The Entropia Universe is a direct continuation of Project Entropia and is a massive virtual universe with a real cash economy.


Post Date: 19:22 03-10-2014
Rating: 5
Author: Garagos
Comment: Project Entropia is an interesting game. It’s virtual game. I played it just a few times, I wasn’t so impress, but you can try it. 🙂
Post Date: 05:24 29-06-2011
Rating: 10
Author: Archman2011
Comment: An idealistic group of scientists, artists and futurists founded a research community, known as Elysium, in the South Pacific, where they dedicated themselves to limitless science, technology and intellectual pursuits. Although the Cold War raged outside these islands, the Elysians accept talent from all countries of the world without regard to political idealogies.

The Elysians developed interdimensional travel, and brave volunteers discovered a parallel universe, rich in resources and untouched by humans, that even resembled thair South Pacific home. They called this world Next Island, and recruited scientific pioneers to this new world.

Join the utopian scientists, great artists and successful entrepreneurs who populate our tropical paradise of Next Island!

Explore Next Island”s tropical paradise! Meet Elysian scientists, First Wave explorers and other Second Wave colonists.

Travel through time to ancient Greece where you can fight mythical beasts, quest to please the gods or discuss philosophy with other residents.

Pursue a wide range of professions from hunting to hairdressing, craft weapons and fashions to use and sell, or just socialize with other Islanders at our popular clubs.

Next Island invites players into an exciting new free2play multiplayer game world. There are no subscription fees, and no credit card is required to play. If you�d like to purchase upgrades and virtual goods, or if you�d like to sell your harvests and in-game creations, the exchange rate is fixed at 10 Ped to a dollar.

Post Date: 00:26 09-06-2011
Rating: 2
Author: Vikeadyn
Comment: Low rating for me. You start with nothing, and you can do quest here and their to get very little game currency, and even selling things to vendors gives very little game currency, the Vendor prices are outrageous, and ammo gets used up fast, and it sells high from vendors.

You need real life cash, hands down to get anywheres in this game. Unless you are one of the lucky players that has other players carrying you, you are golden in this one.

The quests are very few and are repetive as hell. they award very little for Xp to level and the quest rewards are barely worth anything at all. You have to walk everywheres. I seen mounts but they are purchased with real life cash, and the only players, I seen, that had them where higher level players. The world is massive so you will get mobbed by things higher then you going from point A to point B, and the mobs are all mixed togeather. from level 7 to level 11’s, pending your level.

The only reason I give it a 2 is the graphics are nice, and the music in some places plays good background music. I went into the bank one time in game and Metallica was playing as background music. I could hardly beleive it. The kid loves Metallica and she perked right up when she herd it. Tis why I reconized the background music.

Post Date: 07:11 21-05-2011
Rating: 8
Author: sasuke24
Comment: A fun new game to play. I like the game because of it’s cool environment.
Post Date: 05:30 23-09-2010
Rating: 8
Author: DlegendRD
Comment: For all the noobs out there complaining that the game sucks, haven’t really played it, When u start off u start with nothing. and thats the way i like it.
The first thing you should do is find a mentor, and he will help you out if it is a good one. I’ve played this game for about 2-3 months and i did like it. i just didnt really have the time to keep playing it anymore because of school and work. so i decided to quit.
You CAN play this game without investing money into it, but it does require alot of time. when u get a mentor, ask him if he wants to do a TP run with you, its very important for sweating. Your mentor will explain you why.
After that u buy a gun, and ammo. start shooting mobs, then sweat again, then buy ammo and repair ur stuff again and then shoot mobs again etc etc.
But when u raise ur skills and stuff a bit it gets easier and u can do less sweating. i rate it an 8 because:
+Nice community
+decent graphics
+the game is tough
-Requires alot of time to play
Post Date: 21:21 27-06-2010
Rating: 4
Author: futurekiller1
Comment: the game play is horrible and not only that but its way to hard to buy things on this game i would even recomend secound life more then this game. There are a few good thigns though,its easy to get rays which is the cash all you have to do is rate peopls profiles. The game is rely boring though nothing to do, and you start with nothing pretty much
Post Date: 12:36 19-12-2009
Rating: 5
Author: DynV
Comment: Amateur looking game but the worse is the gameplay, think of an alpha version of Guild Wars … I played for hours spread over days, I did really put my heart into it to no avail.
Post Date: 14:49 12-05-2009
Rating: 8
Author: alioli
Comment: this game is GREAT! it has great graphics, great gameplay, great community, the lvl system is great… but something is missing!

