Travian is a browser game featuring a world with thousands of other real players. One begins the game acting as a chief of a tiny village.

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Post Date: 18:00 15-12-2014
Rating: 8
Author: gavrilo3
Comment: really 5 rating i am not impresse. for me travian it’s one of best strategy browser games i don;t know why this low rating. when u create a account in travian u can to select between three playable races : gals,romans or teutons i play whole time with gals but if u like other races styles of playing u can select other races. gals is good for def and it’s says on start when u choosing between races to start with gals cause he is best race for def and for amateurs in this game is good but point it’s not in race it’s in alliance cause only on that way u can win on server. romans is good race if u start from beggining of server that not means if u start later then u will be bad but roman army and some building are so expensive more than teutons and gals but good thing romans can build more thing same time than gals and teutons can’t that is very good if u like to more rise with u empire.teutons is good race if u are good player in this game its not for begginers cause he can be very veak in start of server if u are teuton u must on start server try to attack and rob other villages or adandoned valley if u don;t do than ist’s possible u be veru risky to attack of other people around u and for must important thing teutons is very weak in def expecial on beggining. than my review for one of very good browser games on internet
Post Date: 18:21 19-05-2014
Rating: 9
Author: Frozen
Comment: Travian is a game massive multiplayer web browser, online strategy game developed by the German company Travian Games. In Travian there are three factions: Roman, Teutons and Gauls. Roman faction is high speed evolving faction with powerfull army in offense and defense but their army is expensive and hard to maintain. Romans are recommended for new players in Travian and they require moderate amount of time to play. Gaul faction is faction who has very good defensive power and they have fastest units. Gauls are also recommended for new players, as Romans. Teuton faction is faction who’s power lies in raiding and much offensive army which is relatively cheap. Teutons are for skilled players who have a lot of free time to play Travian. Also, in village you can have: Main building which is used to decrease time needed to build a building, Marketplace for transfering resources between villages, Barracks for training infantry, Stable for building cavalry, Academy for researching units, Workshop for building catapults and battering rams, etc. Army has certain amount of points for attack and defence against infatry and cavalry. And there is fourth faction, Natars. After some time they have artifacts which gives certain boost to village, and the main goal of game, plans of World of Wonder. World of Wonder is a building which can only be built to lvl 100 (normal building can be built to lvl 20) and when someone builds it to level 100 he, or she, wins the game. You will be needing two plans for World of Wonder because with one plan you can build World of Wonder to lvl 50. But, World of Wonder needs to be defended with massive amount of troops which are very hard to maintain because of crop consumption. Crop is for feeding troops and building buildings. Also you have iron, clay and lumber which are also needed to build buildings and troops. Natars, which will fight against your World of Wonder in order to destroy it will attack in waves. Waves are at certain levels of World of Wonder. Levels are: five, ten, fifteen,twenty,twenty five, thirty, thirty five, fourty, fourty five, fifty, fifty five, sixty, sixty five, seventy, seventy five, eighty,eighty five, ninety, ninety five, ninety six, ninety seven, ninety eight and ninety nine. Amount of army which Natars send to your World of Wonder increases per level. But, players from other alliances are also having a goal to destroy your World of Wonder unless they are allied with you and your alliance. Alliance can have 50 members. Key of alliance is teamwork and good cooperation. Alliance can cooperate with other alliances, their wings which are smaller parts of alliance, and wage a war with other alliances. But, there are always spies which can leak out informations for other alliances so you have to be carefull who are you inviting to alliance. And also, you can have a person which has its own account as a sitter. Sitters are people who can play on your account with your permission, but they are limited and they dont have all features on your account as you do. That is all from me and good luck playing Travian. I hope I helped you in understanding the game.
Post Date: 22:19 17-04-2014
Rating: 9
Author: MilanDiamond
Comment: I played Travian long time ago,now i started again and i like it 😀
Post Date: 08:48 15-04-2014
Rating: 6
Author: nikiwild
Comment: First, my rating: 6
Multiplayer 8/10
Gameplay 5/10
Graphics 5/10
Sound 0/10 ( there is no sound in game )

