Monkey Go Happy Xmas Tree

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Monkey Go Happy Xmas Tree is free arcade holiday game where you hunt acorns and solve puzzles in order to light the very big Christmas tree. This is just one of a big series of Monkey Go Happy games. However, take note that while the graphics are bright and colorful, the action is all point and click. The game itself is like a story as you try to help the sad monkey. Adventures games of the past also come to mind when playing. The point and click system actually works well. Definitely worth a try during the holiday season.

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1. Free online game.

2. You hunt for acorns.

3. Solves puzzles.

4. Very graphics dependent.

5. Light the Christmas Tree.

6. One of a very large series.

7. Find 30 acorns.

8. Mostly point and click.

9. Can choose your monkey.

10. Can dress your monkey.

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Monkey Go Happy Xmas Tree is a free flash game published for the web and is supported primarily by advertising.


  1. Free browser adventure game that have puzzles inside, game is mostly point and click.
    Solid game but I couldnt be bothered to get pass that old guy that required 30 acorns 😀

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  2. Monkey Go Happy Xmas is a nice interactive point-and-click game. At the very beginning, I like that the player can choose which monkey he or she wants and a choice of any hat, despite that customization is the least important aspect of the game. What was really fun about this game was finding items and helping characters in this game by completing their task to access another task which is needed to complete more tasks including lighting up the Christmas tree which is the final task. This game also has some puzzles where the player has to find the right combination, and the overworld of the game has a lot of clues to help solve those puzzles. Overall, it was very interactive and had some nice exploration, and I would rate this game a 3.75/5.

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