The year 2027 and big uprising took the existing government in your country. As leader of the uprising you got unlimited authority in the country. The parliament got your nomination and you way to bring the country to be empire in the Middle East.

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Post Date: 18:12 03-12-2014
Rating: 6
Author: paksupro4
Comment: This is free strategy game . Year is 2027 and you are controling your country. You have apsolute control of your country and point is to be best on Middle East . Game is good and i rate it with 6/10
Post Date: 11:50 09-01-2012
Rating: 6
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: Well, this game is OK. It’s a little fun in the beginning but gets boring after a while, like most of the games. Not much special about this. There’s many games that’s a lot better then this one.
Post Date: 17:58 22-12-2009
Rating: 7
Author: muamer
Comment: good game


  1. This game is not that good i played it a few times but got bored even tho i like strategy games alot this one is bad….If you want to try it, you should maybe for you it will be good who knows

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  2. Middle East Empire 2027 is a free strategy empire based game designed in single player mode.Game is called Middle East Empire 2027 because it is 2027.The game is playable on any browser of course except Internet Explorer :).But sadly this game now is dead (nobody play it),I think the main reason for that is because this game is very old and graphic is low.But I love this game cuz much games as Europa Universalis 4 and total war Shogun 2 were created on idea of this game and because game looks boring but there is many controls and many tactic you can do.Only things which are changed in this new games like Europa and many of them Is graphic,size of map and few controls are added.I dont recommend this game for kids 🙂 because there is not much action as in League Of Legends or some other games like that,when is war you can just watch stats and news.

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  3. Feels more like an educational game than an actual fun and entertaining game. The graphics are pretty meh and the game play is quite boring. I wouldn’t really suggest this game to anyone because it’s really just not the best. I rate it 2/5.

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  4. It’s an alright game, kind of more like a simulation-strategy game. You choose a country in the Middle East, the technology you want to improve, weapons for war, and diplomacy. Gameplay is a bit boring though, and the graphics isn’t the best. Nothing about this game really screams “empire” in my opinion; and there are far better strategy games than Middle East Empire 2027. But the game’s free to play and you can play it on Android, so I guess that’s a pro. And if this game somehow suits your taste, there are other games by iGindis Games just like this such as Europe Empire 2027, Asia Empire 2027, and Africa Empire 2027. But for me, I’d rate this game a 2.35/5.

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