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While major MMOs like City of Heroes and Dungeons and Dragons Online launched without a PvP component, Shadowbane's biggest attraction has been the ability to kill other players since the MMORPG launched in early 2003. In fact, Shadowbane's focus has been so intense on PvP instead of PvE that it has alienated many gamers to the point that the game is having problems attracting players. However, SB does attract hardcore players due to the power that players have over the gaming world.

How do players have control over the gaming world? Shadowbane not only uses RPG elements, but also RTS elements such as building cities, conquering territories, and large scale wars. This concept definitely beats the same old grind and level system that most MMORPGs use today, but seems to be better suited to hardcore gamers in large guilds. Although there is also one-on-one and even kingdom-versus-kingdom PvP, entire guilds battling for supremacy is what really sets this game apart from most other games in the crowded MMO genre. 

Another major feature of Shadowbane is strong character development. You start off as one of the usual suspects in classes (Fighter, Healer, Mage, and Rogue) but you then get promoted into one of more than 20 professions when you reach level 10. The beauty of this system is that some interesting combinations are possible such as a magical assassin. After professions, you can customize your character even more with disciplines. Disciplines allow you to focus on certain types of magic or abilities.

With the strong PvP elements and the in-depth character development,  Shadowbane has the potential to be a popular MMO but needs to improve its PvE element considerably and focus on improving performance issues like bugs, crashes, and control problems.

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Author: Mr. Peel
Rating: 9
Comment: One of the best PvP MMORPGs I have played yet. The siege wars are awesome!

Author: fatman
Rating: 6
Comment: Pretty good game. Costs like 20$ a month, but has really cool classes and sub-classes. However, I do tend to get lost a lot. I wouldn't suggest buying it unless you are really into monsters, spells, swordfights, and magic.

Author: pellnell
Rating: 8
Comment: Although not on the level of other MMOs, I do like its PvP and that its free now.

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Pricing Model

Shadowbane is a former pay-to-play MMO that can now be played without any subscription fees. 

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