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Diep.io is an addictive multiplayer tank game with a similar style to other popular .io games. Instead of being a snake or a cell gobbling up smaller players, Diep.io puts you at the head of your very own blue tank where you shoot different shapes and other players. At the beginning your tank is very basic, but you can upgrade it the more you blow stuff up. However, don’t blink because the action is very quick and intense. Overall, Diep.io is a very nice variation on this increasingly popular free multiplayer niche.

Play Diep.io 

1. Free online game.

2. Multiplayer game only.

3. Blast circles, squares, and triangles.

4. Geometric war.

5. Start as a regular blue tank.

6. Health, ammo and even turrets can be improved.

7. Can play unblocked.

8. Different possible tanks.

9. Different game play modes.

10. Has a scoreboard/leaderboard.

Pricing Mode
Diep.io is a free online game published for the web and is supported primarily by advertising.


  1. It could be fun, but i liked 1st 2 parts more, especially 2nd, they are making so much games like this rly fast, ppl dont have time to enjoy on one and 2nd just pop up, that could lead to worst games in future

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  2. My favorite video game which finishes on .io it s very popular in last time,also it was game of the week.it is 3rd person shooter video game which is free to play,playable on any browser.On start you need to farm some shapes like triangle,square…And then when you level up you can upgrade your tank for,then later when you destroy some tank you can get some special upgrades like twins:when you get that upgrade you have got 2 cannon tubes on one tank,very interesting video game I enjoy playing it,I suggest it everybody

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