Second Life is a 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents. Since opening to the public in 2003, it has grown explosively and today is inhabited by nearly 100,000 people from around the globe.


Post Date: 20:16 19-03-2015
Rating: 3
Author: Spiral Storm
Comment: To start off with, Second Life is what many people call a ‘virtual world’ rather than a computer game. On Second Life, you can create your own avatar, customize him or her by appearance, and explore a huge virtual world, full of plenty of things to do.

The graphics are quite good. Very good in fact! You can even customize your graphical settings to your liking. Thing is, unless you have a decent graphics card, Second Life won’t run effectively on your computer. In fact, it will be prone to lags and crashes if you have less than 4 gigabytes of RAM. Otherwise, the game will run just fine for you. In fact, you’ll be able to make the game look a LOT nicer if you have a faster computer, processor, and graphics card.

The amount of stuff you can do on Second Life is only limited by the number of Lindens you have. Naturally, the more Lindens you have, the more stuff you’ll be able to buy. This means, you may potentially be able to own or even rent a house on land if you have enough Lindens to pay the land use fees every month. In fact, if you search around, you may be able to find certain things for free! You can even potentially get a car, a boat, or a plane for no cost at all! But as far as getting really good stuff, you’ll have to pay some Lindens for it, which can usually only be bought with real money. However, you could get lucky and manage to get a few Lindens for free. In addition to this, if you want to actually OWN your own parcel of land and have control over it’s general settings, you’ll have to invest in a monthly premium account.

And finally…There’s the community. Generally, the community SEEMS friendly…At first. But in reality, SL’s community is practically pure crap! -_- No, I’m not kidding! While they often take part in fun things like dancing, role-playing, and other stuff, they tend to become VERY easily offended if you happen to wander into the boundaries of somebody else’s house while they’re home. If this happens, you may find yourself banned from their parcel, even if you’re friendly and say hi to them! And whatever you do, don’t bother complaining about getting banned from somewhere on their forums-These fuckers frown upon such behavior and may ban you from their site for fighting for what you feel is right!! -_- After all, people take this dumb-ass game to damn seriously! And if you don’t like a certain aspect of the game, then you’ll never win an argument about it against the general SL public. People on there have called me a dipshit? Ha! THEY ARE THE DIPSHITS!! Not me. This concludes my review of Second Life…DramaStorm over and out.

Post Date: 19:12 03-10-2014
Rating: 8
Author: Garagos
Comment: Virtual Words are good games, but for that players who like them. I’m not fan of them, but this one is interesting.
Post Date: 20:27 26-01-2014
Rating: 9
Author: Spiral Storm
Comment: Wow! It has been over 2 years in between reviews for this game. However, the bottom line for me…Second Life is the best virtual world game on the Internet. Why? Well, just read the pros and cons listed below…

1: The ability to create a character (Avatar) and have him or her be human, animal, vehicle, or even a robot!
2: Lots and lots of customization options for your avatar.
3: A huge virtual world to explore in! You can run, jump, fly, and of course, meet people. 🙂
4: Despite what some people may think, the game really is newbie friendly and gives you the option to Teleport to one of several newcomer-friendly locations (After you are finished with the game’s brief tutorial).
5: If you’re willing to pay real money or Lindens bought with real money, then you have the ability to buy land or a house on land or even in the sky (A Skybox)!
6: You also have the ability to do just about anything (Fly planes, drive cars, boats, even trains! And also, sky diving, fishing, role-playing, or just casual exploring).
7: You also have the ability to join existing groups, or if you’re feeling particularly creative, you can create your own group and expand it as you see fit.
8: In spite of what some people may think or believe, you actually can get a lot of nice things for free (Even if it’s just a demo of the full version product) if you are willing to search for what you want.
9: Most groups you join have events you can go to (Such as hunts, classes, races, dances and more).
10: In case I didn’t mention this before, the graphics are quite good, although some areas may lag or the graphics may take a while to load. However, as with your avatar, you have tons of customization options for your graphics.

1: For those of you who like being able to gain levels, then Second Life is not for you as there are no levels to gain or classes to choose from unless you plan on joining a role playing community.
2: If you’re interested in having your own house on Second Life, be prepared to buy at least a monthly membership. This will cost you 10 dollars a month, but it comes with great rewards, including a free Linden Home, free premium gifts every month or so, exclusive members-only areas, at least 300 Lindens a week for free, and more! If you are not willing to shell out real money for a premium account, be prepared to buy Lindens every month or so and find a good reputable person to rent a house from.
3: Beware, some people or areas are nothing but trouble and you should stay away from such people and locations. There are also some people who may find it rude of you to intrude upon their house and/or land and may eject you from it.
4: In addition to this, there are some locations which have the health heart enabled and if you are attacked in these areas, you can die but fortunately, you will not lose any items and will be sent back to your home location. Furthermore, there may be Vampires and/or Lycans in popular areas who may attempt to send you bite requests. You do not have to accept such requests and there is a free item you can get from the Bloodlines shop which offers you permanent protection from such determined people.
5: Linden Dollars are generally hard to come by unless you are willing to buy them. You can buy 1500 Lindens for under 7 dollars or if you’re lucky, then you may come across a few places where you can earn at least 1 free Linden every so often. Keep your eyes and ears peeled! In addition to this, many high quality items cost Lindens to buy, but if you search the Market Place web site, you can find lots of high quality items for 500 Lindens or less!

