Steer a nameless boy in search of his sister in this black and white platform game.

Post Date: 13:16 31-07-2015
Rating: 5
Author: axwellshm
Comment: Played this game, it’s little bit hard but pretty interesting to play. Great game, and definitely worth of trying. Graphics are good, gameplay Is good, in overall, really good game!
Post Date: 12:05 19-06-2015
Rating: 9
Author: dragosbuzz
Comment: Limo is a game full of creativity, Limo is very rigorous in its self-imposed limits. It has no color, no cut-scenes,minimal music and no dialogue.It’s constantly surprising you with fresh and original ideas.Limbo is a brilliant adventure which surprises you with every new puzzle idea it dreams up,and how morbid can be.Brilliant game
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  1. I am so amazed what did they do with only 2 colors. u control young boy that need to get away from creepy forest and find his sister. Do accomplish goals u need to solve so many puzzles and think a lot about your next steps. Game is so simple and yet so good, even graphic and sound are amazing

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  2. Limbo is indie puzzle type of game I enjoyed playing.They managed to make a great dark ambient with basic graphics but good details.

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  3. Limbo is a cool problem-solving puzzle platformer which requires skill and some knowledge with a touch of fun. I like the design of this game, especially the use of silhouettes, the use of lighting in certain areas with just black and white, and the eerie sound and appearance of this game. I also like the puzzle element, especially since there are some obstacles that the player has to be careful in as the player can die to things like environment and enemies. Overall, this game is an excellent 2D puzzle platformer, and I would rate this game a 4/5.

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  4. i like the game a lot. its sad… it’s melancholic and quiet. it requires analytic skills as it gots ahard puzzles that you must solve and overcome to pregress in the game. its really fun and the story is great as well.

    thumbs upp~

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