Rift: Planes of Telara is a fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) from Trion Worlds, where thousands of players adventure together to save a world being torn apart by magical rifts that unleash deadly planar invasions. It started out P2P, but is now F2P.

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Post Date: 15:54 23-04-2014
Rating: 9
Author: savicaa
Comment: Here we have really good MMORPG game , which reminds me on AIKA , for me it it almoast the same. For start i would like to say that all MMORPG game are same , but gameplay and characters are changed and that’s it.
In this game you need to choose charachter , with that character you have mission to kill all creatures , if you don’t kill them , you will have problem . Whole map is desinged for their spreading and that’s so easy if you don’t kill them all , if you see that your teammate need help , cause he can’t kill all creature , go and help him , cause you will have problem when all creatures spread on map and i don’t think that you can win that.
Naimly , creature has mission to get into town , but that’s going slowlu , first they need to get village , then when they get more creatures , they will go to get your town , and then you have trouble.
In this game you have levels , you are getting levels when you kill creature , doing some missions , also you earn some ” money ” , which can be used to buy some cool things that will help you to kill all creatures . You have items to buy cheep , but they are not good , better save your ” money ” , to buy some better , and then you will have more chance to win and kill them all.
In this game we have 36 classes and 3 categories , cleric , mage , warrior . Warrior is guy which go first in fights , have much HP and DMG , so he can tank and kill creatures , mages are in second or in third line , that means that they poke creature behind the warriors and they are safe from being dead and for the end cleric are all over they army , and they are going through all and healing them , saving them as much as it possible , but that’s not easy at all .
My look on this game : I really like some MMORPG games like AIKA , but this game doesn’t have something that will keep me in it , so i can play it longer then one hour . Im just clearing creatures from the map and that’s all of my job in this game , there are many better MMORPG games. Gameplay is good for someone who has patience , but im not that person , i can’t fight them whole day and that can’t make me happy. If this game have gameplay where you need to make tactic it would be awesome and i would definetely play it , but for now nah.
For the end marks . I don’t like gameplay so 7/10 , graphics are really nice so 9/10 , sound is the best in this game so 10/10 and animations are pretty good so 9/10. For all game i would give 9/10.
For all people who has patience i would reccomend this game , cause it will be funny for them , but they will have challange.
Post Date: 11:19 23-04-2014
Rating: 9
Author: nikiwild
Comment: First, my rating: 9
Multiplaer 9 / 10
Gameplay 9 / 10
Graphics 9 / 10
Sound 9 / 10

One of the newest mmorpg games. I can tell you its pretty good, it is a unique game, thigs are really changed in game. Many people say that every mmorpg game is made by wow, its copy of wow, but i dont think so for this game. Mmorpg game is a mmorpg game there is nothing you can change on it, exept the gameplay. People are leveling up, getting cool things and start fighting agains the big bosses. In this game, you dont need to be lvl 60 to get fun, you are having it all the time. While you are leveling, suddenly you will get pings and notes that people need your help. A portal has opened and creatures have been spawned, you need to kill them as fast as you can, so it doesnt spread. If u dont help your teammates, the creatures will spread all over the map, they will take the valley, then they will take a village, next a town, and then they will take the whole map, so be a man and help you teammates in truble. Dont let them take over the map. It will get hard after that. Rift is not a free game. You need to pay to play it. I dont know the real cost but i think its around 15 dolars or euros, i dont know exactly. When u start playing you need to choos who you want to be. Rift has many different player races that players can choose from. Each race has its own characteristics, abilities, and even background stories. Races also belong to one of the two factions, guardian or defiant. Each race also has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages. In guardians there are dwarves, high elves, mathosian. In defiant there are bahmi, eth, kelari. There are many classes in rift, i will tell you cuple of them archon, assassin, bard, beast master, blade dancer, cabalis, champion, chloromancer, defiler, dominator, druid, harbinger, inquisitor, justicar, marksman, necromancer nightblade, paladin. These are some of them there are 36 clases in this game, there is no way you cant choose what you want. Every of these clases is in a category. There are 3 categoris a warior, mage and a cleric. A warior is someone who will go in the first lines of defense and attack, they are receiving the demage that is dealt by the creatures. Mage stands behind the warior and deals as much as possible damage to the creature, the clearinc is keeping them alive, by healing them. So this is my review of this game, its much more funnyer and better if u play it with friends. I hope this game will get free to play, i really like it but, i dont have money to play it. The game is a average requirement game. It doesnt require a lot of space too. Since this game got out it has a lot of upadates and cool stuff are coming too. I hope they can make a pirate server so we can play too.

