Our biggest forum event occurs year round, but we have a new one every two months. The current one is called Ogre Steam, Esports, and Streams Forum Event 

This event allows forum members to compete against each other on a daily basis in various activities to see which will receive prizes such as game cards, forum and shop currency, and Steam games. We now give bonuses to those who can string together many days of participation. Some of the ten winners even double their prizes if they achieve a certain level of points on the leaderboard.

This particular forum event covers Steam Games, esports in general, and Twitch Livestreams. For example, here is one item: Reviewing any Steam Game once = 150 Possible Points (not counted above). Esports are mostly in videos and forum posts while Twitch Livestreams is about the OgreMedia channel and attending Ogre game Times. This Event will end on December 19th.

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