well, when you start out the game, u start with nothing, not even a gun or a sword or an armor! oh wait! an player tells you “go sweating” well… what is that? well it is a skill used for proffesions, and therefore u can sell the sweat and get money! woho! u earned ur first pennys in 2 days.. NOW u can buy a gun but wait! NO AMMO! glarh! u go farming sweat for additionally 2 days, and buy ammo! now u can go out there and kill enemys! but… in like 2 hours ur ammo is out! u have to buy more for the things u got from the hunt, wich u hoped to get a new weapon or a cool clitschy armor for, but nooo, ammo…

well, as u can see, the start is pretty.. annoying, booring and worthless, if u dont got a mentor to provide u with ammo and stuff. when u get lucky and find like an speciall treasure from a enemy with like 100 money, then the game starts=P

everything else is like, great! especially the deep economical system! u can take out money from the game, and put irl money into the game! u can get a job, make a house, and stuff! it is just awesome! i recommend this game to the ppl with a great patience! it will be worth it i promise! ^^

i love this game, but had to quit, due to a lot with school, and i had to reformate my computer, and i lost my pass, and now i dont have time.. i love this game though!

Post Date: 14:42 04-03-2009
Rating: 5
Author: svante
Comment: Entopia Universe has a rigged casino, boring grinding and absolutely 0 content..
Post Date: 05:14 27-02-2009
Rating: 2
Author: Milai
Comment: Entropia has a pretty decent community. Let’s be honest about this game though. It’s a casino. It’s a casino where the odds are stacked against you so high, you’ll wish you had just spent your money in an actual casino. Anything fun about the game is only fun because of your hopes to strike it rich. It’s not going to happen, dont hold your breath. Anyone who tells you that you dont have to deposit money to play, please realize that you will be sweating monsters instead. The sweat is hard to sell and not worth much at all. For 3 hours of your time sweating, you could maybe make enough to hunt for 15 minutes. Then you can go sweat for 3 more hours so you can repair the damage on your gun and god forbid you are wearing armor that needs repaired too. Just dont play this game, if you are able to put money in it, you will. And you will regret it too.
Post Date: 03:22 27-01-2009
Rating: 10
Author: LadyRainbowDeath69
Comment: I’ve been playing EU close to 5 years now. First and foremost, to play EU you have to have a mindset your playing the game for FUN and not whining about what other players are getting. You have to realize there are people that have been playing this game from the beginning since when it started and also the fact that there are people that have invested large amounts of money to turn a profit for their own personal benefits. It’s definitely a hard grind in the beginning and if that is NOT something that appeals to you in ANY game then this one is definitely not for you. I have wandered off to GW’s and so many others but nothing IMO, compares to the lifestyle and fun I receive from EU. If your looking to make a quick buck, then don’t play this game …go to a casino if your looking for that type of luck. The way I’ve always viewed EU is like a “piggy bank” that at anytime I can cash out and get the investing time and/or any $’s invested into the game. I can say for a fact you CAN do it w/o depositing. I know I did it for the first year or so. And it was a pain but I like to experience it all and take challenges head on. My biggest hit to date was 500 bucks. I have had numerous decent hits and keeps me playing. You do not necessarily need to deposit ALL the time or large amounts. As someone said in a prior posting. You can live off of 20 bucks for a whole month if you do it right. Best thing I can always recommend is exploring the community get into a decent society that will help you along the way and a reallllly good mentor that shows you the rights from wrong. I was very lucky in having all of that in the beginning as well. I dream as most to hit a big one but I don’t chase after it either as many would or do. I do as my mentor once told me just have fun and that’s how I’ve always looked at have fun. Furthermore, if I look at all the amounts of money you would spend on getting for each GW or WOW or whatever other game that ends up coming out. I’d rather deposit that money into this one and shoot the heck out of a troxie or argo…:P Or go mining! 🙂