I would normally give this game a 10, however, like most massive online games, it has it’s flaws. However, the pros well-outweigh the cons of this game in my opinion. And unlike most of the virtual world games I have encountered (Where movement is limited or where flying is impossible) you can actually fly all across the grid on Second Life, although some areas do not allow flying. In addition to this, there are items you can buy which allow you to run and/or fly much faster than is normally possible.

Overall, this is one game I would recommend to everybody.

Post Date: 19:18 27-10-2011
Rating: 8
Author: Neelana
Comment: I used to play SL all the time. I spent real money on it. For those people who say it’s not a game. It is what you make of it really. I played in combat areas which did have levels with xp with good rp,in some you can even pick races. It IS hard to make money (Lindens) but it can be done if you enter contests or have some experience with designing or building for example: you can open up your own clothing stores,clubs and so on. I actually had some gambling machines set up myself. I didnt make big bucks but it was enough to feel as if i accomplished something. The lag is bad sometimes. I have not played in so long things may have even changed since then. The characters are fully customizable to the tiniest details. I actually played a vamp but could remove my vamp teeth when not rping. I enjoyed talking with others and meeting new people. Some grids are breath taking very beautiful. There are people called griefers who would do things like bump or more like blast you into the sky or put you in cages which is just downright annoying. It is more adult themed and do have adult themed areas if that is what you are into. I compare it to the sims. I give it an 8,,but something should have been done about the lag long ago..i believe that is the main cause that would hurt linden labs in the long run. Thank you.
Post Date: 08:39 07-02-2011
Rating: 4
Author: Adrian
Comment: This game is sorta fun, good enough graphics. I wouldn’t recommend this game for kids though.
Post Date: 01:24 07-02-2011
Rating: 3
Author: GeeGee
Comment: Oh please. Second life is not a “game” it’s a greedy sociallchat/mmorgp that lacks the very core of mmorpg’s everywhere. The community is greedy and trite and everything has to be brought with ill-priced lindens in order to get anything. There is no leveling up or anything like that. Basically your at the mercy of whoever owns their virtual land and land-owners are such barrons on SL that they perma-ban at will.

Beware of intolerance and downright smug spam by those so-called “community” members that lurk the forums in their ignorance and pride(especially the idiots that have posted over 1,000 post and been around for a year or so). The fact that lindens can be exchanged for real money has caused many tensions on this “mmorpg” and has lead to real-life issues(see “Linden Lab gets sued” articles on the internet). Even worst that people are very tedious and AR (aka abuse report) just about anything on here can get your account banned by Linden Labs just like that without knowing the reason why it was banned in the first place. On mmorpgs, you can fight and hit other players. On Second Life it’s considered “abuse”. Even bumping into an avatar is considered “abuse”. This is as pathetic as it gets.

Other than being able to build items and sell them there’s not much to do on SL. Users are often pre-occupied in their tiny-knit community groups and act as though they cannot speak to others outside of their bubbles. Thinking of buying “property”? Forget it. It cost so much real-life money just to own a slot of land that comes easily with other mmorpg’s that it’s just wasteful and down-right distasteful. The main-region is laggy and glitchy and is assorted with all sorts of various junk from others living upon it’s riggeded pixels. A private island/homestead(that provides any privacy) costs $100 dollars with LL or you can undergo a Estate Owner (who is basically the land owner) and be at the mercy of a total stranger to put your occupation on that they’ll keep their land and not end up booting your stuff.Any items you have placed upon that land is endangered of getting lost or deleted, and that’s items that you have purchased SEPARATELY with your OWN MONEY. Again, NOT good options. Rather spend 10 bucks a month on a mmorgp where fun isn’t considered a crime and actually enjoy it instead of tippy-toeing on bs land-owners and people’s garbage both on the forums and in-world SL, loosing items, and being at the mercy of LL when they ban accounts for petty reasons because of a few smug AR idiots.The arrogance combined with the paranoia of it’s TOS-bonded users both makes Second Life a very unpleasant experience and not one that i would recommend to a new-comer (aka 1 week/day old).

The fact that these idiots are so uptight on here that they call anyone who disturbs them a “griefer”. Griefers are those who down-right hit/smack/cube a person or area. It can range something as petty as walking into another avatar to causing cubes to fall and lagging everyone around the area. A stupid term used by an even stupider community. If you want to have real fun without hindrance, where fun is welcomed and accepted, if you want real achievements than dealing with a butt-hurt community that runs like a retirement home, looks elsewhere. Second Life isn’t worth the money and butt-kissing it really is. And they are very intolerant of teens/child avis on SL too. Just look at any forum topic concerning this and see the results yourself before and after the “merge”.

Post Date: 02:07 11-12-2010
Rating: 10
Author: K Ronwood
Comment: This isn’t so much a review of Second Life as a whole, this is a review of SL combat. That is combat in Second Life. This is for the FPS gamers out there who overlooked SL as an over glorified chat/IM program with 3D graphics.

I use Second Life as a sort of First Person Shooter. If you like the idea of being able to make your own 3D model of a gun, then texture it, and script it to work, then SL is for you. SL combat varies heavily depending on what combat sim you’re in. Because SL allows anyone to make a gun with infinite ammo that shoots exploding cock bullets, most (if not all) combat regions have rules that they heavily enforce, and they will usually ban you if you do not follow them. SL combat is generally 1 hit kill since SL damage only has 1 hitbox, meaning head shots do as much damage as toe shots, so everyone has weapons scripted to do 100% damage. There are also scripted combat systems like DCS or BNWCS that give your avatar hit points, and they work on safe land. Though the use of these systems is fairly limited in the SL combat community. Luckily movement in SL is very exaggerated, your avatar is able to jump about 5 meters in the air, and for those of you who know the technique, SL supports strafe jumping. Also bullets travel significantly slower then in other games (most games use hitscan, not physical projectiles), the maximum velocity allowed in SL is 202 m/s, so it is quite possible to dodge bullets from across the map, also you have to significantly lead your target. SL Combat is very fluid and fast paced, you die in 1 hit so you have to keep moving, otherwise you’re a stationary target.