Post Date: 08:40 25-03-2014
Rating: 10
Author: vukasin
Comment: So op game…
Post Date: 08:10 08-12-2011
Rating: 10
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: Pretty funny game. Graphics are pretty good. It’s one of the best MMO’s I’ve ever played. 10/10
Post Date: 08:59 08-11-2011
Rating: 8
Author: Aryanatu
Comment: I’d say Rift and WoW are comparably similar in style of game play. Although WoW has a better story, end-game content and nicer amount of addons. I think Rift overall is better graphics and has more potential to be better than WoW, but at the moment, Rift still has a lot of catching up to do. I’d say that its possible both games will get swiped aside for awhile once the Star Wars mmo comes out. Yet, if you are bored of playing WoW, Rift is definitely enjoyable with its beautiful scenery and fun class spec mixes.
Post Date: 06:05 28-10-2011
Rating: 10
Author: hatter1
Comment: Rift better beat WoW! WoW gets boring before level 50! Rift is the new age mmo because it knows what works and what doesnt.
Post Date: 19:14 13-10-2011
Rating: 1
Author: magpie
Comment: The game is interesting..however lvl cap at 50..this has become a problem in rift for those who like to go solo..
The SOLO content is non existant after lvl 50…so be prepared to get BORED VERY EASILY..I subbed for 6 months..and im now glasg my sub has finished..I wont be back in the forseeable future..

thumbs down for this game.

Post Date: 18:56 17-08-2011
Rating: 9
Author: Webber
Comment: The WoW killer title has more merit after WoW has dinally started losing subscribers! No other “WoW killer” can say that. Rift has better PvE that does not require as much grinding.
Post Date: 23:13 14-06-2011
Rating: 9
Author: Vikeadyn
Comment: Ah Rift, the ever popular dubbed WoW killer. The Company that made Rift is called Trion Worlds, Their Genious commercial ad catch phrase is. “We are not in Azeroth anymore.” (for those that do not know, Azeroth, is the world that World of Warcraft takes place on)

Trion, so far has a pretty good record on fixing major bugs, but they tend to stick the minor bugs on the back burner for a bit to long. I participated in all the BETAS that came out, and yeah, there where Bugs here and their, but them BETAS where the cleanest that I had ever seen come off the assembly line. In all other BETAS from other games I participated in.

Rift knocks the grindyness out of the park. As all other MMORPG’S the game is get max level and work on gear upgrades for instances, for Epic gear. Sounds like a grind to you gamers? Well, the “uniqueness” of the “grind,” Rift gives players the ability, to jump in group quests at any given time, with a click of the mouse you can group with others, on the fly. Easy Peasy.

Rift has PVE, World PvP, and Battlegrounds, and like WoW, PvP gear. Another “uniqueness” is the abilty of training in several different skill types, called soul Building. What this does is give any player the freedom of making a character build that fits their play style. NO MORE COOKIE CUTTER BUILDS! You can fit all roles on 1 character. Roles are: Tank, DPS(Damage Per Second) Heal, and AoE(Area of Effect) also, players can dip into the marksmen tree for some Range DPS if they want to. You also have the abilty to change any role you want, by going to your trainer specific roles you want to learn. The trainer will give you the ability to summon, a role Spirt. (IE a Bladedancer Spirit, and many more choices) that you must deffeat to collect the Bladedancer soul stone, which then allows you to prepare your charcter to start training in the Bladedancer Soul Tree. Souls can be swaped out as often as you like.

The main objective in Rift is, what players call “Rifting.” Whats Rifting, you ask? Trion, allows these, so called “Rifts” to open up at any giving time, all over Telara. You could be questing along minding your own business, then BOOM!, a rift opens right on top of you with out warning.

A rift is a crack in the barrier protecting Telara, allowing one outer plane to intrude on the world, IE plane of, death, life, fire, air, water, and earth. When a rift occurs the players must reseal it by defeating the monsters that invade through it, in a couple of rounds. These rifts hold a boss mob, at the last round, defeat the boss, to seal the rift. Anyone near the rift is strongly encouraged to help seal it before Telara gets over run buy the creatures from whatever elemental plane they came from.

Trion host lots, and lots of events in Rift, Updates happen constanly, and Trion Worlds encoureages all players to post feed back in game at any given time, to help better the game for all of us gamers. This can be done with a click of the mouse while in game, playing, and you are able to post your pros, and cons, without interuppting your play time.

I strongly recomend rift to anyone. It is fun, and nonstop action happens all the time, do to Rifts opening at any time. Also on ocassion you might be able to catch opposite Faction NPC’s raceing through your faction zones, to temp to take over a wardstone belonging to your faction, and your duty is if you are not closeing Rifts, and doing general quests, you must protect your faction wardstone, for some PvP action.

Also just a mental note for you gamers out their. If you are closing a Rift that opened in some zones, you have a chance on bumping into other players of opposing Faction, closeing that same Rift you are, for some PVP action, so be on your guard when you hit some of these zones while playing. Especialy zones that have Neutral towns, and outpost in them. Some neutral towns you are not safe, because, although it is considered a neutral town, it is sepperated with NPC’s of opposing faction, and if you strid to closely some guards will attack you on sight, if you are flagged or not.

