MMORPG that is halfway between a tactical video game and an interactive cartoon. In essence, Dofus is a MMO with the game play of a multiplayer Final Fantasy Tactics. The main goal of the game is to collect the mystical Dofus eggs, which are dragon eggs.

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Post Date: 13:48 05-07-2015
Rating: 8
Author: LosmiK
Comment: I must admit that I was a bit full of trepidation when trying out Dofus for the first time, having liked Wakfu so much and being worried that its predecessor would turn out to be more basic or unpolished. I’m surprised and happy to report the exact opposite, and that I like Dofus’ fun approach to traditional MMORPG gameplay even more than Wakfu’s open-ended sandbox and social features, which is saying a lot.
Post Date: 17:04 25-04-2012
Rating: 5
Author: KuroTsuna
Comment: Dofus is a game that I hear from people, but I don’t really like this game because I like good graphics more than pixelated games. The community is good, some people are helpful. The gameplay is easy to understand how to play it.
This game is funny for the first time but I don’t think I will play this game for a second time. This game could be similar to Runescape, since they have similar things in-game.
Post Date: 18:59 12-07-2011
Rating: 8
Author: caramba2345
Comment: Wow… I used to LOVE that game when I was a kid. Nowadays, I kinda still like it… just like. The cartoonish graphics and the third board-game, third MMORPG, third tactical game-play was and still is fun to play.The comedic side of the game, with it’s goofy SFX, funny-looking enemies, characters that you would most likely see in a cartoon or a comic strip, mostly comedic quests, and funny emoticons (when used appropriately) always had me and compensates for the sometimes redundant almost “Clicking-only” controls.On the game-play side, although pointing and clicking gets boring after a long period, the turn-based, strategy style of the battles is inventive and, personally, more fun and mind-using than your Basic MMORPG. The community is mostly fun to hang with (though most servers are french speaking due to the game’s origin.) and it’s fun to meet new online friends while helping them complete dungeons and quests.On the downside, the free-world is VERY limited. you can walk around as you want, but you won’t be able to interact with anything. Trust me, staying in and around one city gets old fast and once you complete all the quests there, now what? Huh?

Although the main story is to collect all six Dofus eggs, the game is pretty open ended (for a subscriber) and is mostly filled with plenty of side-quest to have as much fun as possible. Considering the limits of the free-world. The game opens the door to a wide, VERY WIDE array of adventures, treasures, monsters, etc. to the subscriber.

Another main quest is that two parties (Bonta & Brâkmar) are in a war raging for ages, and you get to choose a side and wage war against your enemies.

In conclusion, as a former subscriber, sure, sometimes things don’t make sense at all. Sure controls get redundant, but the comedic side makes the save for most of the bad stuff. Totally worth the 8$/month or 75$/year.

Graphics: 1.75/2
Sound: 1.5/2
Game-play: 1/2
Community: 1.75/2 (not everyone’s perfect)
Story/Quest: 1.75/2
Overall: 7.75/10 (rounded to 8 because I can’t put decimals)

Post Date: 21:43 17-11-2010
Rating: 7
Author: Julein
Comment: One great game. graphics are high qualtiy, gameplay is semi fun. to bad its not browser based. The turn based combat system is better then most MMO’s ut that isn’t saying much. it is very limiting to nonmembers which sucks
Post Date: 04:31 06-09-2010
Rating: 10
Author: scrall
Comment: I love Dofus!
Post Date: 18:53 22-07-2010
Rating: 9
Author: Krew
Comment: Dofus is more of a MMORTS in my opinion, the battles take time to regenerate, and take time in battles and PvP. This animated game was developed by the French development company “Ankama”. Dofus was their very first creation. Dofus first start on September 1st, 2005. It was first created with Adobe, as a 3d creation. But, has the updates rolled on out in early to mid 2010, Dofus 2.0 was release to all servers! Dofus 2.0 changed the game of Dofus entirely! 2.0 integrated a new “3-d” feel to the game. Also, with 2.0, there was a new system put in to help down grade spamming bots and farming bots. Which has helped change the game system for the better!!Now lets go over the feature that Dofus offers. First is the Combat/PvP systems.The Combat System/PvP System:
The Combat System is a rare turn based system. You get an amount of AP (Action Points) and MP (movement points) to use a turn. Depending on how man AP points you have will determine which spells to use. Which makes the combat system a strategic system.
The PvP (Player vs Player) system is a very “controversial” topic. Some people really enjoy it because they are “PvP People”. Others do not like this system because this get attacked and because some people abuse this system to make money.
At any time through out the game you can either become “Bontarian” (the holy race) or Brakmarian (the hellish race). However at level 50+ you can receive “head hunter” quests/missions that will give you a name of a person to hunt down a kill. If you manage to succeed you will get a “stroken” (which can be used to receive various items), gold, and experience points.
The alignments of Bontarian and Brakmar are also at a war. So there are different territories to be fought over by both alignments, which can vary the gameplay.
I give the combat system a 8/10 due to the fact it is very unique and it adds a strategic factor to the game, which I feel some games lack.
I give the PvP system a 7/10 due to it having a fun twist on the game, even though some people feel it is not fair to those who do not wish to be “attacked”. (A Friendly tip: If you do not want to be attacked, #1, do not tell people which alignment you are, #2, keep your wings down.)F2P ~ When you first register to play the game you DO NOT need to pay cent! You get to play the game absolutely free. However there are a few restrictions. #1, F2P users are limited to 200 fights every 24 hours (This might seem low, but a lot of P2P (pay to play) gamers do not even reach this. #2, You are limited to 200 messages a day. This rule (and the 200 fights a day) helps dramatically reducing bots/farmers. As a F2P you get access to the starter island and the main starter town of “Astrub”. You also get access to most of the professions like Farmer, Alchemist, Fisherman, Lumberjack, Baker, Fishmonger, A variety of smiths, Miner, Tailor, Shoemaker, Jeweler and A variety of carvers.
Now for the combat of being a P2P. You get a good variety of monsters to fight as a F2P, you can fight skeletons, Rock Monsters (Crackrocks), and even demonic sheep (Gobballs)! As you level up though it does get harder and hard to level, as the diversity of monsters to level on gets lower and lower. When you reach the level 35+ mark it is extremely difficult to level. This is when you need to think about becoming a member (P2P).
I give this games F2P system: 9/10 Stars
The F2P system is FLAWLESS! It gives you plenty of time to play the game, and plenty of features. The only reason I did not give it 10/10 is because of the limit on fights and messages sent.

