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The Escapists

The Escapists is a strategy role-playing game. Screenshot: Game Description: The Escapists is a light-hearted take on prison life and what it takes to escape from different prisons. The...






WEBZEN.COM’s 7th Anniversary Code Giveaway

In this very special Giveaway, is giving away a WEBZEN.COM’s 7th Anniversary Code to celebrate to all players. In order to receive this code...

Felspire New Class Gift Pack Giveaway

37Games is giving away a Felspire New Class Gift Pack Giftpack to all players. In order to receive this code from, please post...

Free Ogre Games

BrowserQuest MMORPG Game On GameOgre

Browserquest MMORPG, a browser MMO made in HTML 5 finally arrives on! This free online game can now be played right in the...

Online Game Directory


Hurtworld is a multiplayer sandbox FPS (First Person shooter). Screenshot: Game Description: Hurtworld is a survival sandbox game that is often compared to Rust. However, it is one of the easiest games in the genre...

Job Simulator Review

A tongue-in-cheek virtual reality experience for HTC Vive. In a world where robots have replaced all human jobs, step into the "Job Simulator" to learn what it was like 'to job'....

Battle Splash

Battle Splash, third-person water shooter made by one person, releases its first trailer. Hanoi, Vietnam – Dranya Studio, an independent video game studio from Hanoi, Vietnam, is releasing its first announcement trailer... Events’s 2015 Online Game Awards Presents The 2015 Online Game Awards 2015 was a great year for online gaming in general as indie games made great strides and new genres emerged or were innovated entirely. In...

Creative Ogre Wars Forum Event

It is time again for the newest big forum event on The last event was very successful as the top five participants all made it above 50,000 total points and...

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Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball

Disco Dodgeball for short is a great multiplayer game hidden behind an overly long name. The game is an FPS future sport (Rocket League...


Lethal League

Door Kickers


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