Auto Assault

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Auto Assault is a 3D MMORPG in an apocalyptic setting that mainly takes place behind an armed-to-the-tooth vehicle. You can customize these vehicles and reek havoc on the environment by blowing up nearly everything around you. For example, you can upgrade your vehicle's armor, change its weapons, alter its look with several different options, and even name your rolling force of destruction. You can also customize your character, but character customization is not as detailed as what you can do with your vehicles. 

The launch of this game was delayed several months due to feedback during its beta and the results are so far mostly positive. Instead of being the MMO version of Twisted Metal, Auto Assault does have considerable depth for an action MMO due in large part to its well-done crafting system. With this crafting system you can repair items, memorize how to craft certain items, disassemble them, and increase the stats on items through enhancements and gadget slots. Crafting lets you customize your vehicles even more to the point that some can be very unique.

The negatives of Auto Assault are in some ways very similar to City of Heroes. Both have great concepts with substantial potential but neither launched with a decent PvP element and both can get somewhat repetitive fairly quickly. In addition, Auto Assault has one of the steepest system requirements of any current MMO. Not only does the game require a start-of-the-art rig to handle the beautiful graphics and fast-paced game play, but you may also find yourself wanting to use a steering wheel instead of just a keyboard. Having said that, though, Auto Assault is still one of the better MMOs for casual gamers looking to try something besides the standard fantasy/sci-fi fare. 

Select User Reviews (Edited for Presentation)

Author: Banger
Rating: 7
Comment: Fun game where you can blow up pretty much anything, but it lacks a good end game and the PvP is barely there.

Rating: 10
Author: average_joe
Comment: A fantastic game.

Rating: 7
Author: ouchie
Comment: Cool game but gets old fast. Hopefully, they will continue to improve it.

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Pricing Model

Auto Assault requires a monthly fee of about $15. You can also purchase time by using a time card.

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