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Neocron 2 is a leading MMOFPS with RPG aspects. Not only does this game push the genre with its FPS-style combat system, but it also has a different focus than most other games in the genre. While major MMORPGs like World of Warcraft and City of Heroes try to appeal to the mainstream, Neocron 2 has staked out its own little niche and appears to be very happy in that niche. That niche is edgy adult-type content (drugs, bad language, and night club dancers) in a cyberpunk world. 

Yes, there are countless pimp games on the Internet with raunchy themes but none are major MMORPGs with 3D graphics. As can be seen by the screenshot below, Neocron 2 has its own seedy nightlife. Although the girls are usually shown with their clothes on, as they are in this screenshot, there is a club in the game that has topless dancers. 

The edgy content, combined with the intensity of the game play and the overall atmosphere of the game world, delivers a gritty gaming experience that you will not find in most other MMOs. 

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Author: Brad Bright
Rating: 9
Comment: Starting up Neocron for your first time, you need to create a new character. You have the choice between 4 different classes (Tank, Spy, Private Eye, Monk) and twelve Professions. This includes several fighter, supporting or trader professions.

You can customize every one of those professions when you make the character by redistributing the start skill-points. There are 5 main skills and to each main skill about 5 to 8 sub skills. You will level each main skill when you use a sub skill of that group or by missions. Each time you level up a main skill, you get 5 points to distribute into the sub skills that makes your character advance.

The end of leveling is reached when you get 300 levels in the main skills. Depending on which class you selected, the different main skills end at other caps. For example, the Tank isn't the cleverest around and can not get his intelligence very high. The Monk on the other side can advance much more in intelligence, but is very limited to anything that involves strength.

The leveling is fast compared to other MMORPGs and the PvP is a big part of the endgame. The most common things players do once capped are dominating Outpost, raiding sectors of the opposing city, organizing clans, or participating in events.

If you are done with happy Teletubbies or elves singing and dancing, you should take a trial of Neocron 2.

Author: Joerge
Rating: 8
Comment: Neocron 2 is a fairly decent MMORPG that gets overlooked often. If you are looking for something that plays a little different than most MMORPGs, then Neocron 2 might be worth checking into. Basically the game is a FPS/MMORPG hybrid. You can aim and shoot like a normal first person shooter. However, the higher in level you are the faster you can aim and the better the guns you can use. 

The game has four different classes: Tanks, Spies, Private Eyes and Psi Monks. Tanks are your basic fighting class, utilizing a range of guns. Spies are smaller and faster, but they can specialize in guns as well. In addition, Spies can be good at trade skills, hacking or even droning. Psi Monks are essentially magicians and Private Eyes can specialize in anything like a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none class.  

Droning was about the best fun I had in Neocron 2. Basically, you can fly these little drones around. The drones are difficult to control at first because they slide and bounce off walls, but the sliding and bouncing is half the fun. 

All in all, the game has a lot going for it. However, a lot of features weren't real fleshed out and, consequently, there is a lot of stagnation. For example, outside the city is there is a large wasteland with an outpost that guilds can take over for certain benefits. Unfortunately, there is hardly any real battles for these outposts. A lot of these outposts just sit in the possession of some of the uber clans for long periods of time. Any small guild wanting some fun PvP are forced to endure endless griefing if they even think about taking on a claimed outpost. Another cool feature is the NeoFrag. Supposedly, you can go in there and PvP without any risk of losing your stuff. It would be a great place to practice, if anyone ever used it.

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Pricing Model

Neocron 2 is a pay-to-play MMORPG. However, this game currently has a free 10 day trial so that you can try it out before paying a monthly fee. 

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