Entropia Universe has numerous professions, such as:

_Avatar Beauty_
includes: hair styling, body & face sculpting.

crafting, manufacturing weapons and tailoring.

mine for enmatter and/or pretty much all over the universe.

self explanatory, kill kill kill the mobs out there!!! 🙂

Gather sweat and nexus to gain various skills and profit. 🙂

Certain animals in EU are tameable and can become a pet. Different sizes as well. Can also make a profit.

I am not downing any other games ..btw, I’m sure people view their own games they love in this same fashion, but this one for me is tops!

So, again, if ya want a good challenging game this one is for you. If you love doing a variety of things with your character/avatar in a game this one is for you. If you want to invest in a game that will give you a profit in return this also is a game for you.

Happy EU’ing… 😉

Post Date: 07:22 03-01-2009
Rating: 8
Author: blackhawk77g
Comment: Its to ad ths was a great game for me and many others. WoW members never complain and all they do is well buy fake items, not a great economy, and make funy youtube videos. No one complains there. There is some stratedgy to playing this game.

Go to camp pheonix or ask for help to get there

Aquire Enough money though trading (buy low sell high), sweating, or other activities then buy all the needed suplies.

I do not recomend this as it requires alot of PED, but does pay out alot in the end.

The graphics are ok and it is possible to make money, because I do. If you are trying to make money off a game GET UP AND GET A JOB AT MCDONALDS, BECAUSE PLAYING A GAME WITH LAZERS DOES NOT ALWAYS MAKE YOU MONEY TO SUPORT YOURSELF AND EVEN WORSE A FAMILY. Some people have made it big. If you have trouble instaling look up a guide online (It dosent take a genius to use GOOGLE). The comunity is nice and there are some scammers so watch out (like in all other online games). If you want a game that’s all violence then go get an x-box or PS3 and knock urself out with X-BOX live. I do infact recomend this game. The reason it works is because people who have no idea what there doing spend money and then complain about it right here in reviews like these. So I urge you before you get mad and quit, find a guide or help. Stick with it a while and maybe you might have fun. Also dont waste all your money on armour in the begging.

Post Date: 16:50 20-12-2008
Rating: 0
Author: hobbitkiller

I played this game for a while now and being a student i have little (or no) money left. (i somtimes forget wether im broke or just plain old poor). many player recommended i started my vharacter by sweating and buying new equipment and armour, after 3 weeks of draining sweat of some stupid ass combibos (warhog/pig/anteater, things) that looked identical and gave me grief every time i came like 20 meters neer them, i finnaly got the first armour and weapons i needed, heres the problem, to get good at using guns you need ammo whitch requires money, witch you get from sweating (witch isnt fun). also to get good you need to shoot the same animals you have been sweating for the past month or so.

overall the graphics are very repetitive (notice the screenshot only shows the sky), the gameplay is repetetive and even thou the community is good, your more likly going to have more fun with runescape or habbo hotel. (also crap)

this game is ment to have “real time economy, with real money, and real commerce” and you hear from other players “oh yeh my bros m8, has a char that has like over £1,000,000 peds and plays the market n stuff” all the time. many other games on the internet claim to have “real time economy” but the game delevopers of this game just feel greedy.

