For the past six years, has hosted an annual tournament to determine the Best Online Shooter of the Year at the Online Shooter Showdown. We start with 16 games, usually by forum member nominations, and then pair them off against each other in four rounds to determine the ultimate winner. Before we start, GO forum members can predict the top four winners for a chance at a $10 game card. The following 16 games are the participants for 2015:

Counter Strike: Global Offensive – One of the best shooters for e-sports.
World of Tanks – One of the most popular games on GameOgre.
Team Fortress 2 – All-time classic and former winner.
Firefall – Former winner in its early stages.
Crossfire – The first winner.
Heroes&Generals – Combines an FPS with strategy.
Warframe – F2P cooperative TPS.
Planetside 2 – One of the best MMOFPS ever.
Destiny – FPS with MMORPG aspects.
Wracked – Indie game that is cel-shaded and inspired by Doom. Possibly the biggest long shot in the whole tournament.
Battlefield 4 – Multiplayer FPS that sold over 7 million copies.
Counter Strike: Source – Older shooter that is still alive and kicking.
Call of Duty: Ghosts – Introduced a new game mode.
War Thunder – World War II combat game dedicated to military vehicles.
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – The top selling retail game of 2014.
Quake Live – Classic browser shooter.

Who do you think will win? Stay tuned for voting on your favorites in the weeks and months to come!

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