GameOgre will be at the largest game event in the world in a few days. There will be a cave load of games and happenings to keep an eye on during this event. Since GameOgreĀ  focuses mostly on Online PC Games and MMORPGs, that is where most of our coverage will be. However, we will still report any major game happenings that are worth noting such as the possible unveiling of Nintendo’s next console.

A few of the games that GameOgre will be keeping an eye on include:

TERA – A highly antcipated MMORPG that could give the MMO genre a much needed boost. TERA is is a true action MMORPG with amazing graphics and a dynamic battle system.

Rusty Hearts – The latest free-to-play game from Perfect World Entertainment. has beta keys for its upcoming closed beta testing in July.

World of Tanks – Set the world record for the most players on a MMO server at one time.

The happenings and developments that GameOgre will be watching out for include:

Nintendo’s next console with many aliases so far including Wii2.

A possible reboot of the Smackdown vs. Raw series.

Is Duke Nukem Forever finally being released? The former poster boy for Vaporware deserves a closer look.

How many official E3 awards will Skyrim win?

Ogrefied E3 Awards will be choosing its own awards for E3 for the following categories:

Best New Development

Best New Game

Best MMO

Best Free MMO

Best Shooter

Best RPG

Best Game Lineup

Best Demo

See you at E3.

The info coming out of E3 will undoubtedly be fast and furious. The exhibitors will all try to make an impact at the show. Expect to hear from a happy ogre next week. If you see me at E3, feel free to say hi.


  1. Gonna be an interesting week! Love watching all the E3 coverage… pretty hectic but always fun šŸ˜€

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  2. the ogre has landed at e3. i am currently typing this on a very little machine on the floor of media hospitality. the event is swamped. sorry but the world may have to go without a tshirt this year. i will beusing this blog for happenings at the show.

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  3. Hello from Day 2 of E3. The biggest trend that I have noticed so far is the focus on action MMOs. TERA, Rusty Hearts, Raiderz, and Dragon Nest all offer console style action in a PC MMO. Rusty Hearts was the most arcade like while TERA was the total package. TERA unveiled its political system during the presentation. There will be two ways to get elected into office: popular vote and winning in PVP. Players can buy votes or just be a great player. Once elected the player has the best mount in the game and can raise or lower taxes. The elected player controls a small area on the map. The presentation ended withe TERA team hinting about a ruler for the entire continent.

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  4. Yes, Torchlight 2 will be much larger in every way than the original. My only criticism is that it should be out as soon as po9ssible. The closer it gets to Diablo 3’s launch, the less impact it will likely have.

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  5. I’ve always wanted to attend E3 but never had the chance to. What’s cool is that World of Tanks and TERA are still popular among the games listed here

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