The title sounds like something from a monster movie doesn’t it? Well, it just means that I have finally decided on the my first programming language, Python. Although PHP is what most of my sites use and HTML is about the easiest language to learn, Python offers both simplicity and amazing power. It also will make it easier to learn other languages since other languages have similar syntax like Ruby and Javascript.

Regarding simplicity, this is the language that requires the least amount of code to get things done. This can save an amazing amount of time for large projects. It also helps new coders get started easier because some of the tedium is removed. Nothing is harder than staring at a mountain of code without understanding any of it. Thus, you want the easiest language possible to get started with so you can get a foothold in understanding before getting frustrated enough to stop or rage quit. In my case, it went from program to program with many books but never really decide on just one and get a firm grasp of it. That is what I am fixing today by officially choosing Python.

The other big reason that I chose Python is so powerful that it has a plethora of uses from mobile apps to games to website development to even database applications. It can even be used across all the main platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. The games that have been developed at least in part with Python will surprise you because some are quite large and popular. In fact, I happen to own some of these and I did not know what they were developed in. Of course, one of the reason I want to learn coding is to start to developing games for and possibly a mobile app at some point.

Games That Use Python:

Eve Online – The best long running Science Fiction MMORPG.

Battlefield Heroes – Fun MMOTPS that will be closing in July for good.

Metin2 – Asian style fantasy MMORPG.

Sid Meier’s Civilization 4 – One of the best strategy games ever.

Freedom Force – Classic Super Hero action game from 2002.

Mount and Blade – Medieval melee action.

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  1. Unity is also another good language for beginners, especially with the asset store it provides. There you can find 3D models, audio files, animations, everything to help you.

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  2. Python is a pretty good choice since it’s very general purpose, meaning it’s versatile in many applications. You could get into machine learning, data science, game programming, databases, web development, and much more. Might be harder for some to learn since the syntax is kind of different (e.g. tab indention instead of curly braces).

    I think it’s one of the most underrated languages, when it comes to game programming, but it can be quite handy. First thing I would probably look at is Pygame for Python game development.

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