I warned you…

Post Date: 01:45 12-11-2008
Rating: 2
Author: mirrorheart
Comment: Im not a computer wizard but i think that the download was confuzing, after that i tried to make an account, i made 3 accounts, i dont know how but the first two were rejected and i never got the third one…but in my opinion it looks pretty fun if you can get past that part(i never did) graphics look cool, cool armor, but everyone also says you would need to spend real money on it to have a fun time. try to enjoy this game if you want it im not holding anyone back
Post Date: 04:00 21-07-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Hawkwood
Comment: Entropia is not truly a game you could expect. It’s an unique mix of action similar to other online action games and economy and socialising from SL and other virtual worlds. Definetely for grown ups who can handle the challenge (yes, game is extremely challenging). If you’re looking for hack’n’slash only, go elswehre. If you want to meet great people and have absolute freedom of choice, Entropia can be place for you. That’s not truth that you need shitload of money to play. All depends on your brain and imagination.
Post Date: 11:11 18-06-2008
Rating: 9
Author: Magnus Avalon
Comment: Now, I wont give it a 10, as nothing is perfect

As i was reading through the more recent comments i noticed a few things
for starters, the graphics.
Indeed, the graphics are not mindblowing. Bur renember this game is from 2003, so what did you expect. ofcource Mindark (the fella’s that drain my PED card most of the time)knows this to, thus they have decided to rebuild Entropia to run on the CryTec2 engine, so that issue will be solved shortly (if those guys do their jobs that is).

Next is the ever keeping complaining about Mindark being a bunch of scammers, wich is totally true.
But they to have to make profit in some way, and things like a new engine aint cheap either, so yes, they scam us bigtime. But who gives, as long as you play for fun and dont intend to make money from it, whats the big deal, every hobby costs you money. you just got to know what your limits of spending are.

I’ve been playing for over a year now, and have no intend of stopping. In the time I spent there I lost loads of money, but also gained loads of valuables. When i calculate the value of my account it sums up to just about as much as i have put in.

I made loads of friends in entropia, and find it common to find myself having a good time just by standing still and chatting with my friends, wich is totally free.

I manage to play entropia for 20 USD a month, wich is just as much as i spend on a normal night in the pub

– normal graphics, soon to change to mindblowing graphics
– Great community
– costs loads of money, but that shouldnt be a problem if you play for fun and know your limits

Post Date: 21:06 29-04-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Evangel
Comment: Before people rip my head off over a 10 let me explain why.

It is true that this game is extremely pointless without investing hundereds or thousands of USD into the game, but what many people do not realize is that if you join a decent organization/guild/clan/whatever you want to call it, they will be more than happy to take you out on hunting trips and teleporter runs and share the loot with you. Though I no longer play this game due to the sheer amount of time it takes to play, and doing countless other beta tests I stuck around for around 4months.

Throughout this time I had joined a good organization, and had decent hunting skills from their help in getting money to buy gear. One member even gave me a set of armor worth roughly $50 USD. My suggestion for the game. If you want to get the most out of it with the littlest amount of work be ready to invest a ton of time and money into it. The game isn’t called the most expensive game out there for anything. Note the man who invested roughly $1,000,000 (thats million for those who can’t read numbers) USD and has turned out 10x that in land taxes alone.

This game is intended to be a full time job of sorts. I know many poeple in game who make their livings solely off of the game. so for those of you who are complaining about it being a bad game…quit…cause ya’ll didn’t do any research into the point of it. It is true that the graphics suck and there is a bit of server lag because of there being 1 server for a land area roughly the size of WoW when including both Entropia continents and the entire outer space region, but what idiot would complain about that though if they can invest their life saving and just sit back and do nothing while they make thousands in game if they played there cards right.

Be forewarned, if interested in investing into this game to make a living, don’t put everything in at first. Invest little by little until you get a good feel for the workings of the game and a good feel for the economy itself. The games economy is just like a real one, especially considering the currency in game is globally recognized and accepted if you have the PED card and the ingame economy itself has its own recessions and inflation and such.