I give it a 9 out of 10, because to be honest, no MMORPG is a perfect 10. Rift is a Action packed, less grindy game then most, I absolutely recomend it if you gamers are looking for that special P2P MMORPG.

Nice Work Trion!

Post Date: 06:08 02-06-2011
Rating: 10
Author: Roadie
Comment: I played the trial version last week. Rift builds on what WoW started.

1.more professions
2. rogues can strike from behind with swords and maces
3. rifts kill grinding
4. mounts are available early
5. customization is a breeze with souls and roles.

Post Date: 08:17 09-05-2011
Rating: 7
Author: mmowiz
Comment: rift has more bugs than i expected it would. i have noticed several bugs that have no business in a top p2p. i have bought items in auction without ever receiving them. they have items for quests that can’t be picked up. a few are very annoying.
Post Date: 02:32 04-05-2011
Rating: 8
Author: Joker
Comment: Rifts ftw. Instead of being boxed into perfect groups and roles you can join other players for exp and loot. Better get a mount when you first start because you will need it!
Post Date: 00:34 23-04-2011
Rating: 9
Author: Webber
Comment: The best part about Rift well are the Rifts:D. The Rifts break the monotony of the usual grind fest by popping up everywhere. All you have to do is join a public group by clicking a big button. Easy peasy!
Post Date: 17:00 07-04-2011
Rating: 10
Author: THEDert
Comment: SWTOR has to do something awesome to pull me from this game!
Post Date: 16:04 06-04-2011
Rating: 9
Author: dantabletennis
Comment: This game is great! Great gameplay, great scenary I love this game!
Post Date: 16:03 25-03-2011
Rating: 10
Author: Xelm
Comment: I’m now playing RIFT for about a week, Since the start i loved it. The starting zone is a bit akward and boring but that’s with most games. Ones you are really into the game its a very nice unique system.

I played WoW for many many years and i can say this is not a wow copy, Ofcourse it has same feature as its a mmorpg but with the unique random RIFTs opening, Soon a ingame world invasion (30 march), Public group joining, I think its a mix between WoW and Warhammer and totaly new ideas.

They had issues with your account being hacked at the start due a leak, But this is now solved on a better way then wow did it. They actauly made a coin-lock system wich was free and works 100%. NOBODY can login your account without having acces to your e-mail adress and you only have to verify ones. I think this is a mayor unique idea to solve the world wide gold seller hackers.

Overall, I baught this game for myself, My 3 bros and 2 of my friends and everyone of the is enjoying it. I think its safe to say this is a game worth the money.

PS: They actauly do listen to suggestions that players make.
~ 10 out of 10 points from me!

Post Date: 02:00 19-02-2011
Rating: 10
Author: Adrian
Comment: This game looks amazing. Stunning graphics, awesome music, great gameplay. Downside?…you have to pay for it.
Post Date: 00:19 19-02-2011
Rating: 10
Author: Baltaron
Comment: After many years of playing WoW which has been an amazing game. I started with Asheron’s call then moved to anarchy online Then found World of Warcraft and the graphics have been amazing. All good things come to an end sooner or later so 2 years into WoW started watching for the next big game. Tried Lotro and a few others and they came close but not close enough. Then comes Rift Playing open beta now and the graphics are amazing game play is much like WoW which is nice since I’m familiar with it. Rift is the next generation of WoW, Lotro, and other mmo’s rolled in one. I would like to wish Trion luck on making this #1 and I would like to thank Blizz for setting the pace for mmos.
Post Date: 18:38 10-02-2011
Rating: 8
Author: OldschoolRPG69
Comment: Everything I have seen and read so far gives me hope that “Rift” will knock WOW off the top of the MMO world, or at least give it a nice black eye and bloody lip to cry about. I’ve played many RPG games and for years held strong not to play MMOs after having issues playing DAoC and EQ1 while in college. But WOW sucked me in a bit while out of work, and it was a fun game to pass the time, but it lacked the RPG feel. The “Rift” feel of being able to take more control of character creation and the overall environment is looking like a good jump into a new game that has the possibility of getting to the top of the MMO world. 2011 is looking very good for the RPG world of gamers. Dialblo3, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Witcher 2, and Dungeon Seige 3 are all coming along with Rift to charge through the RPG gaming lifestyle we all love. I hope Rift lives up to be what I think it’s going to be.
Post Date: 15:20 06-02-2011
Rating: 9
Author: whatdoIknow
Comment: I started playing the beta last night. I think this game has potential. Is it a WoW killer?, who knows. I know I will certainly give it a shot.
The graphics are good, the public quests I love, haven’t done a dungeon yet.
Love the soul trees, you can really make your character stand out from others, not all cookie cutter.
The character creation is great.
Like the portals, so you don’t have to watch your self flying….then be afk by the time you get there /sigh
Haven’t gotten into the crafting yet, will wait for game.
PVP is fun, good rewards. No queue times, but then again this is beta.
I’m impressed so far, give it a try 🙂
Post Date: 19:50 30-01-2011
Rating: 0
Author: acidhedz
Comment: I have to say this. What a difference a single letter can make!
Add an S and you get Rifts. A pen and paper RPG about earth being torn apart and savaged by rifts that bring monsters from other dimensions.
A game that has been published since 1990 by Palladium publishing.

