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Although definitely not the easiest game to categorize you could say that GunZ the Duel is a MMOFPS/MMORPG hybrid with elements a few elements of console action games thrown in for good measure. The main premise of GunZ is to live out your action movie fantasies online. You can not only equip your action star with a huge arsenal but you can also give them a stylish look. However weapons and cool clothing would be nothing without action moves that you might find in a Hong Kong kung fu flick or The Matrix. You can execute a variety of eye-popping moves such as jumping running and hanging on walls while in combat.

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Author: RyoKasami
Rating: 9
Comment: An excellent assortment of both RPG and third person shooter elements! Sure there’s lag and hackers here and there but it’s not as common as in some other games! And it’s free! Look at those graphics…..Its free!

Author: aamir
Rating: 9
Comment: Another good rpg. But it plays less like an rpg and more like an action game (similar to Devil May Cry except no demons). The graphics are pretty decent considering it is a download. Good points: plenty of servers and people to play with so you won’t get lonely. You get to do some wall running and cool stuff. For all you ‘level up’ lovers: there is leveling up to be done on this game. Vulgar language is censored so your little bro can play. Bad points: Servers have crashed on me several times in the past few days. When you first start you are really easy to kill and I mean really easy. Long download at approx 190 MB. Other than that this game is great and it is free!

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Pricing Model

GunZ the Duel is currently free because the International Version is in Open Beta right now. Once it is released look for GunZ to go the premium equipment route (charge real money for in-game premium items) to pay the bills since that is what the Korean version already does.

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  1. Very good rpg games where you can’t see a lot of hackers as in others mmorpg . Try it out

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  2. Seems very unique. I would probably say it’s closer to a hack and slash third-person shooter than an MMORPG though since there aren’t really elements of RPG in this game. Gameplay seems fast-paced and kind of fun, especially when playing with friends or other players, and the combat animations are kind of crazy when your character is moving and attacking a lot. Overall, I’d rate this game a 4.44/5; only real downside is that the graphics aren’t as impressive, but this game does have a sequel ca;led “GunZ 2: The Second Duel” which looks a lot better.

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