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Rohan: Blood Feud is a free 3D MMORPG with an interesting PvP twist. Rohan uses a Hit List that not only records PvP info such as opponents and outcomes of battles but also allows players to get revenge on other players that have killed them. Players can get revenge by being summoned directly to their killers. This enables victims to try to catch their killers off-guard and to even bring friends to make sure that revenge is quenched. Other interesting PvP features include guilds being able to take over towns and tax transactions and players being labeled as Murderers for killing too much. Although the game does have PvE PvP is what makes Rohan shine among other free MMORPGs.

Key Features

  • Free to play.
  • Nice 3D graphics.
  • Players can seek revenge against other players who killed them.
  • Vengeance allows players to be transported to their killers.
  • Player guilds can rule towns.
  • Guilds who rule a town get not only loot but the right to tax all commercial exchanges for a week.
  • Six character classes: Elf Human Dark Elf Half Elf Dekan and Dhan.
  • Pets enhance characters and are not restricted by levels.
  • Hit List records 50 PvP battles with opponent and result info.
  • Each character has one PvP opportunity for every 3 hours of playtime.
  • Characters who do not follow the game’s PvP rules will become known as Murderers and can be killed by anyone without penalty including town guards.
  • Murderers also have a higher experience reduction and item drop rate when killed.
  • Download is 1.61 GB.

Select Reviews (Edited for Presentation)

Author: TSamee
Rating: 9
Comment: This is now a must-try game for any MMO fan. The combat is turn-based like WoW but different races with different skills attack at different speeds (e.g: The Dhan and Dekan races are faster in combat than the other races so they get between 3 and 6 attacks with a very fast weapon at n00b level) which adds some balance and fun to the combat if your class doesn’t do much damage per hit but is very fast. The game feels very similar to WoW but you get skills through a system similar to WoW’s talent points and can also assign another type of points to your various attributes (like in Titan Quest and most other action RPGs). The WASD movement can be a bit buggy at times but feels much better than most free MMOs. The game also gives you the option to left-click on a spot and move to it (like in Runescape). However Rohan does have some unique features such as a Revenge System hit list (a list of players which have killed you so that you can teleport back to them later on and kill them). This feature adds some more depth to PVP (unfortunately though you can’t PK until level 30). Assassination mode is another PVP feature. Dhans and Dekans (two of the game’s races) can go to a persona changer in a Dhan or Dekan city and have them change their persona to Assassination Mode or from Assassination Mode to Peace Mode ( Peace Mode lets you see the names of other peaceful players and form Parties with other players. Players who have Assassination Mode on do not show their names only their race above their head in red.) In Assassination Mode only your race can be seen above your head by other players and you can’t see other players’ names either. You get more XP for killing players and (I’m not sure about this though) your name does not show up in their Hit List. However if you are killed in Assassination Mode you have a chance of droping your items and you lose more XP than usual. I’m not quite sure what Township Battles are about (maybe for guilds to fight over and conquer like in Age of Conan)

The races are pretty much like most standard MMO races (Imperial Human Half-Elf Dark Elf High Elf etc.) except for the Dhans and Dekans who have access to unique features like Dragon Form for Dekans. Races start out with a default class and can then choose one of two sub-classes at level 50. Oh and the soundtrack rocks but I haven’t been playing long enough to get a serious feel of the game’s community. And here’s a semi-useful tip: The game automatically chooses the server with a recommended population when you log in not the one which your characters are on so remember the name of your server.

Author: zabel666
Rating: 9
Comment: This game is reminiscent of SilkRoad Online when it first went into open beta. This game is innovative has superb graphics for a relatively new game and has a mellifluous soundtrack. The game’s armor isn’t as impressive as it could be but for a game that only recently came out of closed beta it looks super good. Keep your eye out for this game.

Review Rohan Blood Feud

Pricing Model

Rohan is free-to-play but does have an item mall.

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  1. It’s a pretty good game for a free to play, especially because the type of ad-ons to the game like having the ability to own guilds. The graphics are decent, and the pvp is remarkable. I like the game 10/10

    ugmsrocks09 did not rate this post.
  2. omg! I sense too much vengeance in this game xD.
    Feudal, grudgeful game which is enjoyable. But i dont like the graphics. Plus it gets really annoying at times.

    Overall, its still an awesome game. Worth a try.

    Mayonnaise did not rate this post.
  3. Rohan: Blood Feud is a great 3D MMORPG, especially as it is free-to-play, but what really makes this game amazing is its PvP and its skill tree system. The skill tree system adds a lot of diversity to the gameplay. The graphics in this game are really detailed, especially the character models and textures. Also because this game is a fantasy game, there are different races that the player can choose from, which adds a lot of appeal to the game. Overall, I would rate this game a 4/5.

    SnowyAE did not rate this post.