Play 2 Ball Pool

Game is simple, you are on pool table and you have 3 balls, win as much points u can by using white ball to strike blue ball and hit black ball


2 Ball Pool
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  1. U need to strike white ball on that way that she hit blue ball and again that blue ball hit black ball, that is way to get points. Do as much points, that u can in 90 sec. U can get only 1 points per strike when balls collide, so if they collide more then once it is still 1 point. Game is solid,

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  2. Solid pool game with some differences like you need to strike blue ball and to do that in 90 sec….Game has normal graphics and gameplay is somewhere solid…You can play it when you are little bored..Anyway 4/5

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  3. 2 Ball Pool is really simple and funny game where you need to hit blue ball with your white ball and then blue ball needs to hit black ball.Game is funny but it’s not so interesting at all,few minutes of this game and you could get bored just like that.I’m not recommending it to anyone but if you want to try then try it.

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  4. 2 Ball Pool is a simplified version of pool, and is fun to play on one’s spare time. I did find the game to be difficult to understand at first, because I am used to playing pool where the player shoots a ball into a pocket. It was not until I hit both the blue ball and the black ball with the white ball that I found out that was how you played the game. I do admire the interesting take on classic pool and changing the gameplay with only a few balls; I thought it was very clever for a pool game. The control is not the best though, especially when the mouse is far away from the ball, but is in a reasonable distance within the game. Overall, I would rate this game a 3.75/5.

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  5. I’v tried this game, it’s pretty tough especially since I’m not too great in pool. The hitting with the cue, is one of the hardest things on this game. There are no dotted lines in which where the ball would end up when hitting it. Therefore, it’s pretty difficult. Overall, I’d rate this game a 3/5.

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  6. Well good game which requires good accuracy to be able to score points.. I personally prefer the 8 ball pool but this isn’t that bad!! It does get repetitive though.. I give it 2/5..

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  7. A classic cool game at first i didn’t know what to do until a few attempts. I still prefer the 8ball pool since it’s the most common game but this game was still fun and i rate this game 3 out of 5

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  8. I always play this game on the arcade. Definitely is challenging at the start cause I always aim at the two other balls lol but you need to put the pointer on the white one to hit it.

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