Now, I understand there is a degree of idea sharing and borrowing that goes on, but this is a flat out rip off!

Post Date: 20:42 29-01-2011
Rating: 9
Author: terroni
Comment: Great Pay to play game, if you want a newer shinier WoW, this game is for you.
Post Date: 07:15 21-01-2011
Rating: 9
Author: groc50
Comment: great graphics and game play. be prepaired to loose your self for hours at a time.
Post Date: 22:41 13-01-2011
Rating: 10
Author: Joker
Comment: Rift could give WoW serious problems in terms of quality gameplay. However, I don’t think it will have close to as many players as WoW does.
Post Date: 02:53 30-12-2010
Rating: 6
Author: hack10
Comment: Rift: Planes of Telara is a 3D fantasy MMORPG with high quality HD graphics. The game is similar to Aion. In game, many dungeons and too many population. The maps, characters, and even monsters look very impressive. Ad beginner lv, the game kinda repetitive.
Post Date: 11:20 20-12-2010
Rating: 10
Author: seandkiller
Comment: Now that I’ve actually played Rift:Planes of Telara I can provide more feedback. And I only have one thing to say;Wow.(NOT World of Warcraft, just wow.)
Even on the absolute MINIMUM the graphics are purely amazing,
I often found myself staring at the ground :).
I found myself “Rifting” more than questing, gathering 4 group raids to scour the map in search of footholds,invasions and rifts
the achievements kept me up all night with my attitude to get everything done before beta!
All in all, this game will always have things to do!
It’s only finished it’s 2nd beta, and it’s ready to be released by current day MMO standards, PvP hasn’t even been implemented yet and I was busy the whole night!
This game has made a satisfied customer out of me :).
Post Date: 21:00 17-12-2010
Rating: 8
Author: xiorath
Comment: Rift: Planes of Telara has definitely cought my interests as well as my closest friends interests by a storm as of lately. I was accepted into the Rift Beta 1 which was focused on the beginning levels of the “Defiant” Faction. The Character creation was very straight forward but sadly lacked a good bit of facial features to make your character look unique.. but non the less this is only beta which makes it OK. Once I had created my Assassin, I went on to enter the game.

It was very interesting starting out being able to go straight to the action. There was alot around me going on… From scientists working on certain structures to scared guards scouring about. I quickly picked up the first few quests which might I add felt like the basic “Go talk to this person” which lead onto another” Talk to this person outside of the base” but non the less felt immersive at the same time, so it didn’t bother me much. I quickly got passed these quests, which one of them lets you familiarize yourself with your other classes(for the advance class system)and lets you get use to your controls. As soon as I reached the outside I noticed a great battle was going on as it seemed we were under heavy stress, I quickly decided to go ahead and enter the battle without logging any quests on the outside because I was so excited to get into the action to try out the combat system. It was very similar to other MMO’s but also felt like it needed abit of polishing. None the less though it felt fresh as well. I quickly got my fill of killing and logged my quests and went on my way to complete them.

Later on in the journey I was beginning to notice how immersive the world felt.. even though it was a themepark based MMO it was VERY fun and didn’t feel anything like your regular theme park based MMOS. The landscapes were huge and the level of detail was vastly amazing. I finally made it toward the end of the introduction stage of the game where you end up seeing an amazing battle of a Demonic figure taking every last of the Defiants forces at the top of the hill where the portal to the past lays. I quickly entered the rift portal after the fight.

I’m not going to say anymore because I don’t want to spoil it for some people who want to save the best. So I won’t
The graphics were very impressive, the textures were sharp playing at 1080p on max settings. The sound quality was very good as well. The only major complaint I have is the scaling on the UI, which im sure it will be fixed soon enough.

All in all I had a great time playing beta 1 and look forward to the future betas. It was definitely a great time.

Post Date: 20:10 17-12-2010
Rating: 8
Author: levanaaa
Comment: I played at the first event and I have to say that Rift is quite original and unique.For example it has unique class system, which enables player to make an unique class with his own taste, also I liked the rift system although it looks a little like warhammer but still it was good because there were two types death and water, and each could be major and minor, also there were invasions and u got rewards after defeating them. PvE is good overally but I couldn’t get the chance to expirience PVP. Even though it was a closed beta Rift had very little amount of bugs and levling up was nothing but pure fun fot me.I think that this game was done very nicely and bugs will be kept to a minimum.Spells and combat was very good as well,spells looked nice, character responded quite fast and the combat was pretty much balanced to me.The world was not so extraordinary but I didn’t have any complaints either. I didn’t really get into the crafting system because it was a little complicated and hard to craft items in beta. P.S.I liked the robot mount.
Pros:+original class combination system,+nice interface,+very few bugs,+nice quests,+leveling couldn’t be any more fun.
Cons:-not very rewarding quests,-fending of an invasion wave gives you lots of extra and unuseful stuff(i don’t know if this was a bug but it gave you way too much rewards)I know it sounds good but it was irritating,-didn’t get to expirience PvP.