Several clans (known as military groups) exist, there are to date about 20 of them, I myself am a proud member of the military group: Valor.

Public combat sims like Laiva (Rio Combat), and New Jessie offer fun, free for all combat. And military groups have sims where you (either as a lonewolf, or with friends) attack the defenders who are usually coordinating and fighting as a team. Or you can join a military group yourself and fight other military groups in epic team battles as large as 100 players… (warning having 100 avatars on a sim causes extraordinary amounts of lag) Which brings me to my next point, to participate in SL combat, you have to have a decent computer that is at least able to play modern PC games, in order to have an enjoyable experience. I can play benchmark games like Crysis with full graphics settings, and get 60+ fps (frames per second). Yet I usually get on average 30-45 fps in SL, that number can drop down to 20 fps or less when in intense combat.

SL combat strengths vs. weaknesses

-Strong community
-Unlimited customization
-Content development
-Fluid and dynamic combat
-Fun (that’s what playing games is all about right?)

-Unrealistic in almost every way
-Drama in military groups >.<
-1 hit kill
-Cheaters (quite a few)
-People with ban rights who’ll ban you for killing them (rare, but it’s happened)
-Corrupt military leaders (Just like RL :D)

And of course there are other things to do in Second Life like role playing, clubbing, and yes there’s cybersex(if you’re into that). I just felt it necessary to inform the hardcore FPS gamers out there that SL is not just an internet forum with 3D graphics.

Because there is really no competition to SL I give it a 10/10

Post Date: 21:06 01-05-2010
Rating: 7
Author: futurekiller1
Comment: its not bad i mean you get land and its kinda like real life. you could also get rich off game if lucky plus the characters actuly look pretty real. but it is only slow if u have a old computer or too much stuff on yours. The good news about games also is that download doesnt take long infact it only takes 2 minites to download! game could have been better i mean they could hace let u start with more LS but u can eran some like i did and i own land on game now
Post Date: 14:29 31-12-2009
Rating: 8
Author: KalineHax
Comment: Second Life has 50k – 90K concurrently logged on. There are nearly 1.5 million active accounts within the past 60 days.
Post Date: 18:06 04-12-2009
Rating: 10
Author: Sakura7
Comment: (First @vance) Stop being so negative to SL and look at the whole. I have been member of SL for over year now, the game is wonderful and not just sex. Not at all. It is a whole community where you can make friends and explore virtual worlds. There is even a remake of roleplays and tributes to games. That you lied about your age and entered it UNDER 18, vance, is your own stupid fault. You weren’t allowed there and actually the only way to FIND sex related places is by illegally verify your age over 18 using a grown up ID card. And if you actually SEARCH for Adult content sims. So that you just saw sex is your OWN mistake not SL’s.

As for the REAL review:
Second Life is a big community that allows people to connect to own ages and make new friends. To learn about eachothers culture and it creates a whole between the people. Sure you have bad people but so does the real world. You find everything there ranging from Anime like Pokemon to music and festival events. Again: The only way to find sex related sims is by actually searching for it and you HAVE to be age verified (18+ ) I have alot of fun there and found ALOT of good people I enjoy chatting with. Up to now I only had 1 unpleasant experience and that involved some guy thinking he was better then anyone else.

Post Date: 15:16 12-08-2009
Rating: 0
Author: vance987
Comment: This game SUCKS… DON’T PLAY IT!!!!!!!!!!!! I used to be a hardcore gamer on Second Life, and then met a furry and almost became married to him (he turned me bi) about 20 years older than me. But then after I broke up the game’s useless… laggy… If you don’t have friends that currently play it, then DON’T play it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good place to hang out or even have relationships (like I did)… But the sexual content on this game is over the limits, and the age problem is crazy. If your under 18, then you have to go to the teen section.. unless you lie like I did and you may get banned. But if your over 18 then you get to go anywhere but everywhere you go it’s sex, sex, sex, and more sex. And now they made it where you have to get VERIFIED where you can’t even USE the sex crap they have now. The game sucks, it ruined one year of my life and gave me a broken heart. DON’T PLAY THIS GAME!!!!!
Post Date: 11:13 31-05-2009
Rating: 10
Author: gurge2
Comment: i love that!
Post Date: 05:19 27-02-2009
Rating: 5
Author: Milai
Comment: Wooo it’s an online strip club/brothel. I had alot of fun on Second Life when I first started playing. My boyfriend and I loved to fly planes, skydive, drive around… etc. Unfortunately 90 pct of the game is only there to cyber and felt that my spongebob avatar was really ruining it for them. (LOL) *shrugs*
Post Date: 12:01 11-01-2009
Rating: 5
Author: alistaly
Comment: Not one of my games barely liked it couldnt play for more then 20mins. There are some intersting features that make the game cool but to me most of it was horrible and sometimes laggy. A great game for some but not for me but im not telling you to not try it just saying at this point for me it wasnt that good.
Post Date: 07:05 25-11-2008
Rating: 10
Author: EvilCuddlez
Comment: Many people seem to have gotten the wrong idea about Second Life. First off, it is not ment for anyone under 18, because adult content, Second Life is an adult oriented virtual world. While not all things there are adult in nature, they do exsist.