This game is pretty cool, you dont need a good computer or a good network for it to play it. Its pretty old game, but it continues to grow up every year, there are many servers on which you can play, i think that every country has its own server. The game is pretty easy. If u dont make enemyes the game will go well, and you can build a nice empire, or if u are interested in army, attacks, more action then build an army and start conquering the villages. You will need to choos between 3 races romans, teutons, gauls. Every one has his own advances and dis advances. Romans have a expensive army and they can build 2 buildings at once, teutons have really cheap army and they are really bad at defending, but when its talk about attack, they are the best, gauls have double shelter and they have a good army in defence, they are not good at attack. Next you need to do is pick your position. You need to choos will you be on se, sw, ne, or nw (south, north, east, west). Then you will be randomly summoned and you will have one villages. You are first given quests to do, and you will get revarded for them by resources. Resources are wood, iron, wheath, brick. I recomend you to follow the tutorial because you are pretty much given rewards. In game you can make guilds, guilds are made to gather people and defend eacho other, help each other and many more. Guild is made of 60 man max. You will need a guild to win the game. You win the game when you build the world woder. First when natars come you will need to kill them and conquer their village, then you need to build up the world wonder up to lvl 100. The first one who does that wins. So when you start building the world wonder, you will get a lot, i mean a LOT of attacks, that is what you need your guild for, to send you resources, and defending armies. Ingame you can buy gold, gold is used for nps trades. You can finish your buildings at once for i think its 2 gold, you can increase your production rate for all of recources, you can become a gold member and many more. Like in every game there is statistics, you need to compete in something, you can compete in population, to have the biggest empire and population, to be the most succesfull attacker, to kill enemyes in their villages, to be the most succesfull defender, to kill enemyes in your village. You can be revarded with medals, medals are won by beeing the most efficiant in the week. There are 4 sequences, attacker, defender, population, and robber. These medals you can place in your own profile, then in looks kinda good.
That is my review of game, and rating 6. I found it pretty interesting.

Post Date: 08:18 29-03-2014
Rating: 5
Author: ivekvv256
Comment: I am not a big fan of this game, takes much time to get stronger, and when you do you get destroyed. I played Teutons and it is a good game actually. The game is simple and anyone can play it. I rate this game 5.
Post Date: 18:04 10-09-2013
Rating: 7
Author: Hawx1990SRBIJA
Comment: This free browser game is just for those who have a lot of free time. If you dont have it, you must have dual account, or you will not be that powerfull. You have three nations (i like Romans the most) Gauls for defense, Teutons for attack and Romans for both. I give this game 7. There was a lot of changes, this picture is long outdated.
Post Date: 20:53 04-02-2013
Rating: 6
Author: PolanWalker
Comment: Travian 🙂 Travian is a browser based strategy game. We can choose from Romans, Gauls or Teutons nations. In game we can form alliances, fight with other players or make a Wonder. That wonder will provide us winnig the game and then serwer will be restarted. Each nation have his good and bad sides. But all nations have its own 10 unique units. I think that this game is very nice and simple. Gameplay gives fun from playing 🙂 I rate this game 6/10 🙂
Post Date: 14:10 24-01-2012
Rating: 2
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: I thought this game would be a lot of fun.. So I tried it. But it turned out to be really boring.. I don’t really get everything about the game. I didn’t play it for a long time..
Post Date: 22:40 26-07-2011
Rating: 10
Author: MestredosMagros
Comment: Travian is a good browser game.

I’m from Brazil, and consider myself a veteran in Travian, but only in normal speed servers. And this is the only online game I’ve played for more than 3 months (3 years actually). Probably because I can play it during work. Well, this is the first time reviewing a game, and forgive for my poor english.

Travian’s servers have duration determined by events. In the end, a group of alliances win, the best players and the best alliances are placed in the hall of fame, and the server reestarts from zero.
A normal speed server, has duration about 1 year. The so called speed server, has duration about 6 months, and recently they released servers even faster in some countries.
The main event that culminate in end of server, is to construct a World Wonder (WW) level 100. Its a very dificult duty, especialy when the alliances are well balanced. Only possible with participation of most of alliance players, to defend it, or even better, to destroy enemys WW.
So, this is a game with a objective. And very intense group work, as more team work the alliance is capable, the better chances it has to win.
The alliances are limited to 60 players, but usually there are groups of alliances.
My actual alliance has about 400 players, our enemy has about 600 or more, and we will make them cry. I’m holding a WW, waiting the release of the buildng plans to start leveling the WW.