Post Date: 03:34 13-03-2008
Rating: 5
Author: anigous
Comment: Author: Juggernott
Comment: Pretty stupis game. For the first couple of weeks all you do is get sum sweat from the beast things that kill you extremely easily. You die about a million times a day. The only way to really get anywhere in the game is to buy ingame money with real money and its a major rip off. Never play this game. Extreme waist of time!
I suggest you go to spelling more often you 11 year old you.
Post Date: 09:12 03-03-2008
Rating: 1
Author: Amos
Comment: horrible game, the avatar/toons/char whatever you wanna call them are so freaking ugly its not funny, the game itself is designed people deposting real world money into the game to play.

if your like me and wont do that then think again about playing this game, yes its free but to get anywhere you have to put money in, even your armour weapons get damaged which costs money to repair, and the only way to get money is to get sweat from animals and to sell it, its the most boring part of the game.

the landscape looks nice, but the game itself well sucks, so if you wanna put all your cash into this game then give it a try but if you want an entertaining game then this is not it

Post Date: 00:47 22-11-2007
Rating: 10
Author: sieges
Comment: Play this game for fun, not to make money. I guess a few people make money by playing. The world is huge, the controls are perfect. The community is also very mature and nice.
Post Date: 17:39 20-06-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Juggernott
Comment: Pretty stupis game. For the first couple of weeks all you do is get sum sweat from the beast things that kill you extremely easily. You die about a million times a day. The only way to really get anywhere in the game is to buy ingame money with real money and its a major rip off. Never play this game. Extreme waist of time!
Post Date: 03:43 28-04-2007
Rating: 7
Author: orasis
Comment: It is very realistic, the more people kill the less money ends up in the world, and therefore more money has to be spent into it’s economy.

Of course not everyone in the game is rich, just like the ‘real world’ economy the game is based on you will always have a lot more peasants than kings.

If you have no patience or are young in the mind, stay away from this. — If you are up for quite a challenge .. almost like a new life after work give this a shot 😛

Post Date: 15:20 01-03-2007
Rating: 2
Author: Devdas
Comment: I stuck with it for one full year, trying to make a go of it. Avoid this game at all costs. The gmae company execs are thieves at worst, and morons at best. run away! Ppl have spent $1000s in this game for nothing.
Post Date: 05:35 07-01-2007
Rating: 2
Author: Jarrito
Comment: It took me like 4 hours to download this and when I finnaly finished i got to the character creation screen and all i saw was POLOYGONS I was like what?? and then it just froze and my computer shut off. If you have a basic computer dont even bother downloading this because its rigged.
Post Date: 01:21 15-12-2006
Rating: 1
Author: redwing26
Comment: Yeah thats it with this game I played for a while month and sweated for money , I was bearly making enough as the loot drops are done like a fruit machine ….e.g OVERall they will always give less loot than the cost of weapon damages ………I could just about bear it when the sweat price was 4.5 to 5 ped max per 100 but say I worked 6 hours sweating for my 1 and a half hours hunting at night I could just about manage but then people started offering 1.5 to 3ped …….I know its meant to be based on the world markets but Im sure they company that owns the game did it too stop people just sweating and cashing the money , hell I just wanted to get enough money to go out hunting but when the sweat prices came out thats when I stopped playing ………this game is in essence a glorified gambling machine.
Post Date: 19:25 29-11-2006
Rating: 8
Author: jaho22
Comment: There really is no other game like this. Free client, no subscription. You decide your level of involvement, this is for a more mature crowd. The game is intended to be played for years, with new content added consistently. There are no “quests” as in most other games, a geat deal of freedom to do as you choose, socialize with whom you choose. It can be expensive if you choose, or cost nothing ever to play. Knowledge and experience, skills, the most determining factor in whatever “success” means to the individual. Probably the most intellectual and mature crowd of any mmo, can be great fun, but also very frustrating for immature players.
Post Date: 06:14 12-11-2006
Rating: 0
Author: helamos
Comment: a stupid, dumb, horable game that is extreamly laggy and,overall, a waste of time. Extreamly hard to get the hang of and once you do, you realize that the game is pathetic. Ill save you the time of figuring it out, dont download the game, its bad, real bad.
Post Date: 00:51 29-10-2006
Rating: 5
Author: Fire Caller
Comment: NO NO NO NO NO! just NO!
you can not make money off of this game!
you can start with no money, and you will end with no money, or you can start with a ton of money…and end with no money.
Ammo for your weapon costs more than the drop of the animals you kill with it.
Everything is designed to break so that you have to buy more eventually.
This game is built around loosing money.
Post Date: 04:42 10-10-2006
Rating: 2
Author: Beap
Comment: Graphics looks OK…i saw this game in Guinness World Records…but it doesn seem kewl at all.
Post Date: 14:20 03-08-2006
Rating: 5
Author: massiveowner21
Comment: And you thought paying 20 dollars an hour for a pathetic mmorpg?
graphics 7/10
community SCAM they can charge u anytime and you get charged about 60$ us 0/10
sound: budda dudda bum bum pssssshhhhtttt 0/10
story: your a pimp in a casino. Yay? 0/10
Post Date: 17:18 25-03-2006
Rating: 3
Author: masterkancer
Comment: Great graphics, bad greedy game owners. You thought paying monthly fees for Wow or EQ2 was bad? Try this game. It s an online casino in which there is even virtual real estate, which is a big part of what I hate. Get this – the people who own the virtual real estate can even tax you when you hunt on their property, for PED which can be made into real money.
Post Date: 16:42 25-03-2006
Rating: 0
Author: havocdagod
Comment: Just a casino dont play this
Post Date: 15:00 04-01-2006
Rating: 7
Author: chebu
Comment: none
Post Date: 03:05 04-12-2005
Rating: 2
Author: Bob Frank
Comment: I tried to play this game for free. It didn t work.