I have been playing sense 2006. I have never once used a credit card or bought my own money for the game. I earned money by entering contests in game, such as costume contests, or getting jobs, : many job opportunities are available; exotic dancer, escorting,fashion designer, model, builder,reporter( for a SL news station, manager ( apply s to many things).

You do not need money at all to buy things for your avatar: there are many wonderful designers that give away free stuff in their shops, and its easy to locate freebie groups to join that can and will tell you where to get freebies.

second Life, has many things to do for fun, some people enjoy the buissiness part and find it to be fun, but if that snot for you,you can look into roleplay, there are diffrent areas of land set in diffrent themes for these things : such as vampire rp, gor, neko, tinies ( little furry creatures), faeries, elves, dragons.

the exploring possibilities are huge, you can visit cities, its cool because major real life cities are replicated. Forests, gardens, castles.

Important note: Second Life ( Linden Labs) has never once supported pedophiles coming there, they have strict rules about that, and when someone reports something that seems like it may be related to that then, they quickly lock the persons account and investigate it, or that IP ban them from the game.

Do not confuse child roleplay with perverts or bad intentions, most of the child roleplay, where you see child avatars, are just people playing the part of a child because its a care free innocent fun, many of those child avatars have Second Life familes and second life parents that do protect them i even though they are adults). Its never been my thing but i have learned about it.

I can understand why newbies are so confused and want to leave after like5 minutes, and give up. I remember when i first arrived how confused i was, but really compared to many other games, theyre are not a lot of manures and buttons you need to click, and all you need are the arrows on the keybored to walk. I use to spend alot of time help newbies by the dozen everyday. after a couple of weeks they are hooked lol. Second Life is not for losers and nerds with no life you silly people haha. Second life is for people that want to try somehing they possibly couldnt in real life for whatever reason, designing, modeling, whatever, so what there may be some people with bad social skills, if SL can help then , then thats great.

Post Date: 22:14 14-11-2008
Rating: 1
Author: minireddish
Comment: Although some aspects of this game are quite interesting. There are many things that discourage me from playing this game ever again.

Firstly, the community on the game leaves much to be desired. Mainly because within the first ten minutes, I may have stumbled upon a paedophile. As funny as that sounds, it’s a deadly serious issue that those guys need to take action against.

As for actual gameplay, it’s a little annoying. There was for me, constant lag as it was loading the skins and other 3D models of the area. The odd issue I have is, it’s called second life, yet you can fly? That appears incredibly odd to me.

As for the item creation techniques. This is definitely not user friendly, so if you know nothing about creating 3D Models or Graphics on a computer, you’re kinda stuck to walking around listening to ‘other things’.

Post Date: 11:13 14-07-2008
Rating: 10
Author: KALALEX007
Comment: i am playing second life you must join the group CSL at the lagos island i am an CSL trooper,CSL airborn/paratrooper , CSL PILOT i am KALALEX007 Aeon just IM to join the group ok ?? the sl is cool .
Post Date: 02:39 30-04-2008
Rating: 10
Author: jwhagarty
Comment: The best (and worst!) people places and organizations in Second Life are found at Second Life Review
Post Date: 12:06 21-04-2008
Rating: 3
Author: DivineSaint
Comment: I am in agreeance with the prior comment on the lack of moral ethics in this game with lawlessness running wild certainly a game you wouldn’t want children to take part in. On a lighter note the concept works well in theory but then again so did communism.

if you want to support me in my mission to make a bustling miniature virtual city please follow the link shown here nothign else is required other than visiting this link. For every visit something will get added to the bustling city thankyou for reading =]

Post Date: 23:57 14-03-2008
Rating: 4
Author: akiflyer
Comment: grafics are dreadful, and they are SOOOO picky about the registration, If yur below 18 you have to play teen version, If you lie and get caught they ban you for life!…IF ur an Adult and like spending online Money Okay, but if ur a teen and just wanna look cool online..dont bother..
Post Date: 20:01 26-01-2008
Rating: 1
Author: Serazahr
Comment: The concept of Second Life sounds very appealing and fun, but taking a closer look makes it turn out to be more and evil twin of the “first life”. In a world where you can build everything you want, without need of resources and without moral laws, (reminds me of Bioshock) you can surely expect horrible creations to take place!
In Second Life you can live the way you want! The best way, the greediest way, the craziest way or (what many do) the sickest and most perverted way you can imagine (are actually paedophiles allowed in Second Life?). So the point is that not only a moral conduct is missing, but also a real economy cannot exist without the demand on resources, because at the moment Second Life is just flooded by really wired and abundant stuff that nobody really wants.

So I would conclude that the way Second Life presents itself, it is impossible to stop the sexual content from growing, but the world can be at least brought into balance by making production dependant on a realistic amount of resources , thereby also opening a whole area for players to work and invest in.

PS: After the review I came to the conclusion that Second Life is going the “same” way like Rapture in Bioshock… Without moral a society cannot really exist.
Oh and the concept of free accounts and paying accounts is for every game the worst invention ever! Either all pay or nobody!)

