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Second Life is a huge virtual world that has gained mainstream recognition and success. Calling Second Life just a game is not very accurate because it serves not only as a place for people to meet but also a place for individuals and companies to conduct business. There is no story line or plot to follow and there is no level grinding like most MMORPGs. Instead, Second Life is open-ended. "Players" can make and sell their own creations, buy and sell real estate, hang out with friends, and numerous other activities. The only real exceptions are real world vices like pornography and gambling. Although Second Life offers many possibilities, this virtual world will probably not appeal to everybody because it caters more to businesses and people who can program their own creations than to average gamers or Internet users. However, it should be noted that SL can still be enjoyed by people who can not program or want to conduct business deals. Just experiencing what other people have created can also be fun. 

Key Features

  • Free to start playing.
  • Avatars can be in various forms.
  • Nice graphics.
  • Open-ended.
  • Can be used for business and social reasons.
  • Huge economy with its own currency, Linden $.
  • Real Estate owners tax residents on their property.
  • Real world money can be made from the game.
  • Allows users to create their own games.
  • Perfect for people who like to customize everything.
  • Has a teen version.
  • In-game gambling has been banned. 

Select Reviews (Edited for Presentation)

Rating: 10
Author: Bellatrix
Comment: Having used Second Life for over a year now I feel I am in a position to comment.

The Good:

1: You can register for free and do not need to spend any money if you don't want to. Avatars can be fully customized. Spend some time with the controls and you can make an excellent-looking character.

2: There are literally tens of thousands of quality items available for free all over SL.

3: You can build and script anything you like if you have the patience for it. This could be hair, shoes, clothes, combat systems, games, furniture, houses, and on and on. If people think your creations are good enough, they will pay you for them. There are people that earn their first income (anything up to $30,000 per year) in this way.

4: It isn't a game, it is better than a game. If you know of any other environment in which you can do all the things mentioned above then take part in a full-scale war, ride on the back of a dragon, teach or learn pretty much anything you can think of, go to a club and request your favorite tracks or even stream your own music to anywhere on the grid, then let me know.

5: Your own RPG can be created and you have the most massive online environment in which to play it out. In other words. you make your own rules and follow them. This is an idea some people find incredible. Yes, you read right, some people like the rules made for them. Personally, I like the freedom SL provides so that people can do anything from program a card game to playing Quidditch 200 feet in the air!

6: The community is generally very friendly and mature and is comprised of the most massive cross section of people I have ever connected with online.

The Bad:

1: Some things do cost money and it can take a very long time to create marketable products in order to earn money. I now make a modest $10 to $20 per day selling my products via a store which I rent. This is more than enough to buy anything I want, but you will probably want things you cannot get for free when you first start. In this case there is only one option: plastic. Begging for money is simply not done in SL. Although you cannot be banned from the game for it, you can be banned from the virtual land or "sim" you' are in at the time. I personally have never had to ask for money, but people do ask me. 

2: Obviously, it is not a game and as such has no plot or gameplay. Most MMORPG players will consider this a negative point. However, as mentioned above, some extremely fun and sophisticated RPGs can be created with a group effort. Rules can be written up and distributed, combat meters and weapons can be created and measures can be implemented to prevent cheating. All this effort and care only makes the final game that much better.

3: The stability of the client is not consistent and frequently crashes.

4: The lag is sometimes so extreme you literally cannot move your avatar.

5: The price of owning your own land on which to build, hold events, set up shop, etc. can be extremely high.

6: The graphics are not brilliant, but with the introduction of Windlight technology and faster servers this is due to change.

In conclusion: I think I have been very fair by way of pointing out what is good and bad about the game, but of course everyone's opinion is as valid if they actually play the game. SL has no equal in its arena, but it is not an RPG per se and is not competition whatsoever in that area. In order to get the most out of SL you have to have patience and a functioning brain.

Rating: 10
Author: TA REXX
Comment: This "game" as some may call it is more about programming your own stuff instead of killing monsters and leveling. Thus, this "game" is more for people who plan to become or already are programmers or graphic designers. Its not for the 10 yr old 5 minute attention spanned people. It is for those who actually have the patience to sit down and cope with programming codes. 

Rating: 10
Author: titoBingyiSL
Comment: I must admit, the adult grid does not seem like it is a real "game". It seems more business oriented. I know because I have tried it out. However, this game is not for a thirteen year old kid like myself. However, I have found a new passion in playing this game with the teen grid. I have the chance to do whatever I want in a fun way. I own an army and I go around and hunt people. I get to hang out with my school pals online in virtual form. It is great. I just cant imagine RuneScape being anywhere close to as cool as Second Life. I mean what other game can you jump out of helicopters, float around in space, or even just build things with your friends? Not any game that I have ever played!

Review Second Life

Pricing Model

Second Life is free to start playing, but real money can still be used.

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