For me it is a solid 8 game was good and I would give it a higher score but without expiriencing PvP which is probably the most important part of the game I can’t give it more than 8, but I have to say that I think this game has a pretty good PvP system.

Post Date: 19:52 17-12-2010
Rating: 10
Author: Loborous
Comment: I think it’s awesome because of the diversity it’s class system gives, which means that a player can exhaust a plentiful of options to better, and improve their play-style, as well as find one that they can relate to, also as you progress, almost in any way you actually play the game, you can unlock new souls. Which means, that just by playing, you’re rewarded.

The interactive encounter system, along with the progressing instances seems like it’ll provide a long time of game-play, only to find out that everything you did, can be done again with renewed vigour!

I want to play this game, because I have yet to find my MMORPG, one that I enjoy, and feel like I can actually play, without getting bored. And this seems like the gem I’ve been waiting on, the customization, and constant change seems like key features I’ll love dawdling with.

Post Date: 19:27 17-12-2010
Rating: 10
Author: harribones
Comment: my review of rift will be short and sweet ….. AWESOME and ive not even played it yet haha
Post Date: 18:56 17-12-2010
Rating: 10
Author: Desdemonda
Comment: Rift seems to be the game of the decade at the moment. It is action packed with thrills, adventure and a brand new storyline, unlike some of the old “We fight bad people.. they die” sort of lines. I have been playing MMORPGs for years and am really excited for this brand new game on the scene.. I will of course be queueing at midnight with RIFT clothes on at my local stores when it comes out… It just seems like it is going to be the next big thing… Move over World of Warcraft… the RIFTs are coming for you! 😉
Post Date: 15:29 17-12-2010
Rating: 10
Author: sykokidd
Comment: Rift will be the game that saved MMO,
people are getting bored of the same types of mmo’s out there, and Rift makes mmo a bit new and differet with its very cuztimiseable feat-tree’s

a friend of mine were lucky enough to get a event key for the first beta event, and i’ve borrowed his account one NIGTH to level a cleric to lvl 10.
game feels AWSOME!

this is the next big ting!

Post Date: 10:34 17-12-2010
Rating: 9
Author: Dalkaryn
Comment: Since I have not been able to play Rift until now, I will just rely upon what i heard, read and saw in these last months of waiting. I am eager to play the game first hand to know more about it.

Rift is a new generation MMORPG featuring some really new content (along with the “good” standards of its genre), meant to give a gust of fresh air to the saturated, yet really popular genre of the “Theme Park MMORPGs”. We will see “classical” contents (such as great variety of quests, mobs, dungeons and a lot of breathtaking visuals and suggestive pieces of fantasy setting) together with tasty innovations, whose flavor is going to keep us stuck to the screen for a very long time…

Rift has amazing graphics, inspiring music and a deatailed lore and story to help player’s immersion in the world of Telara.

Telara is a contended world, located in a particular nexus between six dimensional planes, whose dwellers (fomented by the Blood Storm, the evil dragon gods) are eager to invade and ravage it; two factions (each including three races), with different looks and ways of life, but sharing the same purpose of saving Telara from its planar doom, rise againist the invasions: the Guardians and the Defiant.
The Guardians (including the Mathosians, the Dwarves and the High Elves) stand fiercely as a wall between invading forces and the world: bound to their faith in the Vigil, the good gods of Telara, they defend the land by the means of honor, valor and bravery. The Defiants (including the Bahmi, the Eth and the Kelari) blame the gods and their indifference for the ongoing disaster and plan to save the world on their own, relying on magics and technology they have created and developed by themselves.

The first, most important innovation brought by Rift is the dynamic world: while rifts open in the skies of Telara, spitting out the ruthless minions of the evil Blood Storm, landscape changes around them, transforming a peace of world in an outpost of the invading plane, sprawling with vicious beasts and enemies. If left unattended, this invasion spreads and can pose a solid threat to the “ordinary life” of an adventuring character, by raiding towns, occupying questing zones and so on. To keep their territory, players have to fight. The dynamic world makes you game experience an unpredictable, ever changing one, cause there is no “already exploited” or “safe” spot in the world, everywhere could become a battlefield. Expanding rifts may also meet each other, with overlapping rifts seeing a ferocious clash between the invading forces, in which players may participate or just stand watching the carnage (as long it is safe for them).

Another significant innovation the game is bringing up is tha “Ascended Class” system: player avatars incarnate the force and the powers of the ancient heroes of Telara. By choosing one “calling” from the four classic fantasy archetypes of Warrior, Rogue, Mage and Cleric, we can customize our hero with skills and capabilities taken from up to three specialized professions (called “souls”), mixing their “soul” trees (i.e. skill trees similar to the ones we already saw in other games) in order to create most effective combinations, or just the ones we feel nearest to our playing style.

