Cry of Fear is a psychological single-player and co-op horror game set in a deserted town filled with horrific creatures and nightmarish delusions. You play as a young man desperately searching for answers in the cold Scandinavian night, finding his way through the city as he slowly descends into madness.

Post Date: 21:23 24-05-2015
Rating: 9
Author: LosmiK
Comment: Cry of Fear was an audacious Half-Life 1 mod that turned into a full fledged game for release on Steam about a year after the release. In short, this game is great. This game contains a gripping story of a young man named Simon who is lost in himself and struggling to survive when monsters appear. Cry of Fear contains a single player campaign that claims to take about eight hours time, but for my first playthrough I was about 12-16 hours of gametime. The gameplay is like most survival horror games, but you are limited, you don’t have a briefcase like Resident Evil 4. you do have a backpack and your pockets but you cannot carry everything, forcing you to make sacrifices on what you want to carry and what you NEED to carry, this aspect helps produce more tension when trying to figure out, should I keep this gun even though I have one clip? Or take the melee weapon and key and continue on? The controls work well, and it’s not clunky or difficult, except one section of the game which required platforming and was my sole problem with the game.

Cry of Fear’s atmosphere is great, the dark corridors, the creepy forests to a tight packed school, the environments are varied and have a great way of getting you in the mood and into the game. Another aspect of the atmosphere in sound, Cry of Fear has not only a wonderful soundtrack with scary, dark tracks to beautiful melodies, but the sound in the game. Whether they are foot steps around the corner edging closer or bumping on the walls or a scream in the distance, Cry of Fear definitely full fills the scare factor.

On the topic of features, Cry of Fear has a good lengthed single player campaign, not like a Slender game that takes about 20-40 minutes, this game takes hours. There is also another secret campaign after beating the first, then a completely separate co-op campaign, and multiple custom campaigns along with a custom campaign and map creator that is intuitive and easy to use. Not to mention Cry of Fear’s “Suicide Mode” which is basically survival, you kill enemies to decrease the amount of time on the clock to reach zero and survive, it’s difficult, but fun and you can do it with friends.

All in all, Cry of Fear is an amazing package, you get so much content and a wondrous game that was made very well for such a small team, Team Psykskallar did a great job, and did I mention this game is absolutely free on Steam? Go play and have fun! 9/10

Cry of Fear
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  1. Horror thematic game based on valve engine.
    Interesting game with terrifying moments and creepy sound effects.

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  2. Story of game is not bad, u start with camera, using camera flash to see way out, but be careful where are you flashing, some things u dont wana see, because it was scary. In game there arent so much action, just exploring world, solving puzzle and finding clues to progress. Further u go, stronger weapons and accessory u get. Graphic is bad, but sound is definitely good.

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  3. I thought I review this game on Probably I forgot to put comment.
    This game is similar to outlast. Valve engine,so what to say more?
    If you like horror games,try this 🙂
    I like sounds a lot(which otherwise I’m not paying attention),this game has great sounds.


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  4. Decent psycho(horror) single-player video game.There are many interesting and creepy moments,gameplay is good and graphic is solid too.

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  5. I watched the walkthrough and men that jumpscare got me as well this game is so good the gameplay how you’re more limited to the items you can take, its just so amazing. 😀

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  6. Well I can remember pewdiepies reactions to chopping the horror through. Lol, this game is an intense filled with jump scares. It’s a pretty scary game, yet graphics are a bit outdated for 2012 so yeah.

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  7. The feel is kinda like silent hill.
    I enjoy horror games and this is another one of those. The graphics arent bad either. Same with the gameplay.
    Ill recommend.
    So thumbs uppy~

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  8. A good game with a good story but the sound effects just creep me out and make me not want to play.
    If you like horror games or games with hard puzzlsto solve then try this but just to know this game is filled with jump scares.

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  9. If you want terrifying jumpscares, paranoia at every step, and pure horror, then this game is for you.
    Be careful, though, because this game deals with heavy subjects like suicide, depression, and self-harm. If these kinds of topics can make you upset or unstable, do not play this game.

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  10. It’s an alright survival horror game. Normally wouldn’t criticize the graphics this much, but it’s a 2013 game, and the graphics just aren’t the best. I feel like areas with a darker setting in this game try to hide much of the details and poor qualities in the graphics while other parts of the game just made it apparent that the graphics aren’t that great. Voice acting is alright though; I feel like some characters had muffled voices like the doctor or just felt bland, and sometimes the music playing overshadowed the voice acting and made the cinematic experience a bit bland. Gameplay does seem to be kind of fun though, especially for a good horror experience. Overall, I’d rate this game a 3.99/5.

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