• One of the best free to play games out there!!! The developers continuously update the game and fix problems and the offers they make to players (buying costumes and stuff) are really one of a kind deals!! (the costumes you can get go rare and never come out again!!). For players that enjoyed Diablo its the perfect game as its developers were in…[Read more]

  • Just as cookies said above it reminds me of Final Fantasy on consoles when i was a child!! From what ive seen i would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoyed these kind of games!!! Since its a browser no download is required and its an mmo!!! I rate it 4.5/5

  • A pretty fun but also hard game.. As time passed the dots keep going faster so you need to remain focused!! Of course there are some special dots that aid the player by slowing down time, making all the dots available for collection or invincibility!!! After a while my eyes started hurting though so im gonna give it a 3/5..

  • An enjoyable shooting game in which you can switch between weapons!! You have to survive the assault of creatures that want to kill you.. Aiming for a headshot deals more damage but its not as easy as it looks!! The target keeps moving aroung!! I really enjoyed it for the time i spent so!! Feel free to check it out.. 3/5

  • Overall i really enjoy such 2D browser hack and slash games!! Using your arrow keys to move and having two keys to attack!! As its about a spartan fighting makes me wanna play it since i really like history/mythology based games!! A game that its worth playing if you want to spent some time!!! 4/5

  • I really like superheroes and being able to play in the Justice League Universe was a dream come true!!!
    At first i enjoyed it a lot, fighting with other low lvl villains and having fun!! However after a while the truth came out in a harsh and brutal way.. So many restrictions in this game that can only be lifted if you pay.. You cant have a lot…[Read more]

  • One of the horror games that i really enjoyed!!! Just as Cookies mentions JUMPSCARES!!! I love playing this with friends especially in a dark room at night!! I recommend this to anyone who wants to have a horror game night!! 4/5

  • Same as the 100 meter dash a running sport game but i must say a better one.. In this one you need to have precision on when to press the jump button.. So instead of ruining your mouse click you need to be focused!! All in all a good browser game to spent some time!!! 3/5

  • Well a simple arcade game that literally tells you to destroy your mouse so that you can win the race… Out of how many clicks your mouse has you gonna spent more here than playing any other type of game out there!!!
    I like online arcade games but this doesnt really excite me that much.. 1/5 for me..

  • The second mmorpg i have played!!! Its a great game even today though the armors kinda spoiled it for me!!
    There is pvp and pve in this game, sieges and clan wars to prove who is the best!! The raid bosses are of the best kind with huge dragons being the strongest of them all. There is also a story behind the game which i find very interesting!!…[Read more]

  • The most popular moba of all times!!! Well most people would say the first moba game since Dota was a Warcraft 3 map!!! Its great game and offers great experiences!! You can work with others to achieve great results or you can simply argue with them and lose!!! The game is continuously updated and its being developed nonstop so you can expect big…[Read more]

  • One of the most popular games on mobile/tablet in my opinion!! Its pretty fun and kids love it but it can also be annoying if you are unable to complete a level… 😀

  • Israphel commented on the post, AQ3D 3 years, 8 months ago

    Ok there are a lot of things i would say for this game but ill be brief!!!
    I have always enjoyed Artix Entertainment games since i was a kid.. Its a company that is supported by its fanbase and it always listens to our demands and opinions which is what makes them so great!!!
    Aq3d is the first 3d game this company has made!! I was so excited…[Read more]

  • Israphel commented on the post, Overwatch 3 years, 8 months ago

    Its indeed a great game!! One of if not the most popular game Blizzard has right now (other than wow). The characters are all designed with detail and caution and the gameplay looks amazing!! I have heard many people saying its a very good game and i have to agree!!

  • The games graphics look great kinda gives me the feeling of Castlevania but with a girl and guns!!!!
    Also there is an anime out there for anyone who wants to watch!!!

  • Israphel commented on the post, Dishonored 3 years, 9 months ago

    Have you played every Assassins Creed that ever came out??? Did you finish everything and are currently searching for something with a different touch???Do you enjoy games with assassination and super powers/gadgets??? Then this is the game for you cause dishonored has all those things and more!!!!

  • Israphel commented on the post, Battlerite 3 years, 9 months ago

    So another moba style game with wow graphics enters the fray!!! This age literally belongs to moba games since more and more seem to come out!!! Game looks decent, i would say it looks more like a mobile moba than a pc one but thats from what i see in the video… Worth a shot in my opinion!!!

  • Graphics look old but it brings back memories!!! I think its similar to Diablo with the whole dungeons and art design… The soundtrack of the video was great too!!

  • I only use/keep apps after i test them out…it usually goes like this:
    1)I need to do a certain work so i search for an app to help me do it.
    2)I find a lot of apps but which one is the best??
    3)Pick the apps with the most stars and best reviews first.
    4)Start the Testing!!
    5)Delete all apps that you didnt like and keep the one that suits…[Read more]

  • Well since it came after class of clans and has a lot of similarities one could say that its a great game!!! I have played a similar game on steam!!! It may look simple but the timing you spawn troops and the type of the troops matter a lot so you might lose faster if you underestimate your opponent!!!

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