Last but not least, as far as we know, it looks like system requirements to enjoy all these wonders won’t be unreachable and that the game client has reached a consistent degree of stability (which we know to be a really important factor, by launch time, in determining the future of a MMO).

I am giving just a “hype” evaluation, cause I couldn’ try the actual content, but basing on the amazingly promising look of this game I give a “9”. This is not “10” just because it looks like some diversifying contents which greatly increase, in my opinion, the immersion and longevity of a MMO (such as housing, cooking, fishing and so on) are not going to be present by now or have been lightly developed (maybe in the foresight of future updates) and i feel game could be perfectly completed by such things. Anyway I can’t wait to get myself in the world of Telara to have a fist-eye look of all this and get a clearer sight of this apparently awesome new game. Definitely the hottest beta of the moment.

Post Date: 09:20 17-12-2010
Rating: 10
Author: seandkiller
Comment: I have not been lucky enough to play Rift yet, but I can say it will easily be on my top 3 list.
The graphics are by far some of the best I’ve ever seen in a game, and you can tell the staff worked hard on it, as well as every other part of the game.
The game-play is well-built in my opinion, especially the blending of persistent worlds and dungeons (the ‘Rift’s), which I have never seen in a game before (and I have played a LOT of games).
The classes in this game are referred to as Callings, and at character creation you pick one of the four Callings (the generic four, rogue, warrior, cleric, mage.) and later on in the game customize your Calling to your taste via The Soul Tree, the Talent Tree system in Rift. The Soul Tree works just like any other talent tree, customizing the way you play your class, or in this case Calling.
The Factions (for a good game, you got to have factions right?) in Rift are the Defiant and the Guardians. The Guardians feature the Dwarves, the High Elves, and the Mathosian, while the defiant feature the Bahmi, Eth, and Kelari.
The Lore in Rift is, in my honest opinion, the best I’ve seen, covering the storyline of the game to the races and classes and everything in between.
I want to play Rift:Planes of Telara because I have dreamed of a game like this, with innovative graphics, gameplay and story.
Post Date: 08:45 17-12-2010
Rating: 10
Author: Ninosai
Comment: I have only had the pleasure to play Rift during the first beta for now but already I can feel this game will be a strong contender for other MMORPGs already strongly set in our horizons. While it has been discussed over and over that it is an almost copy of the well known World of Warcraft, I feel, after playing it a week-end, that, while the system and gameplay do feel closely related, they are different and the adventure itself is different too.

At the screen for the personalization of my character, I discovered a realm of possibilities I hadn”t seen in an mmo since Perfect World, and while it takes a little time to get a feel of each options, it is one more way to personalize your character to avoid the clone effect. (A nice mention for the name generator, great for a quicker enter in the game and less weird names on RP servers)

The system of classes, or “Souls” offers to everyone the ability to personnalize their character in many ways, more than any offered by other games I have tried yet. While not completly balanced yet, every soul can be used with great synergy with the others provided for their “Calling” (Warrior, Rogue, Cleric or Mage). A lot of choice has been given to the players to make their character and from what I was able to try, they are each unique, with a specific way to play them. And so did the option of “roles” which allows you to switch between two, for now, specialisations at the press of a button and in a 2 second casts. Giving players the ability to switch between DPS or heal, PvE or PvP and a whole other list of things to have more possibilities of gameplay

The first impression I got when I awoke in the last Defiant bastion was an oppressive feeling as they were besieged by the forces of Regulos and the Guardians. It was quite an oppressive feeling as your were flung from small camp to the next, as if constently pressed to reach the end. While it was planned and executed, a dark spot appears quickly if you pay attention to the quests. While they try to give you a feel that you are the only chance to save the Defiants, nay the World!, well there are over a dozen other guys like you running around. It”s not a big problem at first but it”s apparent.

And sadly it gets more apparent as you progress beyond the starting zone. Knowing that it was the launch of the closed beta I don”t hold that point too hard, but starting the game with more than hundreds of players cramed in the same zone and forced to do the same quests at the same spots might land a hard blow during the real launch of the game. Thankfully, while the respawn rates were slow at first, the dev quickly made a patch to fix that so that it became easier to run through that spot and continue on.

In that zone also appears the problems I mentioned earlier but at least it was worked out in a good way. An exemple would be a quest that asks you to listen to a speech recorded in an item(passing over the speech being in the lines of “Only you can save us!” while half a dozen guys like you listen to it), if you happen to take the quests while someone else is doing it, you just need to be at the right position to listen and the quest objective is fulfilled properly. And things like that still appear in later quests, which shows a good attention given to the quest system that reassure me, and probably a lot of player. There isn”t much more to say on the quests sadly, they are pretty common to what you”d expect from an MMO(with some exceptions), but since it was only up to level 20 and the first zone, we can still hope that more elaborate quests will be available later on.