Post Date: 18:12 10-01-2008
Rating: 1
Author: itsme15
Comment: Its a world created by its own residents so that means that people have free play in it they can build or create whatever they want to

the people there were very nice and helpful but youcant talk (read type) to them as the game freeze when you try to

Another big minus point is that this game is filled with worlds created by people who have sometimes very sick fantasies about how theyre second life should be like even when you type a simple word like leather you get confronted with sexual explecite things that you dont want

The client has a lot of bugs it lags alot and it crashes most of the time
It got so worse that it completeley crippled my pc 2 times and i had to call someone to fix it for me so

play this game at your own risk if it was me i wouldnt think of it twice to play it

Post Date: 18:14 21-12-2007
Rating: 0
Author: I_play_games
Comment: this game is soooo weird i went on it and had the worst lag its for nerds with no social life i went into the town and went past about 5 shops of naked animated woman and men!
Post Date: 13:36 06-12-2007
Rating: 8
Author: 3dZiggy
Comment: Hi, I’m 3dziggy Oh.
I am a resident builder in secondlife.
To me it is a perfect environment to visualise and discuss ideas with people from all over the globe. find me via
or I will be glad to show you around.
Post Date: 22:33 02-12-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Bellatrix
Comment: Having used Second Life for over a year now I feel I am in a position to comment.

The good:

1: You can register for free and do not need to spend any money if you don”t want to. Avatars can be fully customised. Spend some time with the controls and you can make an excellent-looking character.

2: There are literally tens of thousands of quality items available for free all over SL.

3: You can build and script anything you like if you have the patience for it. This could be hair, shoes, clothes, etc. for your avatar, combat systems, games, furniture and houses… And if people think your creations are good enough they will pay you for them. There are people that earn their first income (anything up to $30,000 per year) in this way.

4: It isn”t a game, it is better than a game. If you know of any other environment in which you can do all the things mentioned above then take part in a full-scale war, ride on the back of a dragon, teach or learn pretty much anything you can think of, go to a club and request your favorite tracks or even stream your own music to anywhere on the grid then let me know.

5: Your own RPG can be created and you have the most massive online environment in which to play it out. In other words you make your own rules and follow them, an idea some people find incredible. Yes, you read right, some people like the rules made for them. Personally I like the freedom SL provides so that people can do anything from program a card game to playing Quidditch 200 feet in the air!

6: The community is generally very friendly and mature and is comprised of the most massive cross section of people I have ever connected with online.

The bad:

1: Some things do cost money and it can take a very long time to create marketable products in order to earn it. I now make a modest $10 – $20 per day selling my products via a store which I rent – more than enough to buy anything I want – but when you first start in game you will probably want things you cannot get for free. In this case their is only one option: plastic. Begging for money is simply not done in SL and although you cannot be banned from the game for it you can be banned from the virtual land or “sim” you”re in at the time. I personally have never had to ask for money but people do ask me, and if I”m in a position to give at the time I usually will. But this one time I was happily creating a new product in a sandbox area and someone asked me for L$10 (about a twentieth of a doller!) so he could upload a texture to finish off his new product and I was just about to transfer it when a builder closeby ran a script that crashed the guy”s client.

2: Obviously it is not a game and has no plot or gameplay as such, and most MMORPG players will consider this a negative point. However, as mentioned above, some extremely fun and sophisticated RPG can be created with a group effort. Rules can be written up and distributed, combat meters and weapons can be created and measures can be implemented to prevent cheating. All this effort and care only makes the final game or roleplay that much better I think. Whether you good people agree is your own business.

3: The stability of the client is not consistant and frequently crashes.

4: The lag is sometimes so extreme you literally cannot move your avatar.

5: The price of owning your own land on which to build, hold events, set up shop, etc. can be extremely high.

6: The graphics are not brilliant, but with the introduction of Windlight technology and faster servers this is due to change.

In conclusion: I think I have been very fair by way of pointing out what is good and bad about the game but of course everyone”s opinion is as valid, assuming of course they have worked out how to register (not mentioning any names – you know who you are stupid) and actually play the game. SL has no equal in its arena, but it IS NOT an RPG per se and is not competition whatsoever in that area. In order to get out of SL much of what it has to offer you have to have patience and a functioning brain, two traits that don”t always appear together in modern homo sapien sapiens.

The score:


Bellatrix Homewood

Post Date: 19:56 29-11-2007
Rating: 4
Author: justsomeone
Comment: Second life is a great game , specially when you got nothing else to do the only bad thing about this game is that the client crashes like a 100 times a day , even when you try to walk/move or do something and its evrything but lagfree

