Olympic arcade game where u need to run 100 meters in shortest possible game
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  1. Solid game, its quite simple, start race and rapidly push “Right arrow button”, u need to be careful when on start, because if u start earlier game is over. Faster u push button faster will u go. I dont like part on recording score because, instead of being 1st when u score fastest time, u are 1st when u have slowest

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  2. Interesting game when you are bored to play it from time to time…You hold space so you can dash as long as you possible can….Check it out, its a game just to lose some time 🙂

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  3. As Bottle said it s very simple game where you have to click your keyboard like maniac,decent video game which is playable on GameOgre.com Arcade,I recommend it everybody

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  4. Simple game, hold and release the spacebar to get a good jumpstart when it says “Go” and keep pressing the right arrow key to run faster. The shorter time it takes you to get to the finish line, the better your score is.

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  5. A fun simple game that I believe appears on Game ogre arcade. It’s a fun game trying to beat other record. Takes time and effort however and fast finger movements. There’s nothing left to say about this good ol classic game 🙂

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  6. 100 Meter Dash is a very simple racing arcade game where the player has to press the left and right arrow repeatedly. The objective of this game is to get to the goal as quickly as possible, so getting a jumpstart is important; however, getting the slowest time is really the objective when trying to get the high score in the GameOgre arcade, because a slower time is a higher score. Overall, 100 Meter Dash is quick and simple to play, and I would rate this game a solid 3/5.

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  7. Well a simple arcade game that literally tells you to destroy your mouse so that you can win the race… Out of how many clicks your mouse has you gonna spent more here than playing any other type of game out there!!!
    I like online arcade games but this doesnt really excite me that much.. 1/5 for me..

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  8. Not the worst arcade game. It’s different from most of them which is nice. It’s very simple to play and can be pretty fun at times. I don’t suggest playing it a whole lot because it will get very boring pretty quickly. It’s graphics are terrible but most arcade games have bad graphics. I rate it 3.5/5.

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