Same thing for the mobs, while having nice skins and unique appearances, they are also pretty much ok. Though I will give a special mention to the water elemental which, when hit, sprays water in the air instead of blood, and causes a nice rainbow. I applaud such a nice addition.

Now, let me get onto the main subject, the game”s title, the Rifts. Those who have played Warhammer Online will have a sense of déjà-vu as they ressemble the Public quests from that game, a group or a single player joins in toward a tear, they open it and fight a fixed number of ennemies, having to vainquish a certain number before they can get to the next stage and finaly reach the boss, and after that the bonus stage. And depending on your participation and the damages you have inflicted, you get a big or a small reward. But from my own, personnal experience of Warhammer Online, the similarities pretty much stops there. The Rifts are “alive” while a tear stays in that form for a long time, it can open into a rift by itself if no one takes care of it. If a rift is left without attention for too long, more and more monsters from that plane will start pourring into the world and will form into groups that will start and invasion. If they are not stopped, they will rush toward a settlement (or quest hub if you prefer) where they will start attacking the NPCs and more than likely, end up killing them. At that point, they will afix a new base for themselves, and camp there for any unwarry player wandering nearby. And you will probably need a high level character or a group to dislodge them from there at that point. During a rift battle you can also find some bonuses on the floor of the newly opened rift. For an example, during the first beta we had a lot of Rifts from the plane of Death that opened, and on the floor of these death rifts, players could find tombstones, which, if used, summoned a secondary pet that would help them fight the mobs for a minute. And all other sorts of buffs. (though I only tested the death rifts in depths as the others didn”t really appear during the first beta) All of that creates a feeling of danger when you leave a rift open too long in a starting zone, even if the invasions can be vanquished kind of easily, they still keep on coming until the rift they originate from is closed and you can quickly get overwhelmed if you are alone. And if no one keeps them in check, you will soon find yourselves with creatures holding the quests hubs, forcing you to look for groups if you want to continue questing, forcing you to be invested in the world.

Now, onto some bad points of the game. I gave some among my previous paragraphs but there is other things to add really, the textures. It is still a beta so there is hope that it will be worked more, but while some of them are well worked and looks really great, some others seems rushed and half done. The quest progression felt pretty linear, when done in one hub, they”d send you to the next and so on untill you”re done and you go to the next, and again I have to mention the quest being a bit boring and classic, the usual kill x mobs, collect y items (at least the drop rate of quest items was good…). They don”t seem much for now, but if they are not worked on, they may be the drops that makes many players give up on a game they have played for years before, under another name.

Voila, Sorry to have taken a lot of your time, I hope I did not bore you with such a long review but I haven”t even gone into explaining some of the others things Rift offers its players. Rift is already a good game and if this beta helps it getting better, I am pretty sure it can be a strong contender with Star Wars: The Old Galaxy, and it might finaly bring World of Warcraft down from its throne and bring us a new age of games.