anyway its your choice whenever you want to play it or not

Post Date: 17:49 08-11-2007
Rating: 5
Author: anonymouse
Comment: Comment: second life is a virtual world where you can do what always dream of
minus points:
evrything in there cost lindens and you can only get those by camping for hours and get a job there or buy them with your credit card
further its good for people who long to be in a fake world
ill give it a 5
Post Date: 13:55 23-09-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Face Stealer
Comment: I don’t think this is a game. Its one of those lame virtual chat rooms with some mini games. The idea of a life game is dumb anyway.I mean come on, if I wanted to do life stuff I would just do it in real life.
Post Date: 06:47 11-09-2007
Rating: 9
Author: j deuce
Comment: Like Real Life except with a twist where u can be human or u can be an avatar character. You can build items of your very own which i thought was pritty cool but it takes a bit to master it.
Post Date: 13:36 24-08-2007
Rating: 9
Author: guNmyriaD
Comment: Wow, for any of you that are saying “it doesn’t have dungeons, NPCs, quests, and leveling” you are the biggest retards on the planet. An online game doesn’t mean it has to have those elements; it could be about ANYTHING, as long as it is played OVER THE INTERNET. Just because it isn’t your average fantasy/sci-fi Medieval game doesn’t make it a “piece of junk” or whatever. I appreciate this game a lot because it not only lets players practice programming, but it does also give a large amount of opportunities for players to do many different things and I find it to be a very interactive and innovating game. Also, for anybody saying only people that hate their current life play, that’s wrong. What about the people that simply hate the Medieval era, or fantasy-themed games, and like more Sims-oriented games, where there is positive interaction..? You aren’t the only ones on the freakin’ planet, you know.
Post Date: 20:54 19-08-2007
Rating: 0
Author: rainbowtoesocks
Comment: I HATE this game. Not for its graphics and what not, but because i cant login or make an account period. Its a pain, personally after all the trouble of still not being able to log in, it must be worse than my attempt to even get on.
Post Date: 02:25 14-08-2007
Rating: 10
Author: TA REXX
Comment: everyone who commented here is a loser except for Cosmickirby and Deicidal, this “game” as some may call it is more about programing your own stuff, not killing monsters and lvling and what ever else. This “game” is more for ppl who plan to become or already are programers/graphic designers/whaterver else you would categorize in these fields. Its not for the 10 yr old 5 minute attention spanned ppl, its for those who actually have patients to sit down and cope with programing codes. And some one here said it, yes the registration for SL sucks. for those who commented on graphics- the graphics are only as good as the progaming quality of player who made the object/building and same goes for the sound quality
Post Date: 06:24 13-08-2007
Rating: 4
Author: zeus8894
Comment: The beginning of Second life was kind of slow, the maps did not really help me get everywhere I needed to go in the mandatory tutorial. The graphics were stunning and the motions were cool but it was too fast or too slow for my PC as I had several issues with locking up. All in all had fun and had issues, enjoyed it but haven’t been back.
Post Date: 17:32 13-06-2007
Rating: 10
Author: titoBingyiSL
Comment: I must admit, the adult grid does not seem like it is at all a real “game”. it seems more buisness oriented, i would know i have tried it out. However for a thirteen year old kid, like myself, its not what im looking for. However thanks to the teen grid i have found a new passion in playing this game. I have the chance to do whatever i want in a fun way. I own an army and i go around and hunt people. I get to hang out with my school pals online in virtual form which is RAD, plus i get to see girls every waking moment. Its great. I just cant imagine runescape being anywhere close to as cool as second life. I mean what other game can u jump out of helicopters? Float around in space? and even just chill and build with your freinds? not any other game ive played!
Post Date: 19:31 06-06-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Nalmid
Comment: this is the worst game ever
i didnt even had the chance to move out of the first island with all that lag it took like 5seconds to perform a move i did(forward backwards )so you cant actually move there and when i went to play it to a friend of mine, that game just stinks…its no fun and you probably must be 10- to play that..HELL even SIMS ONLINE is BETTER. about the programming thing,thats ok cause i know programming people should play the game to learn programming instead of not playing it cause of that..thats all.. don”t play it, doesn”t worth the shot.
Post Date: 11:27 25-05-2007
Rating: 5
Author: kakushin84
Comment: I give the creators of this game credit for making such a potentially addictive game. the fact that you can “earn“ money really adds to the appeal of second life. however, as many people seem to think, this game is a sad representation of where our future is heading. now nerds who cant find girlfriends will compensate by getting second life girlfriends. we all no how dangerous chat rooms can be…well this is 10 times worse. if you do play this game, play it in moderation and for the love of god remember that there exists a real life outside your basement. sure, people aint so great out there either but at least you burn calories and get good ol vitamin D stepping outside once and a while
Post Date: 02:40 15-05-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Mykai
Comment: Guys… probably had a typo and did Second Life instead of Get a Life… And Second life? this should be renamed to get a life or only life cause ppl who play this dont have a life and this is their life
Post Date: 00:24 18-04-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Asamii
Comment: THEY LIEEEEEEE its not free >=O i tried so many times to make it work but it kept saying (Please type in the key, or buy it now) so thats why i dont like it
Post Date: 03:29 05-04-2007
Rating: 7
Author: Sieges
Comment: This is not just a game. It is a world simulator where you can create items if you know how to program and 3D model. The controls are quite clunky and need to be reworked (and the camera has poor AI). The community is pretty mature, that is a big plus. There are many things and places to see and most, if not all, of it is player created.

Nothing wears out and breaks in the game (huge plus) and you do not have to eat to stay alive (another huge plus). Tons of player created content. Lots of great scenery. The game client is very stable and loads quickly, even on older computers.

Buying land for yourself can get costly. The interface to control your character is a little slow to react when you need to move quickly and the camera does not always move like you would expect.

Post Date: 17:21 13-03-2007
Rating: 2
Author: XenaWP
Comment: This isn’t really a game, and I am not sure why it is even listed in Game Ogre. But since it is here, I will have my say.

This “game” is about “meeting people” online and create your own virtual place. As others have said, it’s a sophisticated chat room.

However if you find yourself in this virtual world for a long time, it probably means that you need to go out and have some space. Take a walk and talk to real friends.

It should have probably been called “Get a life” instead. I’ll be kind, I’ll give it a 2.

Post Date: 09:16 16-01-2007
Rating: 7
Author: gimmeapenny
Comment: Don’t go into this game expecting a standard mmo.. this is more like a giant playground for programmers, chatters, and people that just want to explore what others create. I do come back every now and then to look at and play with the stuff people throw around this crazy world.

