Play 13 Days in Hell 
Defeat army of zombies who comes in waves, chose one of many weapons and start defending yourself.


  1. Defend yourself from zombie invasion, they will come and waves, on start u have low dmg pistol and easy to kill zombies. U need to hit zombies on head to earn points, u can spend all those points to buy ammo for more stronger weapons. More waves u clear, stronger zombies will come. Rly good and simple game, i like it 🙂

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  2. FPS game where you have to survive incoming zombies.As you collect points you can upgrade your weapons.

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  3. Fps game where you must to survive a waves of zombies,by killing them you get points and with them you can buy new weapons miniguns,guns and other,this game is like Into The Dead,you can try Into The Dead on your android 🙂

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  4. 13 Days in Hell is an survival/zombie game where you need to kill incoming zombies.Funny game for lovers of old school games.I recommend this game to everyone,game is worth a try.I’ll give 7/10 to this game.

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  5. The transition music at the beginning is pretty haunting lol. The graphics are old school, if you’ve ever played at a arcade in real life this game is reminiscent of that.

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  6. An enjoyable shooting game in which you can switch between weapons!! You have to survive the assault of creatures that want to kill you.. Aiming for a headshot deals more damage but its not as easy as it looks!! The target keeps moving aroung!! I really enjoyed it for the time i spent so!! Feel free to check it out.. 3/5

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  7. Very interesting and addicting game, killing zombies with ur gun and reloading it is very fun the best mechanics here is to hit the head which can do a lot more damage. When the level gets more harder new guns will be available to use which is dope since killing those zombies in streak is a bloodbath for me. 5/5

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