by Epic MegaGames

? beautiful graphics
? excellent controls
? bots give an alternative to a story-driven single player mode
? significant mod community
? high replay value with the bots

? CTF mode adds nothing new
? a few instances where the beautiful settings get in the way

The Bottom Line – The game that hit the mark for online shooters.

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Although Quake 3 Arena came out before Unreal Tournament UT is the story-less multiplayer focused game that shined the most out the two. Why? UT utilized exceptionally intelligent bots in excellent looking locations while Quake 3 failed to impress. That is when the once dubbed “Quake Killer” franchise finally got the job done. Of course Half-Life surpassed both of them but that is another story. Due to UT’s popularity several successful mods have extended the game’s high replay value even more.

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  1. Its my review from old site, but i think that it deserve to be here 🙂

    Unreal Tournament 2004 is a futuristic first-person shooter game developed by Epic Games and Digital Extremes.
    UT2004 can be played as single player, online on in LAN, whatever u pick u wont regret .
    Game itself has 11 available game types. Assault, Onslaught, Death Match, Capture the flag, team Death Match, Double Domination, Bombing Run, Mutant, Invasion, Last Man Standing, and Instagib Capture the flag.

    1. Assault: In this game mode we have 6 maps to play.
    Convoy, Fallen City, Glacier, Junkyard, Mother Ship, Robot Factory.
    Every map have specific objectives that u need to Attack or Defend and chain of goals to complete it. This mode is different cause u can use specific vehicles, that can be found only on specific maps
    It usually have 2 rounds, usually in 1st round you are Attacker and in 2nd ur defender, but u can change that number of rounds in game settings
    1st map Convoy. Main objective to Attackers on this map is to retrieve nuclear rocket that are stolen, you start on 1 vehicle and ur 1st objective is to extend platform to get on repair vessel. 2nd objective is to destroy door to enter on repair vessel, 3rd and 4th objective is to open rear and side door to allow ur vehicle to get near so u can transfer nukes to them, 5th is to infiltrate to NEXUS trailer and Final is to retrieve Nukes.
    2nd map Fallen city: Main objective is to Destroy Command Center
    1st Objectives is to destroy barricade, 2nd to secure forward outpost to secure more weapons, 3rd Objective is to infiltrate bunker, by destroying 2 gate locks, 4th and final Objective is to Destroy Command center
    3rd Map Glacier: On this map Attackers have specific vehicles ION TANK. Main objective here is to steal Ion plasma tank and destroy entire facility and escape with tank.
    1st objective is to raise bridge and infiltrate into enemy base, 2nd objective is to activate Ion core for Ion tank, and 3rd objective is to capture Ion Tank. 4th Objectives is to use tank to destroy door so u can pass. 5th Objective is to open gate so u can advance forward, 6th and 7th is to blast door so u can pass and on the end to destroy blast door and escape with tank.
    4th map is Junkyard: Main goal to Attackers on this map is to use vehicle “Hell Bender” and escape junkyard
    1st and 2nd objectives are to find and return power core so u can use vehicle to escape, 3rd and 4th objective is to lower down and cross bridge, 5th and 6th objectives are to open checkpoint gate and go to checkpoint, and Final Objective is to escape form junkyard.
    5th map MotherShip:. In this scenario Attackers are in space and they start in Space Ship. Goal is to destroy MotherShip
    1st three Objectives are to destroy MotherShip’s shields generators and enter on MotherShip .4th and 5th Objective are to destroy energy bypass and sentinels so u can pass forward. 6th and 7th Objectives are to unlock core shields and destroy conductor and Ship
    6th and last map is Robot Factory Attacker use tank “Goliath” to help them complete missions. And goal is to destroy AI generator. 1st objective is to Align satellite dish. 2nd objective is to destroy gate so u can enter factory. 3rd objective is to cut data cables. 4th Objective is to destroy shield component of AI generator.5th and final to destroy AI generator.
    On all these maps Defenders needs to defend there objectives. Vehicles that attackers use can be destroyed and set them back. If in both rounds final objective isn’t finished, number of current objectives decide of winners if both teams have same number of objectives then time will decide winner of match.
    2nd Mode is Onslaught: On this mode goal is to destroy enemy power core. To achieve this u must link ur power core with enemies via power nodes that stands between team bases. When u have whole line linked u can attack and destroy enemy power core. Enemies cant attack your core if link is yours. To achieve both teams can use all kind of vehicles, from tanks, small speed hovercrafts to plains. Most of these vehicles can have more then 1 man inside it, one man to drive, others to shoot and all vehicles gave at least to firing modes, primary and secondary. All vehicles can be destroyed.
    3rd Mode in this game is Death Mach. As in every other death mach rules are same, u have time and man with most kills wins.
    4th Mode is team Death Mach. Rules are same as in death mach, but instead player needs to have most kills, in this mode whole team need to have most kills to secure win.
    5th Mode Capture The Flag or (CTF). In this mode main goal is to go into enemy base , take his flag and return it on ur base. When ur Flag carrier dies he drop flag, if enemy team pickup flag she will respawn in enemy base if ur teammate takes flag he can continue to capture it To achieve this goal ur flag must be on ur base when u come with enemy’s. If enemy have ur flag and u have their no one can capture till someone of flag carriers are killed. In this game mode teamwork is everything, u must defend own flagger and kill enemy’s going solo will make u lose game. Map are mirrored (red and blue side are same like u watch on mirror).
    6th Mode is Double Domination. Each team starts on different place on middle of map. On the end of map there are two objectives marked as letters A and B. To score on this mode u need to hold both letters for 10 sec to win point. Team who makes more points or 1st reach limit 1st wins. In this mode teamwork is also crucial.
    7th mode is named Bombing Run. Every team start from their base and in every of base there is porta.
    On middle of map there is bomb. Goal for this mode is to take bomb and put in enemy portal, passing with ball trough portal gives u 7 pts and shooting all into it gives u 3 pts. Ball carrier cannot attack or deal any dmg, but his HP are regenerate real fast. On RMB u can aim at ur teammate and toss him ball if he is in good position to move forward. As in others modes tactic and teamwork are crucial for wining.
    8th mode is “Mutant”: This is improved death mach mode. As in death mach goal is to have most kills, but with one difference. When game starts 1st player who kill become mutant. As mutant u move urself faster, u can jump higher, have stronger and all weapons, become semi invisible, but u lose HP overtime. When u kill enemy ur HP are back so ur goal is to kill as many ppl u can. Every one can only attack and kill only mutant , except Bottom Feeder. Bottom feeder is player with lowest number of kills and he is only one how can kill other players.

