Bullet Heaven 2
bulletheaven2a Bullet Heaven 2 Game Description and Comments

Bullet Heaven 2 is a free arcade action game with anime like characters. The type of game play is referred to as Bullet Hell and has been around since the days of Galaga and Galaxian etc. This game puts a spin on that old formula with anime characters, better music, and a wide variety in both monsters and game play. I played through the first level with my character on a flying sword and received a level rank of A.  Game play is comfortable and smooth. Besides you can’t beat the price of free for such a fun game!

Play Bullet Heaven 2 Arcade Online Game

1. Free online game.

2. Arcade action.

3. Try to get the Hi Score.

4. Fight small monsters.

5. You have help from Matt and NoLegs.

6. Can play though many worlds.

7. Unlock new areas by besting foes.

8. Collects hearts for health.

9. Can win medals.

10. Can use cheats and handicaps.

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Bullet Heaven 2 is a free flash game published for the web and is supported primarily by advertising.


  1. Arcade game with cartoony anime graphics.
    You can also try multiplayer with up to 4 players.
    If only this game was part of the gameogre arcades…

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  2. I always like shooting arcade, i even played them the most when i was kid on Sega. This game requires rly good precision while controlling your char, often u have rly small gap to survive. Adding multiplayer part on it, makes game even better.

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  3. Very good shooting arcade video game,it has enjoyable gameplay and solid graphic,I suggest this game everybody

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  4. Bullet Heaven is an solid shooting game.It can be really good when you get bored.Gameplay is pretty interesting and that’s all I got to say.I suggest this game to all guys who are currently bored,I’ll give 3/5 to this game.Solid !

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  5. Oh yes one of the series I really loved together with Epic Battle Fantasy 🙂 this game is so good the gameplay, graphics, the design everything about it is so awesome. 😀

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  6. There are multiple ships and character allow for changing up the gameplay
    The characters and ships to choose from which allows for one to change up the gameplay. Also this game is free on Kongregate. Only con is that the process in order to finish the game is on max difficulty, seriously hard to play.

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  7. It’s definitely a must try fun game.
    It’s a challenge. Playing this game wont bring you down. It’s cute with it’s anime characters too. Which is nice <3

    Anyways. Im gonna give it a
    Thumbs Uppy~

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  8. Bullet Heaven 2 is a fun bullet hell Flash game, similar to other bullet hell Flash games like Frantic where the player has to dodge incoming bullets and has to attack enemies. What I enjoy about Bullet Heaven 2 is that the characters in this game are based on the characters from a Flash RPG game called Epic Battle Fantasy by the same developer, but turned into a bullet hell adventure, which I really like. The bullet hell subgenre is one of my favorite subgenre in the shooter genre, especially with the difficulty of dodging numerous bullets. Sometimes bullets even come with neat, intricate designs and patterns, which is one of the things I like about this game. I used to play Bullet Heaven 2 on Kongregate and had a blast playing it. Overall, I would rate this game a 4.5/5.

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  9. I like how the game is customizable. 😀 with the handicap modes for new players as well as “hacker” players who have fun with hacked games and in this case it is built ingame with cheat codes. Tho flash player is dying soon, I hope this game is saved somehow or transferred to mobile.

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  10. Don’t let the childish art fools you. This is a real bullet hell with tight controls and a lot of challenge. Very genereous in terms of quantity & variety of ennemy types and attacks. The game works with lot of mini levels and checkpoints so no old school game over sort of things, you can enjoy and train on specific sections.

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  11. Pretty average game for me. Some people might think it’s pretty good but I just don’t feel that. I’m not a fan of the graphics though they are not bad at all. The game play is okay but it doesn’t bring anything really new to the table. I would have to rate the game 3/5.

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