The year of 2013 have now ended and we have headed into the year of 2014, that’s supposed to have new thrilling games that are waiting for its releases. Many of those games are already well-known with high expectations on them or totally unknown games that might surprise us all, like all the famous games have done, when they were first unknown. This year is filled with game releases that includes games like Watch Dogs, The Elder Scrolls Online and many other games that probably haven’t been announced yet.


I will be making my own list, based on what I’ve seen and heard, my top 12 most anticipated games of 2014. Note that I won’t include games that doesn’t have a planned release date in 2014, such as Dungeon Defenders 2 that doesn’t have an official release date yet. The games that I include in my list are with other words only games that have been announced. There might still be many huge games that haven’t been announced, but I’m not a fortune teller so it’s impossible for me to include games like that. This is my own list though, and based on my opinions, and not anyone’s else. This first blog posts was merely made to introduce you to the list I will make. I’ve already chosen out the 12 games that I look forward to the most, and I will divide them into 4 blog posts, which each blog post will include 3 of the games of my list. In the end I will also make a blog post with a summary of the games I’ve chosen to make it easier to look at the entire list all together, if you don’t want to look through all of my blog posts. All of the posts won’t come out immediately, but there will probably be a couple of days between the posts.


I also chose to leave out games that have already been released to another platform, for example Grand Theft Auto V, that’s released for the Xbox and Playstation platforms, but not for the PC yet. I might have forgotten a game or two, but in the end, I’m quite happy with the list I’ve made. I will clearly explain which games I’ve chosen and why I’ve chosen them. I’d have to say that some decisions were tough to make, to not include some games and decide the entire list. You are welcome to provide your own opinions and mention games that I might have forgotten, or if you agree/disagree to my list. I will respect everyone’s opinions and hopefully you will respect mine too.