    9th mode is “Invasion”: In this mode 1 or more players starts with limited number of lives and goal is to resist of invasion of monsters. Monsters come in waves. Lager number of waves brings larger and stronger monster and their number increase each round. U win when kill all monster from all waves.
    10th Mode is “Last man standing”: Death mode game when every player get limited number of lives and last man who survive wins game.
    11th mode Instagib Capture the flag. Same as CTF but with one difference everyone have gun that can kill from one shoot
    In this game there are many weapons and every one of them has two fire mode of fire primary and secondary.
    “Translocator”: It can be used as teleportation device or like spy camera to see where enemies are
    “Shied gun”: Primary mode: Strong mele shock wave that dmg enemies , secondary is Shield
    “Assault Rifle”: Primary mode: Rife bullet fire, secondary are grenades, u can have up to 2 of these guns”
    “Bio Rifle”: Primary mode: Shoot rapid fire of toxin, secondary is: Build up more toxin then fire larger amount. It stays on ground and deals dmg to everyone who steps on it
    “Mine Layer”: Primary mod: Fire mines that follow near enemy, secondary are laser with allows u to control mines
    “Shock Rifle”: Primary mod: Shoot laser, secondary is slow motion plasma ball. U can use combo of ball then laser to create shock wave for more dmg.
    “Link Gun”: Primary mod: Rapid fire of small lasers, secondary is shot range constant laser beam that dmg enemy or can be used to repair vehicles.
    “Minigun”: Both mode of fire are rapid fire raffle if bullets
    “Sniper Rifle”: Primary mode shoot bullets, secondary zoom
    “Lightning gun”: Same as sniper but with laser
    “Flak Cannon”: Primary fire like burst of bullets like shotgun, secondary ball that explode on impact.
    “Rocket Launcher”: Primary mode: Fire high dmg rocket, secondary mode charge up to 3 rocker and fires them at once
    “Grenade launcher”: Primary mode: Fires grenades, secondary detonate them
    “AVRiL”: Primary: Fire slow moving rocket that is used for vehicles, secondary: Aiming mode that makes rocket homing
    In game there are 3 super weapons
    “Redeemer”: Rly high amount dmg rocket with large radius of impact, secondary: Rocket can be controlled with mouse.
    “Ion Painter”: Primary mode: Mark with laser spot that will be targeted with ion cannon, large radios massive dmg, secondary: Zoom in for precision, must be used outdoor.
    “Targer painter”:All same as Ion painter only instead of ion cannon, u call for air strike
    Normal game modes can be improved with “mutators”. This can change game a lot.
    In game u can collect ammo for weapons, health packs, shield and adrenaline: U can have max 199 HP and 150 armor. When u reach max number of adrenaline (100) u can activate special ability with arrow keys, speed, berserk , regeneration or invisibility, there is also double dmg buff that is rly useful
    U can also play single player mode. On that mode u enter into tournament, and by winning games u can create ur own team, then fight to top, as usually every game is harder then previous. Modes that ur compete in are: Death Match, Capture the flag, team Death Match, Double Domination, Bombing Run .
    Even graphic is rly good I like this game because it has different types of play and so many options. I like how they did AI on bots. U can command them what to do. To defend u, attack objectives, guard base, they will do whatever u tell them till u change command

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  2. Very cool FPS defending game used to play it as a kid….The game is based on fantasy shooting aliens also you can create your own character can be what ever you would like to look, alien, human etc…
    Very funny game nonetheless worth playing

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  3. Older but if you ask me one of the best UT I ever played.
    Really interesting gameplay and game-mods .

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  4. Solid game,Actually I never had played this game but I saw it thousand times.It is solid fps game It reminds me so much On quake 4 but with much better graphic.

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  5. It’s just as much fun as back in the day. It still has active servers and the bots can and will challenge you if you let them.

    The game runs brilliant on Windows 10.

    Timeless masterpiece

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  6. Definitely a fun game, very addicting to play especially when you’re playing the game with friends over LAN (for the PC version of the game). It’s just as fun as Quake 3, maybe even better as it feels more rewarding getting multikills and sprees in this game. It might be an old game, but it is still pretty popular; it’a also developed by Epic Games, the developers responsible for Unreal Engine and Fortnite. Overall, I’d rate this game a 4.7/5; this was one of the few shooter games that dominated the 2000s.

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