Ghat’s story is far from over: Zeno Clash 2 picks up where the deliciously brazen first game left off. After 4 years of waiting, the sequel to the surreal first-person brawler brings more variety in combat and levels, and even more bizarre storytelling into the beguiling world of Zenozoik.

Post Date: 14:17 12-12-2014
Rating: 8
Author: arZ
Comment: Zdeno clas is the first person fighting game with a great graphic and great gameplay. Much more better game then the first one, and you can buy the first one in game ogre store.
I rate this game with the note 8/10!
Post Date: 04:04 04-06-2013
Rating: 8
Author: Webber
Comment: Awesome fighting game that picks up where the original left off. The combat is amazing…the kind nobody should miss!
Zeno Clash 2
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  1. This is decent first-person fighting video game with great graphic and interesting gameplay.I suggest this game everybody

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  2. The game is good as long as you don’t kind the design of monsters, weapons and environment cause you know the current o es is definitely better as far as the gameplay goes it’s good and the graphics is fine so no problem at all for me:).

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  3. Uhmm.. Maybe some like this game but for me.. I don’t like how the graphics look so lame.. It’s just plain ugly for me. The combat – system was fine.. (Yeah my opinion is pretty biased on the graphics)
    So i’ll rate it

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  4. It is truly a wonderful and unique experience, and a beautiful game. I liked the combat flow but the story was very hard to follow and the game is short, length wise. The characters are neat and very inventive. The settings found in the game is pretty interesting.

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  5. Zeno Clash 2 is a 1st person shooter with a pretty good atmosphere and world, the gameplay mechanics are nothing too great though. This is one of those games where it’s good but it feels like it’s missing a lot of stuff.

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  6. For a game released in 2013 and uses Unreal Engine III, the graphics aren’t as impressive, and maybe it’s just poor use of lighting that’s the main issue. The launch trailer definitely didn’t help the case. But as for the game itself, it looks like a fun action beat ’em up game with a pretty good plot. The co-op mode doesn’t get emphasized in the trailer, but I think the addition of co-op definitely makes the game fun to play with friends. Overall, I’d give this game a 3.5/5.

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