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This week's Review of the Week is on Tanoth by Garagos. Here is an excerpt, "Hall of Fame or Highscore is the place where players are ranked by fame. Also there you can find Level and Battle wons from all players. Guilds highscore is there too, so you can see which Guilds are the best by points, experience level or fame."

Ogre Wars

Join the GameOgre Community where nations such as the Ironheads, Goldbeasts, and Stompers battle each other on the forums. Which nation will you ally with in this strategic forum game? Ogre Wars will start a new season soon.

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Sandbox MMO where creativity reigns. Watch GameOgre live in Minecraft on Twitch.


Community Events

»Ogre Game Battles Cards Event
Latest Forum Event where members compete in various games, and contests for forum points and Ultimate Game Cards (UGCs).

»League of Legends Tournament
The latest tournament will feature 16 top community members on competing to see who reigns supreme in the king of MOBAs.  Watch GameOgre's latest LoL Video Review on YouTube by SupremeNexus.

 » Online Shooter Showdown 2014
This showdown has come to end after a great, yet surprising, final match.    

»Minecraft Livestream Sessions
See Ogres build ogrish structures such as headquarters that resemble a spiked club and Ogre Castles with a giant diving board on top. 

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Top 10 Lists

» Top 10 Online Games
Review members rate the top 10 online games. Forsaken World makes it onto the list for the first time.

» Top 10 MMORPG
See which pay-to-play and free MMORPGs are ranked the best by Rift moves up the list.

» Top 10 Online RPG
See which Online RPGs are ranked the best by

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Play Browser Flash Game

Can you navigate Ogre through the maze in this homemade flash game?

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» MMORPG Free Trials
Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising now has a 3 day free trial. 

» MMORPG Showdown 8
Sixteen MMORPGs battle it out for supremacy in a tournament. The final match was fought between World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2.

 » 2013 Online Game Awards
Find out who won in 2013. 

» Free MMORPG Trivia
Answer questions for forum points.

» MMO Graveyard
Listing of MMORPGs and other online games that are no longer operating. This list continues to grow as more games fall by the wayside.  

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