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Puppet Soccer Champs 2015 is one in a series of free parody sports games.  There are not only other Pupper Soccer games, but there are also Puppet Tennis and Puppet Ice Hockey games. In Puppet Soccer Champs 2015, you start the game out as Constantine Might and you can do a lot against your opponents on the other team such as slowing them down or even freezing them completely. You can also play as both the goalie and the only offensive member on your team.  Overall, the game allows a few fun things over a serious soccer simulation like the celebrities. Who does that look like in the picture above?

Play Puppet Soccer Champs 2015 Game

1. Free online game.

2. Parody sport.

3. Various celebrities.

4.  Features players from Olympic, Mamal, and Tourin.

5. You start as Constantine Might.

6. Can touch power ups.

7. Can freeze opposing team.

8. Can play as goalie and on offense at the same time.

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Puppet Soccer Champs 2015 is a free flash game published for the web and is supported primarily by advertising.


  1. Quite interesting phone game, pick player from one of many team and play 1v1 game. Ofc, your goal is to give more goal from your opponent, winning more games you unlock more features and players. U can use ball to hit powerups that boost you or disable your enemy, rly cool thing because its rly helpful.

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