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Build your own kingdom in Castle Empire, the first free-to-play, browser-based, multi-player strategy game from the creators of The Settlers!   Gather your resources, expand your mighty city, raise an unbeatable army, and conquer the world. You may band together with loyal allies, reign alone and take all the glory for yourself, or anything in between. Your empire awaits!


Key Features


  • Build Your Own Empire – pay special attention to the type and placement of buildings in your towns, villages, and kingdoms in order to ensure optimal production of the resources you’ll need to expand your empire.


  • Produce and Trade Goods – manage your empire’s resources to ensure that you have enough raw materials to produce goods to not only keep your empire running smoothly (and your subjects happily working), but also to barter with friends for other goods you’ll need.


  • Explore New Areas – journey to the wild and battle bandit camps with your best armies.  Once you conquer them, you’ll discover new raw materials that can be used to produce better goods (like advanced weapons).


  • Play with Friends – connect in-game to go on adventures together for special rewards or join a guild to extend your influence.  Ruling an empire is always more fun when there are friends to help out!


  • Easy access – the game is browser-based, so no download is required.  It’s also free-to-play!