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This is the final match of GameOgre.com’s MMORPG Showdown 6.  You can also view this MMORPG Tournament Video for more information.



Rusty Hearts

The last match comes down to a battle between two popular Free MMORPGs. RuneScape made it past Lord of the Rings Online while Rusty Hearts eeked out a victory over SWTOR on the last day of voting. Undoubtedly, SWTOR would have won in terms of quality, but that is not all that is voted on. However, SWTOR did manage to make it farther than most other Pay MMORPGs.

Which game will win? This is a classic match of Old vs. New. RuneScape has won this tournament on two occasions while this the very first entry for Rusty Hearts. However, Rusty Hearts did manage to defeat Dragon Nest in a battle of new Free MMORPGs last year.


  1. How can you compare these too ? i dont get it. different combat/gameplay/ EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT

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    • The Showdown is more than just this one match, we started with 16 MMORPGs which faced eachother across different rounds, the one thing all these have in common is that all are mmorpgs, this is a mmorpg site remember 😉

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  2. quests – runescape
    combat – rusty hearts
    skills – runescape
    pvp – runescape
    story – runescape
    graphics – rusty hearts
    world – runescape
    lore – runescape
    characters – runescape

    yeah, i voted for runescape

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    • You’ve got to be shitting me? I ain’t hating on RS but shit bra’, you need to rethink your priorities.

      Quests? Rly? RH has the most exciting and humorous quests that leave any paying MMORPG behind. I always laugh my ass off. Skills? Rly? Have you even played RH? Have you gotten past Lvl. 20 where you chose your specialisation and all your skills change because of it? Have you seen the 40+ skills that can practically one shot an entire room? I’m lvl 45 and I have 3 of those skills. And guess what, In raids I fucking need ‘m. I don’t stand in front of a hostile NPC only to right click him and wait till he dies, which is basically RuneScape in a nutshell. EVERYTHING is better with RH except for the fact there is no open world to explore.

      You’re an idiot. You should’ve just said “I vote for RS because I like it and suck at real video games”. Because that’s the only reason you hatin’ RH, probably 12 aswell and mommy & daddy paying your membership.

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  3. Due to the fact that the match ended in a tie, it has been extended for three more days.

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    • dude, look up,RH kicked major ASS! 84% sounds like a clear and unanimous victory to me. And rightfully so.

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  4. It’s quite sad to see how everyone bases their vote off of graphics, and nothing more.

    Rusty Hearts is a very bad game, covered up with anime, and graphics.

    ITT: Hurr, look at those cute animu girls, and flashy explosions! this game good!

    -_- Voted for Runescape.

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  5. OH come on! you can’t really compare those to games
    I mean Runescape comes from a different type of games
    and Rusty Hearts is is from another side of games too

    Runescape = for 3~7 years old lol

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  6. “Undoubtedly, SWTOR would have won in terms of quality.”
    Hahahahaha! Hahahahahahaha! Hahaha oh my god!
    I hate you, Bioware.

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  7. Seriously Rusty Hearts. Runescape is a old game. This is a new age of Free To play MMO RPG. I bet 11 years old can’t play rusty hearts. But in runescape i find there are more 11 years. Plus all you do is freaking click and the role playing is ridicilously retarded.

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    • wahahaha who says 11 year olds can’t play rusty hearts. Anyone who can click keys can get past at least the first dungeon. Though RH has been really buggy lately

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  8. OK THIS PISSES ME OFF. Rusty Hearts has 84% of the votes… Even I’m not that bad at math.

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  9. Gave it to Runescape since Rusty Hearts translates to the following. 1 Enter dungeon, kill things, pick up equipment. 2 Kill boss, pick up equipment, return to town. 3 Rant about servers being a catastrophic mess, rage at being unable to log in. 4 Find a different MMO.

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  10. Should rename Rusty Hearts to Broken Hearts, in the last 2 weekes all we see are bugs, rollbacks, missing items, a staff that don’t work on weekends, and chaos running on the servers. Tickets are not answered, and they tried to make up for everything ppl lost with magic chests and 2x exp, and what we got this weekend? MORE BUGS, ROLLBACKS, AND FRUSTRATION. Yes it’s a great game, but the staff and costumer service are destroying it.

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  11. Seriously? I bet those who voted for runescape never even tried Rusty Hearts -.- To begin with,RH has soo much better ghraphics and d combats styles are soo THOUSANDLY much better.It’s just that they’re underrated. And the bugs? It’s only recently but they always update and add more stuff.It’s better than just the same old game that has not many new features -.-

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