Build and Manage A Maximum Security Prison.

Post Date: 09:23 29-11-2014
Rating: 1
Author: arZ
Comment: Prision Architect is one of the worst game that I every played. Really boring. You need to build a prison with a maximum security. Didnt play this game so long, because it is 0 fun. I rate this game with a note 1/10. Tetris is much more interesting then this one.

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  1. Interesting game where you build and manage your prison.
    Great idea and addicting but gets repetitive after some time.
    Also because its not full release yet it has some bugs.

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  2. Fun arcade 2d game where you building prison,you must updating your prison and you musnt let prisoners to escape,game is good so I recommend it everybody

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  3. “Prison Architect” is a game of building and managing a prison. While the idea is simple, the practice is necessarily not – even more so if you want everything to work perfectly. Game itself runs smoothly and is (re)playable despite of minor bugs that occur every now and then. It even has a little story (which I see more like tutorial).

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