You start the game with a village with level zero fields, and a obrigatory tutorial to folow. I sugest you do strictely what the tutorial says to do, or else the resourses won’t be suficient for the next task. You are rewarded with resourses doing these tasks, with the strictely necessary to perform the next task, and it really teaches newbies the basics. Tutorial takes about 2 days, after that, you are on your own.
Try to learn to assault your neighbours even before the 5-day newbie protection expires. In the first month, it makes much diference for you the resources collected from other players. But be carefull to not loose your precious troops in defended villages.
If you are atacked by other bigger players… and you will be, almost impossible not to be atacked at least 1 time in the beggining… well, don’t be angry, it part of the game, and probably the other player only wants your resources, nothing personal. Don’t make it became a big issue, I sugest to talk to other bigger players, ask things, but don’t expect to be recruited in a good alliance if you are a good source of resources (a farm). There are ways to save your resourses from assaults, and the leaders know this is a necessary thing all members must accomplish by themselves.
For example, I had a neighbour to my account that I assault several times a day. For weeks in a row. Then, suddenly, he start saving his resurces, make defense troops, and so (he decided to read instructions). He came talk to me, I agreed in putting him in the alliance, and he became a very good member, a very offensive one.
Some others, also come talk to me, with low language, even treats… well, in these case, I destroyed him entirely. For fun.

Your 1º village is just 1 of the many you should have in time. After a month, you should have your 2º village, or less time than that.

Some player have sharers. 2 or even more guys with just 1 account. Its totally legal… but I personaly don’t like. Some other try to have more than 1 account in the same server… well, this is illegal, and there are multi-hunters thah can punish you when discovered.
You can have 2 sitters, and be sitter of 2 other accounts. Sitters can do almost everything the proper owner can, and is very handyfull to have at least one to help you.

In this game, time doesn’t stop when you close the browser. You can be atacked while off-line, but don’t worry, atks with catapults, that destroy your buildings, are too slow, can take days to reach you, enough time to ask for help and put a good defense in your village. Except if you have a very close enemy… In this case, destroy him before he destroys you.
But who attacks has a great advantage: fake attacks. The enemy never know how much troops you are sending against him. You send 1 kamikase troop in several villages, but in one of them you send your entire army… He won’t know wich one to defend. When the leader calls alliance to atack, its always asked to send a great ammount of fakes, to dismiss the enemy defenses.

About resourses, there are 4: wood, clay, iron, and grain.
Grain is the far most important resourse, because its needed to keep troops alive. It usually limits the size of your army. So, always build new villages to increase your grain production.

Travian can be played with a few hours a day, but the ideal is that you give a look in your account several times a day, even if for short time, like 2 or 10 minutes, just to up buildings, fields, read the alliance requests, send raid atks in “farms” and so.

About spending real money in the game, well, some of the payed features really help, like plus account, gold account, NPC resouce trade and automatically building. Here in Brasil, most of the players doesn’t spend real money. They probably wont be one of the top10 players of the server, but who cares? The main thing here is the alliance, help defend the WW, defend important villages, important artifacts, destroy enemy villages, capitals, steal artifacts from them, destroy their great atk troops and so on. And most of this is a team work.

Another thing, Travian should be in the Browser Game section, and MMORTS section too.

