World of Tanks Blitz is the mobile version of World of Tanks. Available for iOS and Android Blitz attempts to recreate the World of Tanks experience on the go. It does a remarkable job at this, it really feels like WoT at it’s core. A number of adjustments and tweaks have been made in the move, it’s only 7 vs 7. Matches are much shorter. Maps are much smaller. It takes the name “Blitz” literally, it’s a smaller, faster paced version of WoT. I’ve found on mobile I’m OK with this and actually prefer it to the slower paced PC version. Don’t get me wrong though, this is not WoT Lite. While it is faster it’s still got the same core of armor strength, gun pen, angling, side scraping, hull down, tank placement… etc etc, it’s all here.


One of the biggest changes is no Arty (artillery), the maps are just too small to support Arty. Me personally am completely ok with that, I never really liked Arty in WoT and vastly prefered the tank on tank action anyways. Crew training has been vastly sped up, as far as I can tell there is no crew transfers but it doesn’t matter at all as it’s under 50 battles to 100% a crew, skills are equally as quick. The other big change which was adopted from WoT 360 is sixth sense is always on, sixth sense alerts you that you’ve been spotted. Again I personally like this change, I liked it in WoT 360 too… it’s a huge help and not having to grind for ages to get it is preferable in my opinion. Tank selection isn’t all here either, but more lines are being added with each update.


Touchscreen controls are different… I’m not gonna lie, I would definitely prefer to play with a mouse and keyboard sometimes but they work remarkably well, you’d be surprised how precise they can be with practice but i’ve definitely had a share of “gah I just can’t quite do what I wanna do because of these controls”. The entire control interface is nice though and completely customizable, they’ve really tried to make everyone feel at home. Controllers are not natively supported but some devices like Nvidia Shield which have mapping software can be mapped to work just fine, I’ve actually played the majority of my matches on this device and it’s really the best way to play in my opinion. To be absolutely fair though, I think the touchscreen controls… especially aiming are more precise.


Last thing I’ll touch on here is graphics, sound and performance. Obviously your mileage will vary, different hardware, networks etc will handle it differently. I play on a Nvidia Shield which is still pretty powerful these days but not top of the line. I get about 60FPS, it dips a bit but never enough to be noticable. The servers have been fantastic, low ping and no real lag beyond a few hiccups. The game hasn’t been super crashy but it’s crashed more than I’d like for a multiplayer game… aka crashing at all, that said the game will usually fire back up quickly and take you right back into the match. It’s still about 15 seconds around trip though and slower devices might take longer. Graphics and sound are well done, the game looks great on mobile and maps are detailed. No city maps yet though! Apparently it’s a performance thing but they’re working on it!

World of Tanks Blitz has rekindled my love of WoT. It’s faster pace is well a nice change of pace from it’s slower more methodical older brother on PC. It’s got all the things I love about WoT in a nice mobile package. Right down to the updates! World of Tanks Blitz follows WoT’s tradition of excellent post launch support, updates have been coming in a steady stream since launch adding more tanks, maps, graphics, sounds, fix etc. I will note the game is quite large for a mobile game, over 2gb now but it’s absolutely packed full of content! WoT Blitz is undoubtedly in my opinion the best game on mobile right now and if you already love World of Tanks on PC or consoles, you should definitely give Blitz a shot.


  1. Played it on Samsung Galaxy S4, and it melts my phone really fast. Eating CPU pretty darn fast. :/

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  2. Im playing it on iPhone 5c,and I don’t have some special bugs,one of better phone games I have played in my life,I don’t like that 2gb,too much 😛 anyway my suggestion

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  3. World of Tanks Blitz is a free-to-play mobile MMO action game developed by Wargaming.Something very cool about this game is that there is over 200 tanks.This game reminds me on World Of Tanks but different is because WoT is for PC and World Of Tanks Blitz is for Mobile phone.I played this game couple of times on my mobile phone and it looks very nice,I recommend this game everybody

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  4. I played this game before it was so amazing the graphics was good and the gameplay is so badass though I just usually let my teammates take the hits while I’m at the back looking for last hits hehehe. 😀

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  5. An intense tank game based off team work and pvp, what else is there to say about it. This game, entirely allows the player to take part as a tanker fighting in a pvp arena. This game is intensively shown its capabilities of being a single handed Shooter game. I do find this game really a smart idea and took the liberty of playing this game on my phone. It’s a great gam overall and I hope players that are into shooter games will find this interesting.

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  6. Pretty cool tank game. It’s pretty much World of Tanks, but compatible for mobile devices, and it looks like a lot of work was put in to get the mobile experience feeling just right. Not sure how it ran back then for older devices, but World of Tanks Blitz runs very smoothly for newer devices. I think if you enjoy playing World of Tanks, but don’t have time to hop onto a PC every day, then World of Tanks Blitz is a great alternative. Overall, I’d give this game a 4.5/5.

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