Neverwinter Nights stands out from other online RPGs by offering the toolset that was used by the developers to make the game. Thus thousands of player-made modules have been created with more on the way. NWN gives players the ability to buy one game and then have countless different adventures in almost any type of setting imaginable. That type of replay value should not be passed up.

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NWN Module Reviews
Reviews of Neverwinter Nights modules by Game Ogre.

Game Ogre’s Neverwinter Nights Review
Along with Morrowind NWN has brought the entire RPG genre to new heights.

Layonara Online
NWN persistent world with over 1000 game areas spread across three servers. Each server represents one or two continents and islands there are several ways and routes to travel between them. When you set out into the world there are persistent storage chests as well as a world-wide banking system that provide safe storage of your items and your gold as you travel the lands. There are also bind stones that can be found in temples and larger cities to which an adventurer can bind his soul to which he/she will be returned should your character die. If you want a place of your own you can buy a house which you can decorate to your own liking using the player placed furniture options.

Modules Of Interest
A list of various modules with an interesting theme or storyline.

NWN Character Trading
This is the place to come to if you need a certain character for a module or you just want to play a wide range of different characters.

Neverwinter Nights Cheats
Cheats for one of the most innovative RPGs ever.

In the Eye of The Ogre
The modules that Game Ogre is looking over and playing for future module reviews.

Dungeon & Dragon Module Downloads
Want to see where some of the worlds and environments of today’s Neverwinter Nights modules come from? The owners of the D&D franchise Wizards of the Coast have several classic adventures like Ravenloft 2 and campaign worlds like Savage Coast available to download for free. You can even download a module or two by the RPG master Gary Gygax.

Smart Ogre
Nifty little utility that allows you to level up your character to meet the difficulty of any module. For example you only have level 5 character but you want to play a module that is recommended for characters at level 15 and up. To make that jump in levels simply unzip the file and put the .mod file where you put all the NWN modules.

NWN Links
A list of links to other major sites covering Neverwinter Nights. These sites range from the official site for the game to various resource sites.

Avatarship Polished
Improved version of the module previously reviewed by Game Ogre that is based on the all-time classic Ultima 4.

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