Post Date: 20:50 18-03-2011
Rating: 6
Author: Adrian
Comment: I liked this game alot, the graphics are okay, quite the community on it as well.
Post Date: 20:13 18-03-2011
Rating: 8
Author: EcLuD
Comment: Online role-playing game, based on a small-town character, is interesting and I like the community is very big. 8 / 10
Post Date: 21:37 01-12-2010
Rating: 8
Author: King1ak
Comment: A fun RTS with thousands of players. This game starts you off with a tiny village and you have to work your way up. When you first start, you get 5 days of beginner’s protection the prevents you from getting attacked.(I suggest building Crannys during this time so when the protection runs out you don’t need to worry as much.)You are able to build up army’s, form alliances, and build/take over other villages. If you need any help while playing, you should visit
Post Date: 01:13 19-10-2010
Rating: 0
Author: ice grim reaper
Comment: The Travian US forum is a spamming haven.Do not sign in that forum,you can get cyberbulled for asking a simple question.
Post Date: 00:58 16-01-2010
Rating: 8
Author: ice grim reaper
Comment: @To smith.All RTS are like Travian.You grow a village slowly and you get to build a empire.The game is a war game,don’t expect to be in peace,you will have to get attacked by a vertern somethings.I also got attacked by vertern,but I set traps and they all stopped attacking me.And later,I got accepted to join the vertern players wing.I only problem about Travian is about the wheat,warehouse,granny and the capital advantage.
Post Date: 09:13 12-11-2009
Rating: 2
Author: ssmith88
Comment: I’ve just got out of protection mode and get repeatedly clobbered by veteran players. They farm on newbies with no let up. Other games are better
Post Date: 07:49 13-04-2009
Rating: 2
Author: shugo
Comment: The process of levelling up your first town can be addictive at start, but once you move around in your area you will soon notice there are bigger and tougher players out there on your doorstep, which you can’t do anything about unless you are lucky to go into an alliance with another big player. Backstabbing over power and influence over other players to keep ones alliance in check is rampant in the game and so is cheating. The strategy is horrible, the community is dumb and disloyal. My suggestion is to avoid this game like the plague and find something else to do with your spare time.
Post Date: 05:34 24-01-2009
Rating: 0
Author: FlingingNeko
Comment: This game absolutely sucks! I mean, unless you”re one of those few that are all powerful and just destroy people”s villages for no reason, then I guess it”s good for you. But I have had multiple accounts, always starting fresh, but just when I actually start to make some progress, Some jerk always destroys everything. I try negotiating with them, but in the end, they”ll just destroy you. So pretty much all the time(and money, if you spent any on gold)you spend on this game goes to waste.

I used to like this game, but after all these destruction, I”ve realized that this game is just a huge waist of people”s time. So for those who are big and powerful, good for you, but to people who either don”t have the time, or can”t afford gold to help you out, DON”T PLAY THIS GAME. It”s horrible.

Post Date: 02:16 06-09-2008
Rating: 10
Author: TheAssailant6661
Comment: Travian is a game about War and conquest. Therefore, you must fight and create villages. Join early enough and get lucky enough to find a good spot, you”ll be good for a while. Get large enough and you”ll join an alliance much quicker and thus will have less problems in the future. A lot of messages I get as Support complain about being attacked, in fact people are making their own rules about attacking. Travian without attacking is not fun. It”s only boring. Just a few weeks ago I got cattapulted in my capital, so I took evasive action and moved my capital to my other villages on the other side of the map where I”d have more support from my team members. JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE IS ATTACKING YOU DOESN”T MAKE TRAVIAN LESS FUN. THE FUN PART IS SCREWING UP THE PERSON ATTACKING YOU WITH YOUR ALLIANCE FRIENDS, BY BUILDING CRANNIES WHICH CAN”T BE TARGETED BY CATAPULTS AND BY STORING TROOPS WITHOUT THE ENEMIES KNOWLEDGE. THAT MAKES TRAVIAN FUN, ANYTHING ELSE AND IT”S SIMCITY.

Also, follow blackheart”s advice, is you golden bible to winning Travian.

For more reviews for Wii games and such, please visit (Go to Storm”s YouTube, he has a review of MGS4).

Post Date: 23:07 25-08-2008
Rating: 7
Author: blackheart
Comment: Ok, second try posting so apologize if this ends up a double.

Travian is my first free browser game. I’ve read the previous comments and I will say that I’ve ended up early on a server, so that might account for some of the different experience, but I think not all.

First of all, if you’re going to play, go read the FAQ:
No, not that tiny intro they show you. This FAQ has much of what you need to know, and will prevent a lot of the nastiness described below.

First off, I’ve been playing for about a week and a half, and I have NO troops. Nor do I need them. I would have to have some terrible luck to have someone repeatedly go after me with catapults — thus, reducing my town to rubble — rather than raiders, who can’t get to my cranny-hid resources. By the time you need an army, you’re probably fit for an alliance, and that will dissuade attackers while you build up troops. It’s not that hard.

However, the pace is slow. I mean glacial. I’m told that my server will probably conclude in endgame months from now. This is good, in that I can duck in in the morning and fire off a command, then back in the evening for two or three more little tweaks. But if you’re in the mood to, you know, actually sit down and *play* something… well, there isn’t much of that, if you’re building buildings or fields. You might make a decision in a few seconds, issue a command, and be able to do nothing useful again for two or three hours. So you can busy yourself with other games, RL, or whatever. This is like a play by mail chess game. Intriguing as a long-term strategy game, but don’t expect to be whiling hours away engrossed in what’s happening in the moment.

