Magic: The Gathering – Tactics is the first game that brings the iconic characters, spells and settings from the world’s premier trading card game to life in a fully realized 3D world with tactics style game play. Tackle the challenging single-player scenarios or join legions of gamers worldwide for intense battles of thrilling strategy in casual and tournament formats.

Post Date: 18:18 29-05-2015
Rating: 7
Author: axwellshm
Comment: For me it’s kinda cool game. I mean it sure needs improvements in gameplay, but yet again it’s good. 🙂 7/10.
Post Date: 19:00 03-05-2014
Rating: 6
Author: Gavra10
Comment: WoW its so nice game 😀 I like it so much 😀
Post Date: 17:06 27-03-2014
Rating: 5
Author: GoGlEfIrEiCeMaN
Comment: Game is pretty instersting.But i dont like the grphics and the type of the game so my rate is a little low.
Post Date: 04:05 27-06-2013
Rating: 7
Author: mmowiz
Comment: this is a 3d game that is based on a card game. i would not call it a card game.
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  1. Card game with tactical approach with turn based battle system.
    Its based on popular magic the gathering tcg.
    Solid graphic and gameplay.

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  2. Turn by turn based game card. From what i saw so far, ist bad, whole game remind me on Heroes of Might and Magic combat, only lot worse. Movement is bad, combat is solid. As in every card game, luck is crucial, also in this one tactic is rly important

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  3. Magic: The Gathering is fun and interesting card video game.It reminds me on Heroes Of Might and Magic,I recommend this game everybody 🙂

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  4. Well it’s another TCG game, thing is it’s hardly a free game. Mostly a pay to win game. In order to get more gold in the game players would have to pay since, the gold earning progress is so slow. Also the people holding the auction house is low to none. There are literarily not many players on the game. There are a ton of bugs in the ui in the game. Overall, gonna have to give this a 2/5.

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  5. It’s kind of a medieval TCG game.
    I personally dont like the graphics cos it seems outdated plus the gameplay is somewhat sluggishly dull (or it is ay least for me.)

    Its not that bad so i can give it a ratey of

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  6. Magic: The Gathering – Tactics is an interesting turn-based trading card game, especially as it introduces a new way to re-imagine the original card game Magic: The Gathering by featuring a 3D environment. I would even say that this game is a lot more fun that most other online trading card games because of the visuals supporting the gameplay, but not as fun as popular online trading card games like Hearthstone. The game has acceptable graphics, but definitely some fun gameplay. Overall, I would rate this game a 4.5/5.

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  7. Cool game, kind of like taking an iconic franchise and introducing it to a different genre. In this case, Magic is presented as a turn-based strategy game. Graphics isn’t the best though, especially for late 2011, but to be fair, this game was in development since at least 2009. Gameplay is kind of average; while it has some elements of Magic like the Planeswalker, the turn-based gameplay can feel a bit boring at times. Overall, I’d rate this game a 3.44/5.

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