pokemon Go is a location-based augmented reality game. It’s basically Pokemon game but you play it with your phone and get outside to catch Pokemon and battle trainers at the gym. It’s a very innovative game that looks nice and plays like a Pokemon game with a few changes. 5 stars!

  • Just another rly complicated version of solitaire game, for me everything seems random, and makes no sense there are 2 more places to set cards, i dont like this game because i dont understand it. There are much better solitaire games

  • Rly nice arcade game, it remind me with old one with ball, were u need to score points, but instead of ball u have bullets, its shooting game were goal is to destroy enemy, u can take different powerups where u can shoot 3 bullets, fast shooting or 2 bullet that going up and down. Game is rly interesting especially if you play with friend

  • You control some kind of triage and your job is to survive cake attack for curtain amount of time, u can use 3 special attack to clear all missiles they are marked with start.

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