Post Date: 22:56 10-08-2008
Rating: 3
Author: midos0355
Comment: pros:ok now this game neeeeeds to be modified in the frustration theme like celtika said,other then that i like it …it has medieval theme where you build buildings and upgrade your croplands,clay pits,iron mines,and forest woodcutters to get more supplies when you level them up.

cons:ok now when your begginner protection wears off your village gets attacked every hour before you can even spend your from now on theres no spending resources when these people keep attacking you>=[ 3/10

Post Date: 04:56 06-08-2008
Rating: 0
Author: Celtika
Comment: This game has such potential to be a great and fun game.
However, it falls so far short that it’s not even funny, it’s highly frustrating.
When you first start playing you get some guidelines, and they help you along and reward you. Making it seem like such a nice place. You get this thing called ‘beginners protection’, which for 1 week no one can raid you or attack you. Supposedly this is enough time to build enough to defend yourself.
BUT since this is trying to be based on real time, you quite literally have to wait hours before you can upgrade your field or building or whatever.
Seriously, I kid you not, I’m currently waiting 3.5 hours before I can level up a crop field, which will in turn take an additional 2.5 hours to fully upgrade before I can reap the benefits.

My beginners protection wore off, and within the hour the attacks started. There are these vultures that just sit around and wait for the protection to wear off. What measly troops I was able to create, were killed off by someone bigger than me. And after an entire day the same 3 people have been attacking me. ALL DAY. Seriously, over 15 attacks by these 2 individuals. Quite sad if you think about, these people with no lives,having to bully people though a virtual site but I’m getting off topic.
Unlike others I do have 2 full made crannies(a special building that ‘hides’ a certain amount of supplies from your enemy so that it won’t be stolen). So these enemies aren’t pillaging anything, but they won’t stop.
I can’t build any troops because by the time(remember everything is in real time, and building a single troop can take an hour and a half) they’re created, they’ve gone and attacked me, and of course killed my troop.
When you go to the boards for advice, or *gasp* perhaps some help, you are quickly told off by the “supreme” older members. They will call you a whiner, and other such pleasantries. And their ‘advice’, delete, go to a different server, and hope for the best. As if the same thing won’t happen to you there.

Now for another feature not mentioned here yet. You can upgrade your account, to save some time(though not for waiting on resources), and gain some perks. You can buy different levels of gold pieces, and use them to increase your defense or crop production or whatever, for only 7 days. Then you must use more gold to extend this. I have purpose in explaining this to you.

Remember the main ‘advice’ you will receive, if you are having a hard time, is to delete your account, which you have dedicated a week too, move to a new server, and hope for the best. Best part, if you’ve used the gold you bought, to upgrade your defense, or your production or whatever, you can’t take it with you. What kind of crock is that?

They’ll let you transfer any gold specifically you have left, but what was used, and STILL active, goes to waste. So for example I buy 100 gold pieces. I spend 30 to extend my plus status for 2 weeks, then and additional 60 to increase my resouces production for 3 weeks. I’ve got 10 gold pieces left.
Well if hard times come, I still get to keep my 10 gold pieces. Who cares that I’ve still got 3 weeks invested into the account. Not your fellows users, nor the owner.

If your into being ruthless, beating up the equivalent of senior citizens, and toddlers, then this is the game for you.

Post Date: 03:20 20-07-2008
Rating: 8
Author: aceonline
Comment: i’m new to the game, about 2 weeks playing, i started on server 2, was a noobie and messed some things up so i deleted and am playing on server 1 now, doing good. Tried the clasic server but it had different rules and blah, so I deleted there, I guess 1 server is enough for me. Check it twice a day is good.

I suppose when you start at the beginning of a reset you get attacked more, but if you jump in the middle i seem to not be noticed by anyone.

anyways the game is pretty fun, more interactive then some other web browser games i’ve played recently.

Post Date: 23:41 07-06-2008
Rating: 1
Author: Nicad
Comment: This COULD be a good game, if you started playing on a server when it first opened up. Otherwise you can pretty much forget about it.