: (

If you don t pay real money for ingame credits, you can t get anywhere.

Post Date: 14:39 26-11-2005
Rating: 6
Author: Caz
Comment: I have been playing project Entropia for almost a month now, i have come to the conclusion that Yes! its a great game great graphics and you never get bored but here are the downsides to it.
Be very careful what money you put into this game (Real Money) you can get carried away and before you know it you have spent alot of your money on it. Also this game is basically a massive casino in disguise, nothing is won by luck its all fixed to how much money you have spent on the game etc as to what you can loot from killing animals mining and manufacturing. The updates are pretty impressive, they are always adding new things to the game which is good. For new people who join the game they are labeled as (n00bs) which i dont like at all, when someone is paying money into the game everyone should be treated equally and with respect. Another downside is the cost of repairing weapons, for example i bought a Killian Longsword G2 sounds good? it is very good it cost me 20 PED tp buy but it costs 34 PED to repair each time. The cost soon adds up and thats why i have decided to stop playing the game.
All in all great graphical interface good game but a total rip off.
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  1. Entropia Unvierse is a mmorpg that is to todays standard a bit outdated both in graphic and combat gameplay.
    This game uses currenty conversation so you can earn real life money , for example 10 entropia dollars is equal to 1 real life dollar.
    So becouse of this you can realise how grindy the gameplay is.

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  2. This game reminds me of Minecraft in 3d lol. The game is a free game but does have in-game purchases with real money. Mainly the activities found in this game is hunting, crafting, mining.

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  3. Okay this seems pretty interesting. The graphics are somewhat fine.. The mechanics are like minecraft BUT! i find the gameplay, kinda dull. Minecraft is still way better.

    Anyways 5/10
    So it’s still thumbs uppy~ for me~

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  4. I think the game rebranded itself as Entropia Universe. Definitely an old sci-fi MMO, dating back to 2003, but it has had quite a significant improvement over the years. I think the game uses either CryEngine 2 (as mentioned on the game’s Wikipedia page ) or Unreal Engine (as mentioned on the game’s site), though not exactly sure, but either engine, the game looks amazing. But when it comes to modern MMOs, Entropia hasn’t really aged well in terms of gameplay. Areas in the game can feel a bit spacious despite improvements to the landscape, and most of the game mechanics just feel old. Overall, I’d rate this game a 3.9/5.

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