I give it a 7 because its fun to visit every now and then, it offers what it promises(a second life), people make real money off this game thru prostitution(yes you can pay real money for in game cyber sex), selling stuff they make, show off art, this game is crazy.. in fact I do believe this is the game where someone became a millionaire by just playing.

Post Date: 06:10 07-01-2007
Rating: 5
Author: Jarrito
Comment: One thing I know about this game is that it takes like an hour to register and they ask for all your personal information including your credit card number. When I tryed to make a basic account i didnt think that i would be asked for a credit card number and my bank account numbers. At that point i said forget this, if it was easier to register i would probably try the game
Post Date: 17:43 12-12-2006
Rating: 4
Author: SkyKnight
Comment: Its been funny reading what others thing now that I have played the game for a year.

First off … its all true! It’s a waste of time! There is no “GAME” … you are not building levels or killing monsters. So if that’s what your looking for then don’t try it hehe

For most players it’s a 3D chat room… that’s really it o.o You can win money in events and go to bars and what not. I never won much that way but you can get by on that : ) and it is easy to get money that way : ) if you hit a lot of them.

But for other plays it’s an art gallery 😀 where you can change everything from making skins for your avatar in photoshop to scripting your own star ships and weapons! Last week I made a AirShip from FFXI ^_^ You can show it to your friends : ) give it away or even sell it 😀 And the best part is!!! You can SELL your money on there web page for real money to other players ^_^ and they don’t tax you for YOUR work! 😀

Now … I never did much selling in the game… I … umm …well … I Got in the game for the Role play : ) I joined a kinda strange D/s group called Gor … As an assassin >.> I made about 120,000 or 150,000 Linden ( game money ) and sold it on there web page for 316$ ^_^ hehehee! I love SL 😛 I had a good strong Role playing game with other people in a 3D world where I could make my own weapons and outfits as an assassin and made a little money on the side!

But that was just me and I got very lucky playing it : ) FOR MOST OF YOU … you will go in and be lost and think its to laggy and to lazy to make your own items and outfits and end up sitting in a strip club trying to cyber with the girl on the table who is really a guy in RL XD haha!

graphics – 0 to 8/ 10 ( its all in how much work has been done in the area )
Sound – 0 to 8 ( some thing …some cool stuff can be done with sound in SL )
Game play 3 ( it’s a shitty game 😛 )
Open world where SkyKnight got to kill lots of people and get paid for it! 10/10 ^_^

Post Date: 13:39 06-12-2006
Rating: 0
Author: tigruma
Comment: This game is for ppl that don’t have a life and try to forgett theyre pathetic life style playing this game
Post Date: 22:58 16-11-2006
Rating: 0
Author: monsteroids
Comment: The idea of this makes me SICK! This is what wwere headed to in the future. We’ll lie on beds specially equiped with a Virtual Reality kit(you won’t get out of bed ever) and you’ll have to pay to live(like just to sit in a chair will cost you $10!)
It’s sick and I don’t support it! If this is what you “play” go out and live AND GET SOME FRIGGIN EXERCISE!!!!!
Post Date: 00:34 01-11-2006
Rating: 10
Author: CosmicKirby
Comment: Deicidal, you are the only other person here who is smart. Only a few things about this game are lackluster, but first the good parts. 1.) you can make ANYTHING, if you have a creative bone in you body, and a week to devote to learning code, the whole world is yours to command. From soda machines, to lightsabers, to giant flying robots, anything and everything is possible. 2.) Althought you have to “Buy” land (which can be VERY VERY costly) many people are nice enough to let you build on property that they don’t need, and the world is easily about the size of the united states in the form of one huge urban utopia. However, nothing is without it’s flaws. After i hung around the adult server, i decied to check teen life. And o god is it limited, good luck trying to make a soft nerf bat >.>. And the people in the adult server love takeing you out of the virtual world by selling you pics of porn or other adult theames. literally you cannot travel 3 maps without running into one of these said stores. other then these flaws, the game is great fun to play, if you are of the age 17 or 16, and you want to have some fun. Just apply to the adult server, most people have the kindness to warn you where these adult stores are and cover it up unless you truely want to see what are inside said stores.
Post Date: 00:40 29-10-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Deicidal
Comment: haha, obviously some of you are missing out on something, you dont have to make things to make money unless of course you are too stupid to realise the benefits of the club scene where many of the places hold events where you can win money, I havent spent any real money in this place and I survive just fine, you can pretty much be exactly what you want to be, but if you are too stupid to work out how to use the out dated 3d programs the “game” is based on, then you are truly too stupid to try Secondlife, youll need to give it more than just 5 minutes like these adhd challenged “hardcore gamers” *cough NERDS cough* have given it to really enjoy it, try making friends, as for guns.. if you are a total retard of course the guns arent going to work, and everything will be too hard to work out how to use, but if you have the patience of a goldfish you can definitly enjoy yourself…. and it could even work out for you, as for that dork going on about no levelling no monsters to kill no NPCs, you definitly havent checked out the combat sims or the rpg sims that are in game… anyway to everyone who rags on this, get a life… get a second life.. Dei
Post Date: 00:30 29-10-2006
Rating: 3
Author: Fire Caller
Comment: **SECOND LIFE**
*You need to know computer programming in order to make your own items.
*You need to spend REAL money to import textures and whatnot for your avatar.
*If you do not use REAL money, you will get no where in the game.
*it is NOT like real life because it is a player created world. There are random objects lying every where. It’s not like a city or anything.
*The tutorial is difficult to follow.
*You need real money to make money…unless you apply for a sitting job where you leave your computer for an hour to come back and find that you have made all of one dollar.