The P2P System:
This games P2P system is just “WOW” for only $6 – $7 a month (depends on payment method) you get the whole package, you also get a new class called a “Pandawa”, a panda character. You get 20+ dungeons, access to level up to the max level (Level 200), and you get access to the latest islands (Frigost, Otomai, and Sakai)!
As a member you get to fight any monsters you want, you can explore the whole world of Dofus. You also get access to “pets”, a member only item which can give you extra stats when equipped.
You also get access to all the dungeons in game, some of the dungeons will give you special items ONLY obtainable through that dungeon.
You get all the professions in this game also when you subscribe. To addition to the F2P professions you also can be a Shield Maker, and a Magus which will enhance the effects of equipments with runes.

I rate the P2P system: 8/10
I give the P2P system a 8/10 because it does offer the player a lot, but when leveling it can tend to get a little dull IF you do not have friends to talk to/level with. But, other than that, I think that you will have a blast with P2P.

In the end I give Dofus a 9/10 overall. I came to this conclusion because it offers a unique game play to those who are “bored” with the click and attack systems most other games offer. Also, i feel that it does give a significant amount of time for players to play for free. The cost to subscribe is a lot cheaper than other games which makes it more user friendly.


Post Date: 16:41 02-04-2010
Rating: 5
Author: Alper123
Comment: So here comes the review:Battle:7/10; Great turn based battle system.
Characters:4/10; Many fun characters which are pretty different.Still, borin’ :/
Community:7/10; Pretty friendly.
Lag:9/10; No buggy, lagless gameplay, loved it! 🙂
Balance:6/10You’ll say whay i gave this game a low rate, it is easy. Read below.F2p:0/10; They trick u that this game is f2p, but after lvl 30, you must pay, or u won’t level or do anything else.
Post Date: 03:18 03-01-2010
Rating: 0
Author: WoWftw
Comment: This game sucks. You have to take turns when fighting. Who the hell takes turns???
Post Date: 05:01 06-12-2009
Rating: 10
Author: Bwathke
Comment: This game is amazing. It is a one of a kind Turn-based MMORPG. The makers have been working on it for a long time now and they have finally come out with their newest version that makes the game playable in a whole new way! I suggest you check this game out!
Post Date: 15:09 23-11-2009
Rating: 7
Author: bushwhacker2k
Comment: This game seemed AWESOME at first, but there just isn’t much to do. You get a few quests, you kill things and that’s it.The combat system was fun and could have made this really good, but this does the same thing so many other MMOs do and becomes a grindfest.
Post Date: 12:44 24-01-2009
Rating: 5
Author: Kurosawa
Comment: BTW this game is Meant 4 PvP
Post Date: 18:28 23-11-2008
Rating: 9
Author: Kurosawa
Comment: This game is amazing its the only game ive payed 4 2 play and its worth it. The characters r balanced and theres many 2 pic from and the fighting and PvP is awsome. but after uve played it 4 a long time it starts getting boring ull quit the game and then come back again untill u do what i did, have the largest drop party ever and give out my acc and un install the game 😀 otherwise ull end up playing the game 4 ever even tho u think its boring 1/2 of the time.
Post Date: 02:09 23-09-2008
Rating: 8
Author: shimorigagoua
Comment: this is a fun game, but it got really lame when it told me i had to pay to progress in the game, but game play and fighting system was really good, definitely 8/10
Post Date: 00:38 25-07-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Ratezapper
Comment: Easily one of the beast game Ive ever played. The combat system is very well balanced so that all classes are equal and it is very easy to become addicted to. In my onpinion, it is the only MMO worth paying to become a member on.
Post Date: 06:25 08-05-2008
Rating: 7
Author: kasuke
Comment: dofus is boring at some points but if you can find some friends then its gets awesome but you will probably need several charaters to farm kamas for your main to get armors and also the best content is reserved for people with expendable income, other than that it is awesomes
Post Date: 16:28 19-04-2008
Rating: 4
Author: CarnagexSpiderman
Comment: I play this game before and it is boring. Do not play this game because all the people in this game are not nice and they being showing off. I hope they shut down this game.
Post Date: 17:36 09-04-2008
Rating: 1
Author: Totarri
Comment: I liked this, but dull unless you pay. I wouldn’t pay for it, and it got repeatitive easily. It’s all too easy for player-killers to join your fight, kill-steal if then kill you so you get no rewards and loot. If you don’t like being killed and having your loot stolen, not a game for you. 🙁
Post Date: 00:14 11-01-2008
Rating: 7
Author: Badratings
Comment: As my name states i give bad ratings. Yes it is a fair game i give much however, it’s my obligation to give bad ratings. anyway, graphics 6/10 community 3/0 there are some real jerks on that game gameplay 6/10 not bad but i’ve seen better. overall 7/10
Post Date: 04:06 17-12-2007
Rating: 8
Author: akagamer
Comment: THis game is fun,addicting.Buttttt….almost every thing is for members!!!!thepets,the areas,and the clothing but its fun i wasnt a member though i was goin to but i switched back to runescape.
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  1. Interesting mmorpg game that I tried because it had similar fight system as final fantasy : tactics advance.
    At that time it was interesting game to try out but I wouldn’t play it now.
    Game has 2 type of game accounts : f2p and p2p.