It’s not so much that it’s bad for people who are new to online games in general, as it is bad for people that are new to Travian. All the established towns seem to feel like it’s their right and privilege to obliterate all small new towns in their general area. Anything that’s less than half of what they have is up for grabs and they will.

I’ve tried to play this game countless times, and this last one was the biggest joke ever. Since every other time I’ve played all that support says (both privately and on the forums) is “Build a Cranny” when you complain about getting attacked by someone 4 times the size of your town, I decided to only build a Cranny unless I absolutely had to build something else.

Cranny level 5, town population 40. Attackers town population 290+, after that my resources all went down to 60. What exactly is the point of the Cranny then if I still lost nearly all my resources. Obviously it doesn’t matter one bit at all, and the devs just don’t care who likes their game one bit.

Like I stated at the beginning- it COULD be a good game: IF they’d put in some kind of balanced system for attacking other towns.

Post Date: 10:03 31-05-2008
Rating: 7
Author: All.Saints97
Comment: You know i think it was pretty good except getting attacked and you have to wait a few hours or so before your building is leveled up or built i think it was alright other than if your up to new things try it!
Post Date: 11:40 28-04-2008
Rating: 0
Author: Thebigfellow
Comment: This is a TERRIBLE game for anyone who is ‘new’ to the online gaming gender. Most of the players are the type of immature and rude people that have nothing better to do than atack other players, and new players are at the top of the list. I tried it for a month, and eventually got tired of seeing attack after attack as towns are ‘farmed’ by these morons that ‘think the world owes them’, so they take it out on the newbies. Defintely a game to avoid. At all costs…
Post Date: 23:13 17-09-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Randerson
Comment: My first browser based game, and I wake up thinking I have to check to see how my little world is doing. So, it’s addictive. Reminds me a lot of the original warcraft, you have to gather/build up resources in order to build troops, buildings, etc.

Increase resources by raiding the guy down the road, or defend yourself, he’s coming your way!

Form alliances with your neighbors, or N.A.P. (non agression pacts) and band together for protection the (romans, teuton, or gauls; you chose) are coming!

Become king/queen and settle multiple villages and soon you will own the world! But, I get ahead of myself.

Spend just a few minutes a day, or micro manage several times a day. A great game!

Post Date: 00:00 08-09-2007
Rating: 0
Author: adio01
Comment: one of those games where u have to do a bunch of screen hoping to get to ur inventory or need to refresh i hate these kind of games >.
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  1. Classic browser town making rts game.Building is in real time so you always have to be on standby if you wana archive something in this game

    Septera did not rate this post.
  2. Very good browser and strategy game… You really need a good strategy while playing this game….You need to build alot of stuffs and also there is alot interesting when you are attacking someone…..Army looks great and graphics for this game are awesome considering its browser game…Recomend it

    xicor97 did not rate this post.
  3. Travian is strategy browser game,realesed in 2004.The game has their own “seasons”,similar to LoL.
    You building your village,growing population,money etc. Making troops.Attacking enemies,taking their villages,etc. The world is huge,has a lot of players. Very challenging game. Try it out,my recommandtion

    djolebelevode did not rate this post.
  4. Travian is very cool and popular video game it was especially popular like about 7 years ago I remember when I was playing this like in 2009. that were good old times,gameplay is interesting,I suggest this game everybody

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  5. Travian is an old,popular video game which isn’t so much interesting and good as it was before.I played this game a long time ago and I was really enjoying while playing it.Anyway I would recommend this game to everyone,try it.I’ll give 4/5 to this game 🙂

    ElZarid123 ratings for this post: ElZarid123 gives a rating of 4ElZarid123 gives a rating of 4ElZarid123 gives a rating of 4ElZarid123 gives a rating of 4ElZarid123 gives a rating of 4
  6. Travian: Legends is a pretty good browser game, but probably not the best when it comes to the strategy genre. This game has a bit more of a simulation feel with construction, resource management, and other things connected to simulation games. The artwork, however, is really nice, and the interface is somewhat intuitive to use (though I don’t really like the navigation where clicking buttons takes you to a different part of the website; would be a lot better if every action of the game could just be performed on one single web page). But overall, I’d rate this game a 3.45/5.

    SnowyAE ratings for this post: SnowyAE gives a rating of 3SnowyAE gives a rating of 3SnowyAE gives a rating of 3SnowyAE gives a rating of 3SnowyAE gives a rating of 3