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Thang Online is a free MMORPG with fully 3D graphics that offers heavy doses of action. In fact, it would not be a stretch to say that Thang is in the same mold of other action RPGs such as Diablo and Guild Wars. This game offers several interesting features such as rare monsters, combat skill advancement through use rather than just leveling, a unique power pool called Ki, skills found by certain items that are dropped, and equipment improvements that are called "refinements". One of the most interesting aspects of the game has to be the way it handles monsters. Instead of spawning the exact same monsters repeatedly, monsters transform to react differently to each player. Despite being in a heavily crowded genre, all these features make Thang Online one of the more innovative free MMORPGs that has came across yet.  

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Author: acancerouschild
Rating: 10
Comment: This is a great game. It has a wonderful battle system similar to Guild Wars and World of Warcraft. it has three races (last I played) and is easy to learn control, navigate, and communicate. The PvP is great, but I didn't use it that much. I would highly recommend this game!

Author: KiraAnn
Rating: 10
Comment: This is a game that is easy to adapt to. For me, it was my first ever RPG and I took to the game quite nicely. If you have ever play World of Warcraft, then you will like this game. (Thang Online) has good 3D graphics, new items all the time, and generous. At least give this game a fair chance before you pass it up and move on. I have a feeling you might just come to like it very well!

Author: Gamer pete
Rating: 10
Comment: This game is awesome fun. Level up, collect some awesome items, and get to play with the cute poras that turn into ugly things that shoot out purple stuff. This game is one of the coolest free MMORPGs in a long time. 

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Pricing Model

Thang Online is a free MMORPG, but there is an Item Mall where you buy items with Lune. You purchase Lune with real money. 

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