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Trollface Quest: Trolltube is a free flash game where you just let loose with all the tomfoolery you can unleash. What is the point? The point is to run around see what chaos you can create while throwing out as many pranks as you can. The game is also available on mobile devices and is great for making gameplay videos of. In fact, there is a great walk-through video of this game to show you how to advance. You have to point and click to move on to the next level. Overall, its a weird distraction that pokes fun of Youtube a little.

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1. Free online game.

2. Must complete an online maze first.

3. Play weird pranks.

4. Try to outfox everybody.

5. Can become friends with Grumpy Cat.

6. Can share acorns will a squirrel.

7. Wackiness galore.

8. Attempt to destroy a cell phone.

9. Farting actually does something.

10. Also available on Android and iOS.

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Trollface Quest: Trolltube is a free flash game published for the web and is supported primarily by advertising.

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  1. Puzzle browser game with a lot of levels.
    First level is a recreation of maze puzzle ( youtube prank for example) and so on.

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