    Septera did not rate this post.
  2. Cartoon graphic,but gameplay is awesome,i like this game a lot,it isnt like others mmorpg,it has a lot of unique content. Im going to rate it with 4 stars only because of community,which is full of bad people.
    Try it for sure

    djolebelevode did not rate this post.
  3. Very cool MMORPG video game with characters from cartoon Dofus on TV,it has cartoon graphic and interesting gameplay I enjoyed playing it,I suggest it everybody

    TheRedLight3 did not rate this post.
  4. The game is great nice graphics, gameplay and I really like the artwork even thiugh its cartoon-y so much fun though you’ll really need to spend​ some money in this game which is not good for free players like me. 🙂

    Masako ratings for this post: Masako gives a rating of 4Masako gives a rating of 4Masako gives a rating of 4Masako gives a rating of 4Masako gives a rating of 4
  5. This game is decent for say. It has cartoony graphics that may attract some players to play it but can deter high graphic- lovers out there, Nonetheless, this game is a worth a try for a MMORPG game that has a lot of gameplay and focuses on collecting those dragon eggs.

    Kapen did not rate this post.
  6. First of all. Its a unique MMORPG with cartoonish graphics. Its a free game that, like on AQW, have some kind of “membership that gives you rewards and features only accesible with membership.
    The game is actually too muchy grindy. Levelling up is the hardest part in the 4o + level mark. In fact it will bore the bamboo shoot out of you. Fight some monsters level up get good gear fight monsters level up get some good gear and repeat. Its tiresome. Anyways. Its still worth playing
    Thumbs uppy*

    Mayonnaise did not rate this post.
  7. This is not an easy MMO. Don’t expect to have your handheld by the game much more than the tutorial. The early content won’t put up too much of a fight. make it to even the mid levels while running content at the appropriate level and prepare yourself for a challenge.

    Qsljic ratings for this post: Qsljic gives a rating of 4Qsljic gives a rating of 4Qsljic gives a rating of 4Qsljic gives a rating of 4Qsljic gives a rating of 4
  8. DOFUS is an amazing MMORPG. Game’s artwork is very cartoon-like and interesting, but the artwork does feel like it would fit well for a mobile experience; in fact, there is DOFUS Touch which is pretty much the mobile version of DOFUS, but I think the PC version is a lot better.

    Game starts out well, giving you access to 18 classes right off the bat with classes like Iop (Reckless Warrior, Cra (Archer), Sacrier (Berserker), and many other classes. The world is isometric, so if you’re expecting a full 3D game with camera angles, DOFUS probably won’t be the MMORPG to satisfy that, but I have no problem with isometric since it gives the game a unique experience from many other MMORPGs out there.

    And because of the isometric design, the combat for this game is unique, fun and challenging, because it plays out like many strategy games. So if you’re looking for a game that requires a bit of thinking, this might just be the kind of game worth playing.

    Overall, I would give this game a 4.9/5.

    Snowy ratings for this post: Snowy gives a rating of 5Snowy gives a rating of 5Snowy gives a rating of 5Snowy gives a rating of 5Snowy gives a rating of 5