Hobo Wars

Game Description and Comments

Hobo Wars is a free online RPG with an attitude. As you can tell by the screenshot below, Hobo Wars is mostly text-based but does have humorous graphics that describe the different areas of the game. In an interesting twist, some areas of the game are actually real-life retail chains such as Wal-mart and Toys'R'Us. 

You play as a hobo that explores cities doing various activities such as begging, gambling, and fighting. You gain experience by begging and fighting. You also need to stay "awake". One of the main ways to stay "awake" is by buying food at the aforementioned Wal-mart.

Hobo Wars is currently on the Top 10 Online Games list as ranked by GameOgre.com Review Members. Humor and originality have allowed the game to break into the Top Ten. HBW is also on GameOgre.com's Top 10 Online RPG list.   

Game Features

  • Gangs - Only officers of gangs can invite new members. 
  • Resets - The game resets every 12:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. so dead hobos can be brought back to life.
  • Cart Races - Players race against each other for tokens. 
  • Community - Very vocal community that communicate with each other via chatrooms and forums. 

Select User Reviews (Edited for Presentation)

Author: pellnell
Rating: 9
Comment: With tongue planted firmly in cheek, Hobo Wars delivers a very fun gaming experience. I get tired of all the poor versions of RuneScape and EverQuest. It is good to see a game that tries to something different for a change.

Author: adam7000
Rating: 8
Comment: Hobo Wars is cool and fun but it's a text game. I normally like 3-D game on the Xbox and PS2, but Hobo Wars is still awesome. 

Author: snapdragon434
Rating: 8
Comment: Very fun and very addictive.

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Pricing Model

Hobo Wars is free to play. The only thing is that you are allowed one account. 

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