Post Date: 05:35 17-12-2010
Rating: 9
Author: RikusHaven
Comment: Haven’t had the chance to play Rift, but from every video to article I’ve read, this game just looks beautiful and has an interesting story to it, the races and classes all are fascinating, being able to make your character unique is something fascinating! And the rifts that appear make this mmo an ever changing world, as you might come back to something completely different! And the fact that NPC factions attack each other is pretty cool too! There’s just so much that Rift looks to offer and push to, so I think it is heading in a direction where all future MMOs will go. And is surely combining many aspects of many good MMOs to be an even better one. So this a game any MMO player should at least try out and check! :]
Post Date: 04:44 17-12-2010
Rating: 8
Author: xergonus
Comment: i haven’t had the chance to play rift yet but it has many promising concepts that if implemented well can be very fun. i look forward to putting this mmo though its paces.
Post Date: 04:29 17-12-2010
Rating: 9
Author: CRex
Comment: At first RIFT: Planes of Telara caught my eye bridging similarities to Magic: The Gathering, involving different planes intersecting along worlds. The lore involved with this is not pushed aside. From what I can tell by the videos and media involved, this game is bringing every tidbit of fantasy knowledge to help bring this (these?) world(s) to life full of vibrant color and personality. So far the games looks beautiful, and it’s still in development!
Aside from that, the experience involved is the thing. The unique experience promised is genius and yet so simple: an ever-changing world with two factions involved and the ability to multi-class your character?!?! The technical aspect of making your character actually YOUR character is spectacular! Branching between 5 different souls can make interesting combinations for YOUR character is still having me think of unique combinations of souls in classes.
I’m sure the rest of the world will give this good feedback and the community in this game will help it thrive to even greater heights.
Keep on rockin’.
Post Date: 00:54 17-12-2010
Rating: 10
Author: koltz
Comment: To the actual saturated MMO market comes a new competitor RIFT: Planes of Telara, if u are an old MMO player who have been in almost every MMO out there as I am, RIFT its a game worthy to try out, it starts as any other MMO out there, 2 factions one against the other, 4 classes, Rogue, warrior, Priest and Mage, to this point you may think like MEH same old same old, BUT they every major class have like 9 sub classes if u are a WoW player or have been at certain point is like having 9 different talent trees and u can combine 3 of them without point restriction! thats a @#$@!$@! of combinations, UNIQUE skill combos! thats pretty awesome!
The world is in conflict RIFTS appears through all the world connecting the diffent planes (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Life, Death) to the game world wich makes an ever changing map, this is a really nice feature since you dont know whats gonna happen next or how the world is gonna be the next time you log back in, this NPC factions if u want to call them like that are in war against each other so its basically a lot of factions fighting in an open world, sound like real fun and a fresh concept in the market, so if u are bored from your WoW and you felt like Cataclysm was a failure as I do, give this game a shot! it have gorgeous Graphics and extremly versatile world and class building!
Post Date: 00:44 17-12-2010
Rating: 8
Author: krovas
Comment: I think Rift is a sign of whats to come in the future of MMO’s, this MMO has a great level of polish and streamlining similar to World of Warcraft, it has stunning visuals and it’s own special thing called rifts which are like daily quests in Warhammer Online, all in all this is a well rounded game that takes idea’s from other MMO’s and combines them to create an enjoyable experience.
Post Date: 00:39 17-12-2010
Rating: 10
Author: slashy12345
Comment: I think RIFT: Planes of Telara is going to be the best f2p mmo out there. RIFT’s ascended class system really caught my attention because all other mmos have u stuck with 1 class until you hit the level cap but RIFT allows you to change that up! The graphics look spectacular as well! OH and dont get me started on lore. The lore for this game is just great. The storyline is pefect and i think this game is just a triple tumbs up!
Post Date: 00:20 17-12-2010
Rating: 9
Author: MadGamerYo
Comment: This game will bring a whole new concept of class making. Being able to mix and match up to 8 different souls, 3 of them being active at once, you can have completely new game experiences every time you want with just one class. You healer could go from being a single healer, to dps and buff bot with a click of a mouse, and back again to heal and so much more.
I would love to get a VIP key to this game, so I can be part of all the future beta test events. Being able to help the developers find bugs and class balancing to make sure the game has the best MMO launch in history.
The only reason I don’t give it a 10/10 right now is because there hasn’t been any concrete word about PvP, and the PvP event will take place after the upcoming 2nd beta event.
Post Date: 23:28 16-12-2010
Rating: 10
Author: Moridiin
Comment: This game has got a good mix of several others currently active, great Pve, public quests aka “rifts”, Pvp and multiclassing! Graphics are also amazing and sets a great mood for your group to grind.Any more said is a violation of the NDA as of yet so…..
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  1. Rift is one the most refined MMOs we’ve tried in a long time. Its massive invasion battles, combined with the narrative “twist” – the Rifts- offer a great deal of gaming fun. Trion Worlds’ game is full of rich content, spread out across the levels. It’s safe to say that Rift is an MMO that will keep players busy for quite some time!

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  2. Rift is ammorpg that turned from paying subscription to free to play model.
    Didn’t like it hat much because it didn’t offer anything new and was too grindy for my taste.

    Septera did not rate this post.
  3. Date when I played game: 31.10.2015
    Overall rating:4.3
    Graphic:3 – Simply,i need something,it is okay graphic,but it doesn’t look nice to me
    Content:5 – I like this content of the game,it offers so many ways to play it
    Requirments:5 – It isn’t demanding for low computer specs

    djolebelevode did not rate this post.
  4. Rift is very good it looks very like Archeage and gameplay is really nice…..It requires great skillls to play some classes but eventually you will learn how to play it …I got into this game when my friend told me at that time it was one of the best if not the best mmorpgs…First i was like meh nothing special but later on i got into game and really like it….5/5 for me

    xicor97 did not rate this post.
  5. Rift is cool fantasy MMORPG video game.This game reminds me on WoW,and point in this MMORPG is same as in every other MMORPG (kill monsters to level up and then later you can PvP with other people),game has good graphic and I recommend it everybody

    TheRedLight3 did not rate this post.
  6. I’ve never played it but I’ve a few video gameplay and it’s good some classes is difficult to play for me at least, the game is the same as others kill monsters do quests earn money. 🙂

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  7. RIFT is an amazing fantasy MMORPG. The game’s art style is very impressive, and the world is quite expansive. The game has very limited and standard classes at the beginning like warrior, cleric, mage, rogue, and primalist, but it does feature factions (Guardians and Defiants) and character races that depend on which faction you choose (like High Elf, Mathosian, and Dwarf for the Guardians, and then Eth, Bahmi, and Kelari for the Defiants), which I thought was pretty neat. Gameplay is like most typical MMORPGs, so nothing out of the ordinary. I’d rate this game a 4.5/5.

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