–Boislav Kobolowski– I sell crap on second life.
Because all you can make is crap on second life.
Guns are banned, you can’t make them.
Objects that interact with other avatars are also banned.

Post Date: 10:11 09-10-2006
Rating: 1
Author: deadflamers
Comment: I know lets play a game and do things I do in real life….no not for me thanks lol
Post Date: 02:30 25-08-2006
Rating: 7
Author: sigan818
Comment: thia gamw is called “SECOND” life for a reason so you can live another real virtual life
Post Date: 00:53 04-08-2006
Rating: 0
Author: massiveowner21
Comment: Graphics: Hopless. they are pixely and choppy.2/5

Sound: there is no sound so i cant really rate it 0/5

Story Line: again i cant rate it because there is no story line.

Over all report:
Its lowsy. it basicly like a virtual chatroom where you can change your looks and stuff which really isnt a bad idea. But this is what cracked me up. You have to buy virtual cloths With REAL money So. dont waist your time and money on this trash can.

Post Date: 10:38 01-08-2006
Rating: 0
Author: Jasonboy
Comment: Why would you buy a house with real money that your not going thats not even real,waste of money!
Post Date: 08:25 26-07-2006
Rating: 1
Author: sataned
Comment: This game made me laugh so me its not worth ur time ppl
dont get it…I mean its a good idea but yea
i just dont get it.Why anyone would even
play this game…its more like a virtual
chat room..where no one talks to you..
Post Date: 22:01 23-07-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Mirianda
Comment: This is how a lot of mmorpgs should be. With the option of living a real life, getting a job and getting married, and you can also go to Battle grounds with armies that fight eachother. The comment below mine is just not right. If you want something like that, YendorDragon, then go play Runescape. This game is more virtual life.
Post Date: 05:11 09-07-2006
Rating: 1
Author: YendorDragon
Comment: Garbage. Pure and simple. To pick up stuff, you either have to design it yourself or purchase it from others. To earn game money, you either need to convert real money into game money, have a friend who already plays give it to you, design items/clothing/skins and have people willing to buy them, or get a job (and only those jobs I know of are in the red-light district and if you have to ask, you don’t want to know). It’s only good for cyber-sex, and that’s about it. No levels, no classes, no experience, no random mobs to kill, no quests, no dungeons, no NPCs, nothing. Just the stress of trying to find a job in a virtual world, and honestly, finding a job in real life is stressful enough w/o having to worry about getting a job in an MMORPG.
Post Date: 14:00 15-06-2006
Rating: 3
Author: HunniBunni99
Comment: I think it is pretty stupid, i tried it and nothing caught my attention. The graphics are totally bad when you are really playing. Not worth your time
Post Date: 04:49 04-05-2006
Rating: 7
Author: obstructor
Comment: Not bad. It is something different that could be a wave of the future but I wouldnt really call it a game itself.
Post Date: 23:23 30-03-2006
Rating: 7
Author: lookin4agame
Comment: its pretty fun but some areas load pretty slow also whats cool about it is mostly all the stuff is player made like all the stores etc. but u have to give them ur credits card just to charge urself nothing
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  1. Second life is 3d virtual world game with really big community.
    It tries to reproduce real life and is heavily based on roleplay.
    Lot of stuff to do and build.
    Also you can design your stuff ( mostly clothes) and sell them ingame and actually exchange it for real life money.

    Septera did not rate this post.
  2. The game is fine good graphics, well you can adjust it yourself the community is good the review just said there’s 100k players now for an old game but I doubt everyone of those players are active anyway the community is good not aure about the gameplay since I haven’t played it. 😛

    Masako did not rate this post.
  3. Second Life is like Sims in nature. Its an interactive game which provides many activities to do. From buying cars to owning lands and houses.
    You make your own “avatar”. The graphics seems to be fine but not that good. :r
    The community is somewhat toxic .
    But it might be worth your time, so i recommend for you to try try~

    Mayonnaise did not rate this post.
  4. Second Life is definitely an old MMO virtual world game, especially seeing how the graphics appear, though the graphics is very decent, especially for how old this game is. I find this game interesting because players mostly interact with the world around them just like in any virtual world including other players. The main advantage of this virtual world game is that it is in 3D and there is a decent community. This game does seem like it would be the perfect game for teenagers. Overall, I would rate this game a 3.75/5.

    Snowy did not rate this post.
  5. 3/5 – Second Life is a world simulator, its main focus is around roleplay and is similar to Sims in that respect. It’s a good game but not something you want to cling on as you get older

    Rex did not rate this post.
  6. Save your time and Frustration and forget Second Life! I do not know who has made the decisions to TRY and fix this broken metaverse but all they did was make it 10X worse. All of the links to clothing are now broken or non existent. Hair will not work and the huds for the clothes and hair and stuff all lose their links so everything is useless. This happens over and over and over and over…………. The sim crossing were supposed to be fixed and they are even worse NOW! I have been in Sl for 12 years + and it is TOTALLY useless now. If you want to play in a Metaverse then go try another grid or OS grid, they are free and the stuff in them is too, mostly. better yet, go find a good MMO like Elder Scrolls Online that you can play and win . you buy the game, but it is free to win if you so desire. Why buy clothes and stuff in Sl that you will not likely be able to wear half the time. Save yourself pain and Frustration and stay away from SL.

    Lyla D Jameson did not rate this post.